Department of Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine sits at a unique position in our Health Care System, between community care and acute care. Emergency Physicians deal with the failure of chronic disease management, trauma, sudden and unexpected critical illness, and a wide range of physical, social and psychological emergencies.

The role of the Academic Department of Emergency Medicine is to discover new and better ways to manage patients presenting to emergency departments and to share the knowledge of best practices with all emergency medicine practitioners and new learners. Our faculty have an impressive record of research and discovery.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Abu-Laban, Riyad [field_researcher_interest]
Brubacher, Jeffrey [field_researcher_interest]
Christenson, James Resuscitation, sudden cardiac death, chain of survival, out of hospital cardiac arrest, emergency medical services
Ho, Kendall [field_researcher_interest]
Hohl, Corinne Emergency Medicine, Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology, Health Information Systems, Health Care Organization, Decision Making, Patient Safety, Medication Safety, Adverse Drug Events, Drug safety and effectiveness, Health Information Technology, Clinical Decision Making, Health services research, Adverse Event Reporting
Moe, Jessica [field_researcher_interest]
Purssell, Roy [field_researcher_interest]