Great Supervisor Week

Each year in May G+PS organizes Great Supervisor Week during which graduate students are encouraged to give kudos to their supervisors through social media and our website. The annual UBC Great Supervisor Week was first held in 2017 to celebrate outstanding mentors.

May 8-14, 2017, was the inaugural #GreatSupervisor week at UBC

May 7-13, 2018, was the second annual #GreatSupervisor week at UBC.

May 6-12, 2019, was the third annual #GreatSupervisor week at UBC.

#GreatSupervisor week started at the University of Calgary in 2014, and we are grateful to them for their inspiration and support in this initiative.

Thank you so much, Adam, for your friendly supervision during the last years!!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Adam Frankel


Mohsen is a fantastic supervisor. He pushes you to succeed and is supportive at those inevitable times when you don't. He has been instrumental in my development as a scientist and has created a wonderful lab environment for developing as a person. I truly have #GreatSupervisor!

Kate Johnson (2019) for Mohsen Sadatsafavi


Thank you so much, Dr. FitzGerald, for your dedication and friendly supervision during the last years!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Mark Fitzgerald


My sincere and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to a wonderful supervisor for providing me with the guidance and counsel I need to succeed in the PhD program. She has been a great mentor in mapping my PhD journey, advising on a research topic, connecting me with the resources I need, being available and responding to my emails and questions. My supervisor is a doyen in my area of research interest and her wealth of experience has been the main driver of my program.

Helen Okoye (2019) for Elizabeth Saewyc


Mary de Vera has been a great supervisor! She has the talent to motivate her students while providing them with the scientific tools to achieve their goals. Thank you so much, Mary de Vera, for your supervision and dedication!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Mary De Vera


Thank you, Dr. Lester, for your friendly supervision and your dedication during the last years!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Richard Lester


One of the smartest people I've had the privilege to work with, Konrad is also a gem of a person who is always ready to provide whatever support a student seeks/needs. All this embedded in an ever-smiling personality!

Anindya Roy (2019) for Konrad Walus


Thank you so much, Mohsen Sadatsafavi, for your supervision and dedication in the last years!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Mohsen Sadatsafavi


Spencer Murch (2019) for Luke Clark


Jiaying is a dedicated, caring, and open-minded supervisor who sets a high standard for my PhD and guides me to think critically about human psychology, sustainability, and research design. She is generous with her time to discuss and brainstorm ideas with students and actively supports interdisciplinary collaboration. Her enthusiasm about and commitment with her students' research (not to mention her novel and interesting work) make her an exceptional supervisor and continue to inspire me in my PhD journey. I am glad to have such a great supervisor.

Rumi Naito (2019) for Jiaying Zhao


It's #GreatSupervisor Week at UBC! Dr. Jean-Paul Collet- a brilliant academic, mentor and above all wonderful human being! Thank you JP for being an encouraging, enthusiastic, supportive, open-minded, thoughtful and insightful supervisor. You are the BEST SUPERVISOR and MENTOR #Grateful #GreatSupervisor

The Collet Lab (2019)


Richard is kind, caring and always available for students. He also provides numerous opportunities for us to develop as scholars. Moreover, he constantly challenges us to think more deeply and to explore different perspectives. I have grown so much under your supervision. Thanks for being a great supervisor, Richard!

Mindy Chiang (2019) for Richard Young


She is always listening carefully to what I say, in order to work from what I am creating, and furthering me with her experience and knowledge.
She is always so joyful and understanding.

Maria Guillemin (2019) for Sandrine Han


Raluca Radu (2019) for Sally Thorne


My supervisors are extremely supportive. Natalia is a wonderful supervisor as she has a level of emotional intelligence that I have not seen in most people. Both her and Harry have always put my goals at the forefront and helped me achieve them. Their doors have always been open to me and they have been extremely generous with their time and their advice. I have learned so much from working with them throughout my time in my master's program. It has been an immense pleasure and I look forward to having an opportunity to collaborate with them in the future.

Abdullah Farouk (2019) for Harry Sue Wah Joe


Since coming to UBC this year to pursue my PhD in Educational Studies, Prof. Gleason has become a true mentor, teacher, and role model. She has taken a real interest in my work and expressed genuine concern for my well-being. Her advice has proven incredibly important and she pushes me daily to excel and challenge myself. At the same time, she allows me to have the necessary space to do my work, make mistakes, and learn from them in a safe, supportive atmosphere. I am truly grateful for her constant support.

