Celebrate UBC's Great Supervisors

May 7-13, 2018, was the second annual #GreatSupervisor week at UBC. Graduate students were encouraged to give kudos to their graduate supervisors using #GreatSupervisor and #UBC on Twitter or Facebook. Here are the results.

#GreatSupervisor week started at the University of Calgary in 2014, and we are grateful to them for their inspiration and support in this initiative.

UBC's Great Supervisors


My supervisor is very considerate and always thinks for his students! He is very patient in listening to our ideas and struggles, and always provides the greatest supports to us! I’m very honored to be his student.

— Yaxi Hu on Xiaonan Lu

My supervisors are Dr. Anne Phelan and Dr. David Coulter. I couldn't think of any other teacher who is a greater teacher than my supervisors. I am so blessed and fortunate to have them both. For me, they exemplify how a great teacher could be like. They not only inspire me intellectually, but also plant a seed of wonder in me, ignite the fire of my passions and keep them warm.

— Ying Ma on Anne Phelan and David Coulter

My supervisor, Dr. Han, is not only nice and kind but also she is always very supportive from so many different ways. She always open her doors for all students. She always listen to our voices. She always try to expand students' abilities and possibilities as much as possible.

— Kwang Dae (Mitsy) Chung on Sandrine Han

There are not many mentors with whom you can relax and be honest while knowing you’re going to get constructive and encouraging feedback. Dr. Theresa Rogers serves as a model for anyone seeking to become a more effective and thoughtful academic, teacher, or mentor of any kind. There's no comparison.

Dr. Theresa Rogers—for knowing how the “material and the dream can join;” for offering more honest feedback and support than any mentor I’ve ever had; for invariably believing that I *can* “sustain the part”—despite my silly misgivings and self-doubt!

— Caroline Hamilton on Theresa Rogers

Izak is a true scholar, who always motivates sudents to achieve higher, who personalized his mentoring approach to each student, who will be a mentor for me forever.

— Bo Xiao on Izak Benbasat

Jess practices the kind of academic feedback she teaches: using critique to make others' work better rather than tearing it apart or trying to mold it into a different project. Her feedback is incredibly helpful for helping me identify exactly where I need to clarify my thinking without pushing me into a particular direction. She also has a wonderful way of cultivating community among her students. Even though (as human geographers) none of us work in a lab together, Jess still convenes regular "lab meetings" where everyone checks in with each other and discusses questions/difficulties/progress/goals over food and drinks in addition to checking in with us all individually. I feel really fortunate to work with Jess as my supervisor.

— Mollie Holmberg on Jessica Dempsey

Villy has always given me the freedom and encouragement to work on a broad set of topics beyond my thesis work, and I am trully thankful for his helpful guidance.

— Abdulrahman Ben Hasan on Villy Christensen

Some people do what they are called to do in life, and we know that because we can see the passion, patience and interest they have for what they do and the interest they have in helping who is around them. Dr. Froese transmits his love and encourages us to do our best with his help and feedbacks making a difference and contributing to the success of the project/ research and the student. I am thankful to God for his life.

— Suzana Carla Nunes Lins Espindola on Thomas Froese

Brian Klinkenberg gives all of his time and attention to his students. He has never given me the impression that he doesn't want to help, whether it's advice for a presentation, edits for a paper, or a meeting to move a group project forward. Even on the busiest days, he balances working with his graduate students, teaching courses, attending meetings, and still making time to guide his undergrads. And bonus: he always brings in cookies!

— Emily Acheson on Brian Klinkenberg

A big thank you to Dr. Anne Gadermann for letting me think outside the box, for supporting my dreams, and for being a fantastic role model for academic integrity!

— Verena Rossa on Anne Gadermann

She is amazing! It is a real pleasure to work and learn from her. She is pacient and sweet with outstanding suggestions and ideas. She makes me feel comfortable and generates a great environment for brain storming and always has new insights to offer, my supervisor is great like no other!

— Natali Chizik on Emma Cunliffe

I am pleased to have Dr. Nielsen as a supervisor for my PhD studies at UBC. For the past three years, I got to know an incredibly nice and supportive mentor that always guides me towards my goals. My vision to discover new and better ways to improve breast cancer patients’ lives brought me 10,000km across the world to work under the supervision of Dr. Nielsen as an expert leader in the field. He provided me with the ideal learning atmosphere of skills, knowledge, resources, leadership and supportive interpersonal relationship to help achieve my goals. He diligently encourages me to maximize my potentials and draw up plans of actions to succeed all along the path of my career.

— Karama Asleh on Torsten Nielsen

Amy is inspiring! Always provides critical yet gentle feedback & I want to be like her when I grow up.

— Linda Pickthall on Amy Metcalfe

Tom is an expert in his field of international studies and shares his knowledge freely, I enjoy working with him!

— Linda Pickthall on Tom Sork

Alison provides gentle guidance and support! My critical thinking & writing skills are better because of her!

— Linda Pickthall on Alison Taylor

So grateful for our #GreatSupervisor Dr. Brian Wilson @ubccss @UBCKin @UBCEduc who is not only an exemplary scholar but also a role model human with his thoughtful kindness, humility, and patience. You're pretty much the supervisor lottery jackpot -- thank you, everyday!

