Department of Materials Engineering

The Materials Engineering Department contributes to this ranking as a world leader in Materials Process Engineering. Our Department belongs to a distinct group of units at UBC that enjoy an exceptional level of research grants and contracts and our strong performance is due to the outstanding quality of our graduates and faculty members

Materials research in the Department emphasizes the development of new processes and process models primarily for novel materials in the transportation sector and biomaterials for medical applications. The Department fosters a strong interaction with industry through their Industrial Research Chairs. Industrially oriented research is combined with fundamental studies to advance understanding of the microstructure mechanisms and resulting properties.


Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Abdin, Yasmine
Asselin, Edouard Hydrometallurgy (including leaching, electrometallurgy and residue characterization), Electrochemistry (including high temperature electrochemistry and sensors)
Britton, Ben Materials characterisation & microstructure, Metallurgy, Electron diffraction & microscopy, Deformation, Microstructure/property models, Manufacturing
Clifford, Amanda
Cockcroft, Steven Clean Energy Research, Physical phenomena in non-ferrous casting, hot tearing, Optimization of industrial casting processes, Mathematical modeling
Dixon, David Fixed-bed leaching
Dreisinger, David Hydrometallurgy industry, iron, copper
Ko, Frank Textile Structural Composites
Kravchenko, Sergii
Liu, Wenying Use of sea water in heap leaching; Release of selenium and associated toxic elements from mine waste materials; Heap leach modelling
Maijer, Daan Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Stress, Microstructure Materials processing models employed for process control
Militzer, Matthias Multi-scale modelling of microstructure evolution, Physical metallurgy of advanced high strength steels
Poole, Warren Advanced aluminum alloys, High strengths, high formable steels, Metal matrix composites, Microstructure/property models
Poursartip, Anoush Polymer matrix composite materials
Sinclair, Chadwick Modelization and Simulation; Theoretical Approach; Metals and Alloys; Material Design; Mechanical and Physical Processes; Materials Science and Engineering; Computational Materials Science; Manufacturing; Alloy Design; Solid State Physics; Mechanics
Troczynski, Tom ceramics, coatings, biomaterials, refractories, fracture, Medical applications, Processing, microstructure and properties of ceramics
Wang, Rizhi Biomaterials, biomechanics Also, the structure and formation processes of biologically formed materials (eg seashells, silk, teeth) and applies the mechanisms to the design and processing of novel materials
Xia, Guangrui Group IV semiconductors in microelectronics; Si compatible lasers; 2D semiconductors; 3D integration of Ics; Raman spectroscopy


Sherry Kiafar

Doctor of Philosophy in Materials Engineering (PhD)

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