Yotam Ronen (2019) for Mona Gleason


Michael is a truly inspirational, supportive, and understanding mentor. Thank you for everything you do!

James Wong (2019) for Reinhard Krausz


I would like to express my special gratitude to Dr. Leanne Currie for her encouragement, patience, and support. As a supervisor, she is very motivating and helpful which inspired me to give my best efforts. She is my inspiration, motivation, and source of critique. I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for her immense support, proper guidance, encouragement, and opportunities she had provided me during my first year of the PhD program.

Abdul-Fatawu Abdulai (2019) for Leanne Currie


Sabine Ivison is smart, hilarious, insightful, caring, patient, detailed, thoughtful, and super interesting. She's full of stories, mind-blowing ideas, and out-of-this-world analogies. Sabine shows me different ways of looking at problems and how to think multiple steps ahead. She creates a nurturing, supportive, and stimulating environment which helps me believe in myself and focus on learning and improving my skills.

Uyen Nguyen (2019)


I am privileged to work with Professor Lee Gunderson, an amazing person, researcher, and academic! He has been extremely generous and helpful as supervisor throughout the program. He fully respected as well as supported my scholarly pursuits, which led to SSHRC Fellowship and two Faculty of Education awards. He always promptly responded to and met with me whenever I requested, even on a weekly-basis during his sabbatical. Many thanks, Lee, for being an outstanding advisor!

Shahid A. Hassan (2019) for Lee Paul Gunderson


Dr. Bulkan has gone and above beyond to support me in my research. She's also been supportive in releasing funds for my professional development and providing references for my scholarship/internship applications as well as opportunities to develop essential research skills.

Samuel Adeyanju (2019) for Janette Bulkan


Thank you for your expert guidance, encouragement, and support. Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and opportunities for growth.

Ibukun Kayode (2019) for Laura Nimmon


To a great supervisor, Dr. Michelle Stack, a huge "THANK YOU" for being such an amazing prof and such a wonderful person!! Your confidence in me and your kind words of encouragement have been a great source of strength for me. To Dr. Michelle Stack and to my committee members, Dr. Andre Mazawi and Dr. Wendy Carr, many thanks for always steering me in the right direction! I'm extremely fortunate to be learning from three exceptionally brilliant profs! Thank you for your gifts of knowledge and your unwavering support.

Sameena Jamal (2019) for Michelle Stack


My supervisor is brilliant. His patience and humour buoy even the most floundering of minds (fact of which I am empirical proof). A good thing: there are great supervisors aplenty. A magical thing: my supervisor understands me and helps me to understand myself.

Juliette Christie (2019) for Joel Castonguay-Belanger


I'm grateful for my #GreatSupervisor Andre Mazawi for his persevering commitment and unwavering support during my PhD journey.

Mary Kostandy (2019) for Andre Mazawi


Although, not directly as a supervisor, but as the program director, you've been a wonderful mentor to me! #GreatMentor Thank you Dr. Duronio for being encouraging, supportive, open-minded and thoughtful. As I approach the end of my doctoral journey, I am grateful for your support #Grateful

Michelle C (2019) for Vincent Duronio


Theresa Rogers is not only a great mentor, she's an unfailingly generous colleague. Over my first two years of doctoral scholarship she has connected me with multiple collaborative and dynamic scholarly communities. I never feel like a lone scholar knowing she's in my corner; she supports and encourages my engagement with others in the field. What a gift!

Caroline Hamilton (2019) for Theresa Rogers


Jen goes out of her way to introduce me to other faculty members (at UBC and other universities) and has provided many opportunities for me to network and present my work around Canada and the US...this has introduced me to a network of support that I really appreciate and value. She has high expectations that push me to my best work, is supportive and encouraging, and is always in my corner. Thanks Jen!

Sarah Skinner (2019) for Jennifer Katz


Raluca Radu (2019) for Maura MacPhee


Even before being my supervisor he was an exceptional role model in work ethics and research methods. Most importantly, he was very supportive and enthusiastic about my progress academically and professionally. He made sure that I'm being supported through each step of the way and to regain my self worth and confidence. He is truly a remarkable supervisor.

Najla Alsowayan (2019) for Paul Yong


Kai is a great supervisor who helps me think outside the box and expand my understanding of complex social ecological systems. He has guided me to think critically about my research questions and inspired me via his novel work with IPBES and many interdisciplinary scholars who are also committed to making transformational changes in global ecosystem management. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of his lab and contribute to sharing ideas and creating knowledge and environmental solutions under his guidance.

