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This faculty member is currently not actively recruiting graduate students or Postdoctoral Fellows, but might consider co-supervision together with another faculty member.


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sudden cardiac death
chain of survival
out of hospital cardiac arrest
emergency medical services
resuscitation science

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I am available and interested in collaborations (e.g. clusters, grants).
I am interested in and conduct interdisciplinary research.
I am interested in working with undergraduate students on research projects.

Research Methodology

Randomized Controlled Trials
observational studies
knowledge mobilization and implementation

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Dissertations completed in 2010 or later are listed below. Please note that there is a 6-12 month delay to add the latest dissertations.

Investigating the factors influencing survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: sex-based differences in resuscitation and outcomes (2021)

The objective of the studies in this dissertation was to examine the effects of sex on out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) interventions and outcomes, including survival to hospital discharge, one-year survival, and survival with favourable neurological function. Data were obtained from the British Columbia (BC) Cardiac Arrest Registry, Population Data BC, and a multi-centre clinical trial carried out in the USA and Canada. Analysis methods comprised logistic regression, survival analysis, and multilevel analysis. The first study was an analysis of a cohort of 7,398 adults with OHCA in BC and showed that in patients who did not achieve prehospital ROSC, males had 1.2-fold greater odds of being transported to hospital compared to females (95% CI 1.04, 1.37).The second study was a retrospective analysis of 8,115 OHCA cases in BC and revealed that females had greater adjusted odds of ROSC (OR 1.29, 95% CI 1.15 – 1.42, p
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