Department of Chemistry

As one of the world’s leading Chemistry Departments, we create an exceptional research and learning environment for advancing and sharing knowledge that emphasizes excellence, equity and sustainability.

Outstanding facilities and resources accommodate more than 500 graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty that call the Department of Chemistry home. The Department has one of the most comfortable and up-to-date research spaces in North America, and offers MSc and PhD degrees - both degrees require graduate courses and research work reported in a thesis.

Courses offered in the Chemistry Department cover a wide range of subject matter, from synthetic organic chemistry to chemical physics and theory.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Algar, Russ Luminescent Materials; Bio/Chemical Sensing; Materials synthesis and biofunctionalization; Understanding the nanoparticle interface; New energy transfer configurations for sensing and imaging; Point-of-care diagnostic devices; Intracellular sensing
Andersen, Raymond Chemicals produced by marine organisms
Berlinguette, Curtis CO2 conversion and utilization, clean energy , advanced solar cells, electrochromic windows, dynamic windows, hydrogen fuels production, catalysis, robotics and automation, machine learning / artificial intelligence
Bertram, Allan Physical and analytical chemistry of atmospheric aerosols
Bizzotto, Dan electrochemistry, interfacial analysis, biosensors, spectroelectrochemistry, electrocatalysis, self assembled monolayers, fluorescence microscopy
Brooks, Donald microgravity research (space station, etc); diagnostic testing device; Centre for Blood Research; biomaterials, Organic chem, blood research
Brumer, Harry enzymes, polysaccharides, carbohydrates, biomass, cellulose, plant cell walls, microbiota
Chen, David Instrumentation
Chou, Keng Chang Chemical physics
Ciufolini, Marco organic chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, synthetic methodology, natural products, Environmentally responsible preparative reactions
Dake, Gregory Organic, bioactive, metal as catalyist
Fryzuk, Michael energy; fuel cells; hydrogeny economy; nitrogen fixation, Metal, energy
Gates, Derek Inorganic chemistry, materials science, polymer chemistry, catalysis
Grant, Edward Spectroscopy, molecular electronic structure, Chemical physics
Hein, Jason discovery, design and study of new organometallic and organocatalytic reactions; investigating complex systems where multiple pathways compete, partitioning the active catalyst among many possible pathways
Hepburn, John Chemical physics
Huan, Tao Metabolomics, Cellular Metabolism
Hudson, Zachary development of new materials to address issues of sustainability in chemistry and materials science
Jetter, Reinhard Analytical Chemistry, Plant Ecophysiology, Plant Biochemistry, Molecular Genetics, Biological Chemistry
Kennepohl, Pierre spectroscopy, electronic structure, paramagnetic resonance, X-ray absorption, X-ray emission, sulfur radicals in biology, enzymatic catalysis, transition metal catalysis, Relationship between electronic structure and reactivity in catalytic systems
Krems, Roman Theoretical chemistry, Molecular Spectroscopy, Dynamics of few- and many-body molecular systems in electromagnetic fields
Li, Hongbin Biophysical chemistry, biomaterials, single molecule studies, biological, atomic force, polymer chemistry
MacFarlane, Andrew Chemical physics, Electronic and magnetic properties of crystalline solids, especially strongly correlated materials such as the cuprate high temperature superconductors
MacLachlan, Mark Supramolecular Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Biomaterials, Cellulose nanocrystals, Chitin, Materials Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
McIntosh, Lawrence Protein structure-dynamics-function, Regulation of gene expression, Signal transduction, Cancer, Enzyme mechanisms
Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry and Characterization, Catalysis, Green Chemistry, Bioproducts, Bio-based polymers
Momose, Takamasa Spectroscopy, Chemical physics
Orians, Kristin Chemical Oceanography, Trace metals in seawater
Orvig, Christopher E medicinal inorganic chemistry, coordination chemistry, radiopharmaceutical chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry, ligand design and synthesis
Patey, Grenfell Liquid dynamics, chemical physics
Perrin, David Bioorganic Chemistry, Combinatorial Chemistry Enzyme Mimics Antisense Therapies, Radiopharmaceuticals
Rojas Gaona, Orlando
Ryan, Katherine drug molecules in use today are organic compounds isolated from organisms such as bacteria, plants, and fungi; understand how natural products are made.
Sammis, Glenn Methods development, natural product synthesis, organic free radicals, radical fluorination
Schafer, Laurel catalysis, chemical synthesis, heterocycles, titanium, zirconium, yttrium, tantalum, hydroamination, hydroaminoalkyltion, biodegraable polymers, sustainable synthesis, Green Chemistry, Organometallic and organic chemistry
Sherman, John Molecular structure of protein
Straus, Suzana Antimicrobial peptides, Viral membrane proteins, Structure-function, Protein-protein interactions
Tanner, Martin Enzymes responsible for the biosynthesis of the sialic acids in mammals
Thachuk, Mark Reaction dynamics, mathematical techniques, Chemical physics
Wang, Yan Quantum chemistry, Chemical physics
Withers, Stephen Drug development, enzyme inhibition, carbohydrates, glycobiology, metagenomics, directed evolution
Wolf, Michael materials chemistry; polymer light-emitting devices; chemical sensors; conductive polymers, Electronic or photonic polymers


Eric Bowes

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)

Chang Liu

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry (PhD)