Rumi Naito (2019) for Kai Chan


Dr. MacPhee is a #GreatSupervisor because she is my cheerleader. Dr. MacPhee is a #GreatSupervisor because she motivates me, inspires me, and creates an encouraging environment for me to grow. Dr. MacPhee is a #GreatSupervisor because she is very passionate about empowering the nursing profession through education and leadership to make a difference. #GreatSupervisor #cheerleader #rolemodel #UBCMSNjourney #UBCNursing

Lara Gurney (2019) for Maura MacPhee


Prof. Dreisinger is always kind and supportive to students and the students' future career developments. For Prof. Dreisinger, the graduate students are not the employees to finish the tasks but more like the "life children". He is knowledgeable with abundant engineering experience. However, he is always nice and behaves equally to students without showing the absolute authority. When students have trouble, no matter if it is related to their studies or life, once he knows, he is always there to provide help and support as much as he can in the first time. He always supports, helps and guides the students to be good for the world and to keep innovating in scientific research. From him, it can be clearly seen that the perfect combination of teacher, researcher, supervisor, and wise, kind and humorous elder! It is great luck for me to be one of his students!

Fei Wang (2019) for David Dreisinger


Kelly Turner (2019)


Corey Nislow has been a very great supervisor and mentor. From my first day in UBC till now, he has always supported me. He provided an enabling and supportive environment for me to succeed in my PhD study and research. Importantly, he believes in me and answers whenever I needed his attention and/or support. In fact, I never regretted having him as my supervisor. He's the best!

Joseph Uche Ogbede (2019) for Corey Nislow


Meghan is great because she is supportive, patient, helpful and understanding. She is available to answer my questions and offer guidance whenever I seek out her mentorship. She has a good sense of humour, is grounded and realistic, and makes me feel like the work I'm doing matters. I appreciate our conversations about academia as a system and what our roles within it are as researchers and educators. She has made me feel like I am on the right path with my choice to pursue a Master's degree. I am very grateful for the insights and critical lens she offers as well as the time she takes to make me feel fully supported. I'm learning a lot from my interactions with her and feel that I am becoming a better academic as a result of working with her. I'm lucky!

Cayley Burton (2019) for Meghan Corella Morales


I am privileged to be coming to know such an amazing person like Dr. Bonny Norton. She is not only a #GreatSupervisor, but she is also a great human being who is always dedicated to supporting her students in every possible way. I will forever be grateful to her for her incredible support when I lost my most beloved person, my mom. Bonny's belief in me greatly inspired me to move forward and to continue pursuing my dream. She challenges me to reach new heights and supports me whenever I need any guidance. Her scholarly knowledge, inspirational leadership, invaluable experience, and innovative ideas never cease to amaze me. I am truly fortunate to have such a #GreatSupervisor.

Asma Afreen (2019) for Bonny Norton


I am so grateful to have Dr.Mohamed Bedaiwy as my supervisor. He is like a candle who has lit up my career path so I can achieve my goals. He is my role model. He appreciates me on my every little progress/achievement. He does the best he can to make learning easier for me from his own experiences as a clinician. This is my last year but I really wish if I could get this wonderful opportunity to thank him every year for all the hard work he does not only for his students but also for his patients. My success is your blessing, Dr.Bedaiwy. I would always be thankful to you.

Sunaina Sharma (2019)


My supervisors are extremely supportive. Natalia is a wonderful supervisor as she has a level of emotional intelligence that I have not seen in most people. Both her and Harry have always put my goals at the forefront and helped me achieve them. Their doors have always been open to me and they have been extremely generous with their time and their advice. I have learned so much from working with them throughout my time in my master's program. It has been an immense pleasure and I look forward to having an opportunity to collaborate with them in the future.

Abdullah Farouk (2019) for Natalia Nolde


Very knowledgeable in his field of autonomic function and spinal cord injury. Busy in dedicating his time to research and clinical work. In between his time spent presenting at conferences and maintaining his various responsibilities, including as president of the American Spinal Injury Association, he makes time for his students, post-docs, and staff providing various levels of guidance in their pre-clinical and clinical work.

