Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries

Today’s global society has a responsibility to conserve ocean ecosystems and sustainably manage fish stocks for future generations. In collaboration with partners in Canada and around the world, the UBC Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries is working towards a world in which the oceans are healthy and their resources are used sustainably and equitably.


Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Auger-Methe, Marie Statistical Ecology, Polar ecology, Animal movement
Cheung, Wai Lung Impacts of fishing and climate change on marine ecosystems and their goods and services
Christensen, Villy Ecosystem (Aquatic and Terrestrial), Ecological Trends, Fishery Resources, Marine Environment
Donner, Simon Climate Changes and Impacts, Prediction and Climatic Modeling, Marine Environment, Climate change science, Climate policy, Science communication, Coastal Ecosystems
Harley, Christopher Ecology and Quality of the Environment, community ecology, climate change, marine invertebrates, marine algae
Hunt, Brian plankton dynamics, British Columbia coastal ecosystems, structure and function of pelagic marine ecosystems, response of lower trophic levels to bottom-up forcing by climatic and oceanographic conditions, early life history of juvenile salmon and herring
McAllister, Murdoch Statistical methods for fisheries risk assessment, estimation, decision analysis and management strategy evaluation
Pakhomov, Yevhenii Feeding ecophysiology of aquatic invertebrates and fishes, Antarctic ecology, Antarctic krill biology, Tunicate biology, Fishery ecology, Stable isotope ecology
Pauly, Daniel World fisheries, Marine life, Global catch, Management of fisheries, Fish growth and ecophysiology
Pitcher, Tony Evaluation of the impacts of fishing on marine ecosystems with special emphasis on restoration ecology, development of a predictive understanding of how fish shoaling behavior impacts fisheries
Rosen, David Physiology, behaviour, and ecology of marine mammals;, Bioenergetics, Nutrition, Conservation physiology
Sumaila, Ussif Rashid Bioeconomics, marine ecosystem valuation and the analysis of global issues such as fisheries subsidies, IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing and the economics of high and deep seas fisheries
Suttle, Curtis Marine Environment, Microbial Diversity, Marine Microbiology, Environmental Virology, Biological Oceanography, Viral Discovery, Viruses, Phage
Trites, Andrew marine mammals, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, fisheries competition, population biology, ecology, Marine mamals research centre, biology of marine mammals, population dynamics, bioenergetics, fisheries
Vincent, Amanda Marine Environment, Fishery Resources, Sustainable Development, Protected Areas, Biodiversity and Biocomplexity, Ecology and Quality of the Environment, ocean conservation, threatened marine species, especially seahorses and their relatives, marine protected areas, Small-scale fisheries, nonselective fisheries, especially trawling, wildlife trade, community-based conservation, citizen science, multilateral environmental agreements