Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering has an international reputation for laboratory testing, fieldwork and numerical analysis across many specialty areas of research.  We have a talented support staff that assist in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research. Our undergraduate program and graduate program gives every individual the opportunity to look at issues that affect our world globally. You will learn valuable analytical and design skills from our expert leaders while gaining practical experience in our state-of-the art research centres and laboratories. Our programs focus on team-based project work, design experience and professional development, as well as community involvement.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Adebar, Perry Erwin Concrete structures, seismic design, high-rise buildings, shear design, evaluation and repair of structures
Banthia, Nemkumar Materials engineering, concrete, advanced composite materials, shotcrete, fibre reinforcement, rebound mechanics, kinamatic studies, optimization, supplementary cementing materials in concrete
Beck, Sara Natural environment sciences; Water quality; Innovative water treatment solutions; Ultraviolet disinfection mechanisms; Applications of UV LEDs (light emitting diodes); Water disinfection; Water reuse; Applied environmental microbiology
Berube, Pierre Water treatment, trace organic contaminants, membrane and advanced oxidation technologies., Drinking water treatment, filtration/membrane processes for water and wastewater treatment, distribution system water quality, advanced oxidation, wastewater reuse
Bigazzi, Alex Civil engineering; Transport planning; active transportation; Pedestrians; bicycles; motor vehicle emissions; Transportation Systems; travel behaviour; Climate impacts
Carey, Trevor Geotechnical earthquake engineering, Static and dynamic liquefaction and its effects on geosystems, Laboratory testing of soils, Development of numerical tools
Fannin, R Jonathan Shear wave velocity for the detection of fines loss in soils, internal erosion in earth dams, seepage-induced instability in gap-graded soils, grain shape and the strength of sands, filtration compatibility of woven and nonwoven geotextiles, pullout resistance of geogrids in static and dynamic loading, debris flow travel distance on steep mountainous terrain, slope stability in engineering practice
Haukaas, Terje Risk, structures, structural safety, seismic, earthquake, probability, computer analysis, Structures, Probabilistic mechanics, structural reliability and optimization, timber engineering, earthquake engineering, decision making, risk, advanced structural analysis, finite elements, response sensitivity analysis, software development
Isaacson, Michael Coastal and offshore hydrodynamics, with a particular emphasis on ocean waves and their effects on structures.
Jelovica, Jasmin Civil engineering; Mechanical engineering; Finite element analysis; Metals and Alloys; Production and Process Optimization; Sandwich structures; Solid Mechanics; Stress Analysis; Structural optimization; Ultimate, fatigue and impact strength; Welding and joining of metals
Kim, Amy Land transportation systems engineering, n.e.c.; Traffic and highway engineering
Laval, Bernard Civil engineering; Oceanography
Lawrence, Gregory Environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamic stability and mixing, physical limnology, water quality management
Lee, Jongho Membranes, Water/Wastewater Treatment, Desalination, Resource Harvesting, Nanoporous Media, Electrokinetics
Lence, Barbara Jean Hydrotechnical, Optimizing design and operational strategies of water resources projects, reliable withdrawal-treatment strategies for contaminated groundwater supply systems, asset management strategies for mid-sized water utilities with limited break data, water distribution system operational procedures to meet hydraulic and water quality objectives
Li, Loretta Contaminated site investigation and management, environmental monitoring, risk and impact assessment, soil-contaminant interactions, mobility and migration of contaminants, remediation technology, mine tailings waste disposal and treatment processes
Molina Hutt, Carlos Earthquake engineering, performance-based seismic design, seismic resilience, risk analysis, high-rise buildings, innovative structural systems
Sayed, Tarek transportation engineering, Transportation, Full Bayes safety models, Automated safety analysis using computer vision techniques, Safety evaluations, Traffic conflicts techniques, Pedestrian modeling, and ITS
Scholes, Rachel Environmental chemistry; Trace contaminants; Water reuse; Nature-based treatment systems; Stormwater treatment; Green Chemistry
Shawwash, Ziad K Modeling and optimization of large-scale civil engineering systems; planning, design and operation of hydroelectric generating facilities; use of decision, policy and risk analysis techniques in water resource planning and management; use of artificial intelligence systems in water resource and hydroelectric systems.
Staub-French, Sheryl Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Building Information Modeling (BIM), collaboration and integrated project delivery, design and construction coordination, 4D (3D + time) visualization, interactive workspaces
Swei, Omar Asset Management, Life Cycle Modeling, Optimization Methods, Real Options, Reinforcement Learning, Risk Analysis, Sequential Decision-Making, Stochastic Modeling, Sustainable Infrastructure Management, Time-Series Methods, Uncertainty Estimation and Propagation
Taiebat, Mahdi static and dynamic soil-structure interaction, Theoretical and computational geomechanics, constitutive modeling of engineering materials, geotechnical earthquake engineering, static and dynamic soil-structure-interaction
Vaziri, Reza Finite element analysis, Mechanics of composite materials, Constitutive modeling of engineering materials, Plasticity, Damage mechanics, Process modeling of composite structures, Analysis of impact and blast loading of metallic and composite structures
Ventura, Carlos Estuardo Earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, full scale vibration testing, shake table testing Seismic risk evaluation and hazard management studies Investigation of earthquake effects on man-made structures
Weijs, Steven Civil engineering; Water; Hydrological Cycle and Reservoirs; Drinking Water; Fresh Water; Information; Hydroelectricity; Ice and Snow; control of water systems; droughts; experimental hydrology; floods; Hydrological Prediction; Hydrology; information theory; mountain hydrology; sensors; uncertainty; water resources management
Wijewickreme, Dharmapriya Geotechnical, pipeline geotechnical engineering
Yang, Tsung-Yuan Seismic behavior and design of steel, concrete and composite structures, seismic behavior and design of tall buildings, develop performance-based evaluation methodology and code design procedures for new and existing structures, using innovative structural component and systems to improve structural performance, including the use of innovative active, semi-active and passive energy dissipation systems, develop accurate and cost effective experimental methods to analyze structural response under extreme loading conditions.
Zanotti, Cristina Civil engineering; Alternative cementitious materials; Concrete-concrete bond; Durability of concrete structures; Early-age thermal cracking; Fiber reinforced concrete; Historical heritage structures; Infrastructure repair and durability; Numerical analysis of reinforced concrete structures; Sustainable construction materials
Ziels, Ryan Civil engineering; Genomics; Anaerobic digestion; Biological nutrient removal; Environmental engineering; Environmental Systems Engineering; Microbial biotechnology; Microbial ecology; Multi-omics; Resource recovery; Sustainable biological wastewater treatment
Zou, Zhengbo Civil engineering; Building Automation; Facility Management; Responsive Environments; Automation in Construction; Construction Robotics; Virtual/augmented reality; Computer Vision; Reinforcement learning; Stochastic Process


Sazid Zaman

Master of Applied Science in Civil Engineering (MASc)

Freddy Pina

Doctor of Philosophy in Civil Engineering (PhD)

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