Shane Balthazaar (2019) for Andrei Krassioukov


Sinikka is a #GreatSupervisor because she really cares about her students' ideas about their scholarly work. She generously leads the way and also gives a great space for self-discovery and development. Sinikka is a #GreatSupervisor because she has always been available whenever I needed her feedback and support. I am sincerely grateful!

Merve Umay Kader (2019) for Sinikka Elliott


Everyone who has gone through the difficult journey of completing doctoral studies knows how important good supervision and support are. Dr. Susan Cox is not my primary supervisor. She is a member of my supervisory committee but she has inspired and encouraged my research. She has guided me into the fascinating world of qualitative research illuminating my pathway to dissertation and helping me in every stage of it. I will be thankful to Dr. Cox forever!

Nelson Gorrin (2019) for Susan Cox


I am very grateful for all the support that you have extended to me during my time here at UBC. I deeply appreciate how you have been continuously encouraging and guiding me in the last two years, and also how you have always been so friendly and supportive of all of my efforts and struggles. Working under your supervision has been very enjoyable and I have learned and grown a lot. Thanks, Ben!

Niny Arcila Maya (2019) for Thomas Williams


He has been very supportive through the master's process, as well as helping guide the process of writing the capstone paper. His patience to listen to all my rambling ideas and willingness to give suggestions in developing this paper have been very important through this process. Finally, his encouragement has helped keep me going, even when it has felt like a long and slow endeavor.

Rodrigo Hernandez (2019) for Scott Goble


Kosta is such a selfless person! He puts so much effort into making sure his students grow and thrive not just as researchers but as individuals. Kudos to you @Kosta! It has been an incredible experience working with you! #GreatSupervisor

Borke Obada (2019) for Konstantin Beznosov


Thank you for your expert guidance, encouragement, and support. Thank you for challenging me to think further, work harder and opportunities for growth.

Ibukun Kayode (2019) for Helen Jean Brown


Dr. Rysanek is an exceptional supervisor and a wonderful human being. He is not only my supervisor but also my mentor, friend and role model!
He is brilliant, highly knowledgeable, very enthusiastic about his research field and always has creative and cool research ideas. He is supportive and caring and he is always there for his students and willing to help.

He is kind, respectful and patient with his students. He has such a positive attitude and his critiques are always constructive and helpful. He is approachable, friendly and fun to be with. He cares about the wellbeing of his students and always makes his students feel confident.

He absolutely has an amazing inspiring personality! I am grateful and lucky to have Dr. Rysanek as my supervisor and love working with him! He is definitely a #GreatSupervisor!

Sarah Crosby (2019) for Adam Rysanek


Eli York (2019) for Brian MacVicar


Cesi is such a supportive supervisor. She is very encouraging of me sharing my thesis work in small conferences and other academic spaces, and has helped me so much in developing my work and pushing me to consider further avenues for research. I am grateful for her as my supervisor, and love working with her!

Phebe Ferrer (2019) for Cesi Cruz


Sandrine always makes herself available to all students.
She is sharp, strong and tough, but supportive, positive and kind.
She knows students' weaknesses and strengths.
She is a super hard worker!!

Kwang Dae Chung (2019) for Sandrine Han


Professor Pauly is an extraordinary supervisor and person. He has believed in me, guided me and mentored me since I first joined the graduate program. He is there for all his students, ready and willing to help them with any obstacles they encounter. He is exceptionally kind and understands the challenges that graduate students face daily. He has been especially supportive of international graduate students like me, who must deal with the difficulty of being far from their families and homelands. He is respectful and he is encouraging. I continue to learn from him every day, and he never ceases to surprise us (my peers and I) with his immense knowledge of most things. I could not have dreamt of a better supervisor. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Pauly for his mentorship and for his support.

Myriam Khalfallah (2019) for Daniel Pauly


Sara is a great supervisor for so many reasons! She is equally as supportive of my academic and non-academic opportunities, her feedback is actionable and aimed to help me improve, and she gives me advice on teaching, research, and giving presentations. She is present in my journey as a grad student and always takes the time to introduce me to her colleagues. I am very grateful for her positive, kind, and thoughtful presence, and I'm so lucky to have her as my supervisor!

Lindsay Fraughton (2019) for Sara Milstein


Jennifer has been an amazing supervisor and mentor. She truly exemplifies what it means to be a woman in academia and reach a work-life/family balance. I feel honored to have been her first PhD student and hope I can serve as an example like her in the future.

Claire Tugault-Lafleur (2019) for Jennifer Black


Sameer Shah (2019) for Leila Harris


I would not have had the chance to become a scholar like me today without the support from my #GreatSupervisor, Dr. Eskelson. She always encourages me to thrive for what I am passionate about, what I need to learn to equip myself with strong technical as well as interpersonal skills. 'Thank you' is not enough to express my appreciation for all of her great support during my program at UBC.

Nguyet Anh Nguyen (2019) for Bianca Eskelson


Nina is a #GreatSupervisor because of how dedicated she is both to her students and to research. She is one of the most supportive and caring mentors I have worked with and makes sure her students have all the support they need in order to succeed and do well in their studies and in life. Nina is also a leader in her field of research and does a wonderful job guiding and instructing her students in how best to do their own research. It is inspiring to work with Nina and I feel very grateful to have her as my supervisor.

Lara Sirovica (2019) for Marina Von Keyserlingk


Crystal has always been extremely supportive and encouraging as a supervisor. She is very easy to talk to and I always feel comfortable to go to her with questions. I know she has my best interest in mind and genuinely cares about my success as a grad student. She is definitely a great supervisor!!!

Kelsey Cochrane (2019) for Crystal Dawn Karakochuk


Cynthia embraces kindness, patience, and positivity in her supervision style, and has a great understanding of the complexities that come into play in a grad student's career. In addition to her expertise and experience, she is immensely supportive. Such a great supervisor!

Aurelia Kinslow (2019) for Cynthia Nicol


Dr. Mawani has been a steadfast supporter and a source of great inspiration. It has been her encouragement that has kept me pressing on. Thank you Dr. Mawani!

2019 Leah Keegahn (2019) for Renisa Mawani


Dr. Karla Williams, a great supervisor and a super great human being, is one of the most inspiring personalities I ever came across. When I started my PhD. in September 2017, the first few months were very challenging for me. Dr. Williams worked on me and helped me regain my momentum. Working under her supervision is a true blessing I cherish every day.

Sumreen Javed (2019) for Karla Williams


Parisa (2019) for Vikramaditya Yadav


Bernard is a great supervisor because he always has time for his students. He pushes us to do things on our own but is there when we need him. He understands that we have lives outside of school and is very supportive. He provides opportunities to grow and develop as researchers.

Also, I am lucky enough that I get to work with him in the field for my research. Few students get their supervisors in the field. I get mine to hike a mountain and carry my gear every two weeks :)

Kelly Graves (2019) for Bernard Laval


Devyani Kumari (2019) for Gary Bull


Siyun is 100% dedicated to the success of her students. She always encourages us to follow our own path and is happy to provide whatever support is needed to accomplish our goals. She is also committed to fostering a cooperative team atmosphere, which makes working in her research group a real pleasure. She is a major driving force behind many of my successes.

Justin Falardeau (2019) for Siyun Wang


Because he truly is a teacher. 

Rabia Mir (2019) for Samuel Rocha Perkerwicz


Dr. Ahenakew is a great supervisor because he cares first and foremost about his students as people.

Alison St. Pierre (2019) for Cash Ahenakew


Sheila and Grant are always available. They are highly knowledgeable and very caring about my learning. They are respectful and treat me like a colleague. Sheila and Grant also provide excellent guidance and support which is necessary as a hopeful researcher. Their experience is so helpful to me and they have me involved in their research projects which has helped me to develop my research skills. They have taught me how to write and submit manuscripts, write applications for awards, and are generally very kind and caring. They are amazing.

Daniel Ji (2019) for Sheila Marshall


Many people know Dr. Pauly as a world-renowned fisheries scientist and an author or co-author of over 30 books and 1000 scientific articles. I am honoured to know him for his honesty, inclusivity, humour, and encouragement in his role as my supervisor. Dr. Pauly never fails to provide positive feedback and constructive criticism in order to guide me along my academic journey. Under his leadership, I always feel as though I am part of a strong and diverse team, where my voice matters and is heard. These are just a few of the reasons why Dr. Pauly is a #GreatSupervisor. 

Rebecca Schijns (2019) for Daniel Pauly


Huge thanks, from the bottom of my heart to my #GreatSupervisor, Dr. Peter Loewen, for supporting me and believing in me (sometimes more than I believe in myself), in the past 3 years. I am a better person because of you.

Shahrzad Salmasi (2019) for Peter Loewen


Shannon is a great supervisor because of her perceptive ability to identify the unique needs of different students. By recognizing different styles, interests, abilities, and backgrounds, Shannon creates an environment tailored to each individual, where they can flourish.

Adam Dvorak (2019) for Shannon Kolind


My supervisor is not just a #GreatSupervisor but also the #BestSupervisor because he is very enthusiastic about math and makes me feel super excited about my project. He has boundless energy and happily meets with each of his students several hours every week, making us all feel special. He is full of fruitful ideas on how to proceed in my project, so I never get down feeling stuck for long. He is not judgemental or hyper critical so I feel comfortable asking dumb questions. He is the #BestSupervisor because he is invaluable in helping me become a mathematician. Thank you Prof. Bryan!

Nina Morishige (2019) for Jim Bryan


Mark is an absolutely exceptional supervisor.  Never in my academic or professional career have I felt so supported by a supervisor.  I have no doubts that Mark constantly has my best interests at heart and he works tirelessly to support my scholastic, professional, and personal development.  Words fall short as I try to articulate how grateful I am to study under the guidance of such a person.  Perhaps the best way for me to describe him is as a dreamweaver, as I truly feel that this is his intention and capacity. 

Patrick Dowd (2019) for Mark Turin


Professor Pauly is a "GreatSupervisor" not only because he has very proficient professional knowledge and creative ideas, which is able to give me effective guidance to my study and research, but also because of his serious and responsible attitude to his work and my study. He always shows the very high patient to me to encourage me to do the right things. In spare time, he is humourous and erudite and teaches us a lot of things about life, culture, and nature. Get along with him motivate my great interest in work and life. He is the best supervisor I have met. He is totally worthy of the "GreatSupervisor".

Lu Zhai (2019) for Daniel Pauly


Professor Dan has been such a great supervisor because academically, he challenging my thoughts and encourages me to do things that are slightly outside of my comfort zone. He is very understanding of decisions I make to maintain my mental health and this has made me feel very well supported. I am very lucky to have such a supervisor, thank you!

Maria Chen (2019) for Daniel Weary


He is an inspirational leader who has vision years ahead of others in the same discipline. And he leaves you focused on what you are best.

David Cheng (2019) for Timothy Murphy


Prof. Gopaluni strongly supports the professional development of his students by encouraging and funding academic activities such as travelling for conferences, studying abroad, publishing papers, providing conference workshops and exploring a broad spectrum of relevant academic interests. He engages his students by drawing inspiration and innovative insight from multiple disciplines while encouraging his students to pursue excellence and become independent thinkers. 

Lee Rippon (2019) for Bhushan Gopaluni


She helped me and my family throughout all the university and visa application processes, she offered me a research assistant job and her priority is that I have enough time to study. I feel so grateful that I push myself to work and study even harder, to meet her expectations. Her expertise and supportive personality are inspiring. 

André Luiz Luquini Pereira (2019) for Diane Lacaille


Jennifer is a wonderful mentor and supervisor. Her commitment and energy to her students is beyond compare, and she always makes time for our needs and for us has people before students. She effortlessly advocates for our needs and makes us a priority in every interaction. Jennifer is prompt and thoughtful in her feedback, and she is always looking to improve our work for our own goals. Her critical questions and lenses always pushes me to think more about my work and deeply about every choice through my degree. She demonstrates admirable work-life balance and is aware of our needs and timelines as well. I cannot speak highly enough of Jennifer and all that she has done for me in my time here at UBC!

Rachel Mazac (2019) for Jennifer Black


Dr. Rocha directs students towards their drives and passions.

Joyce Penner (2019) for Samuel Rocha Perkerwicz


Sheila and Grant are always available. They are highly knowledgeable and very caring about my learning. They are respectful and treat me like a colleague. Sheila and Grant also provide excellent guidance and support which is necessary as a hopeful researcher. Their experience is so helpful to me and they have me involved in their research projects which has helped me to develop my research skills. They have taught me how to write and submit manuscripts, write applications for awards, and are generally very kind and caring. They are amazing.

Daniel Ji (2019) for Grant Charles


Dr. Lo is a #GreatSupervisor!   He is an active, kind and engaged mentor who provides truly constructive feedback, interesting learning and sharing opportunities, as well as academic, professional and moral support.  He is responsive to email and great about meeting in person.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to work together! 

Megan Chrostowski (2019) for Owen Lo