— 'Sport, Environment, Peace, Media' group on Brian Wilson

Great mentor and inspiration. Brilliant and approachable. Always finding new opportunities for students. Thanks!

— Gabrielle Menard on James Vercammen

Dr Hackett is an all-round great supervisor and scientist. As my supervisor during my PhD and now for my post-doctoral fellowship, Dr Hackett has been an amazing mentor. She has been totally dedicated in helping me succeed with every project I have worked on and pays particular attention to every detail of my development as a young scientist. I have been very lucky to have her as my supervisor. #GreatSupervisor #DrTillieHackett

— Emmanuel Osei on Tillie Louise Hackett

So grateful to have such an inspiring, encouraging and supportive supervisor in Dr. Bainbridge. Thank you for all the time, energy and enthusiasm you bring to supporting me through this process!

— Deetria Egeli on Lesley Bainbridge

Tillie is an amazing professional and human bean. She is a talented researcher who knows how to bring her team together, challenging us to break our own barriers and excel in many areas. As if being competent professionally wasn't enough, Tillie is a caring person who makes us feel welcomed, "protected" and understood beyond our professional duties. She understands very well that everyone has a life and she is always there helping us and cheering for us, every step along the way.

— Leila Mostaço-Guidolin on Tillie-Louise Hackett

Prof. Beasley-Murray is a supervisor who does not hold your hand in this journey called 'PhD' so you can discover your true potentialities and present some unique and brilliant idea to the world. Instead, he watches you carefully and when you are lost, he shows you a light to help you get back on track. A modest 'Thank you' is not enough to express how grateful I am for all the help, support and valuable feedback I have received from you. This dissertation would not be same without you as my supervisor.

— Upasana Thakkar on Jon Beasley-Murray

Tillie is a fantastic and supportive supervisor. She is so dedicated to her students and the research we undertake - always responding to emails and working late into the night!! She will also go above and beyond what most people would do to help you out on a personal level. Exemplified by her continually writing detailed references for previous students who call her up out of the blue 5 or more years after they have left the lab; or by helping you out with all of the immigration paperwork and nonsense that international students have to go through. She has been a fabulous mentor to me personally, allowing me the freedom to embrace my inner mad scientist and supporting me throughout the PhD. It has honestly been a great privilege to work along side such an exceptional & inspirational scientist and leader. #GreatSupervisor!

— Steve Booth on Tillie-Louise Hackett

Can't begin to tell you how much i appreciate your willingness to co-supervise me in my PhD program. i am grateful for your commitment to provide a conducive academic environment to learn from your wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you for been so extra supportive. You are amazing!

— Ibukun Kayode on Helen Brown and Laura Nimmon

I offer my heartfelt thanks to Drs. Shannon Kolind and Anthony Traboulsee, who have taught me more than I could ever learned in a classroom. They have provided me with unconditional support and care, and encouraged critical thinking and professional growth. Even during their busy schedules, they regularly met with me to ensure that I was meeting my goals and had all necessary resources. I am very grateful for their mentorship, trust and guidance! #GreatSupervisor week at #UBC.

— Lisa Eunyoung Lee on Shannon Kolind and Anthony Traboulsee

She believed in me before I believed in myself.

— Alice Wang on Tai Smith

I am grateful for my research supervisor @MagedSenbel. He provides excellent guidance and feedback, while also allowing me the intellectual freedom to explore new ideas. Thank-you! #GreatSupervisor #UBC

— Nicole Rallis on Maged Senbel

Can’t let great supervisor week at UBC pass without saying thank you to Dr. Cheryl Gregory-Evans So proud to work with her. Through her patience, understanding and great attitude, I built confidence and self-esteem in research and science in general. She created just the perfect environment for any individual in her lab and despite all her other commitments, she sets aside time for each member to discuss progress and be there whenever they need her. I always get inspired by her passion in running a marathon and sharing with us all the efforts she put ( proud of her). I’m grateful to have a brilliant, wise and super competent supervisor. Thank you for making my grad’s journey at UBC wonderful and invaluable.

— Aisha Soliman on Cheryl Gregory-Evans

I would like to thank my Supervisor Dr. Mohamed Bedaiwy, for all the guidance, encouragement and advice he has provided up till now to bring out the best in me. I have been extremely lucky to have a supervisor like Dr.Bedaiwy, who cared so much about my work, and who responded to my questions and queries so promptly. He is extremely knowledgeable, excellent and unremarkable in everything he does. He is the best Doctor and a role model not only for me, but for the whole department and other students too. I am grateful to you Dr.Bedaiwy for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Your guidance will definitely help me brighten my career and professional life. I would like to express my gratitude to you for being such an inspiration. Thanks for teaching me so much.

— Sunaina Sharma on Mohamed Bedaiwy

Dr. Nashon’s genuine care and support is truly admirable. He believes in supporting and educating the whole person by caring for their wellbeing and intellectual development. I am truly thankful for his support.

— Hunter Kshamta on Samson Nashon

I want to thank my great supervisor, Dr Jennifer Vadeboncoeur because she had taught me the difference between being a student and being a learner. Her invaluable guidance has pushed me beyond my limits not only as a researcher but as a person.

— Natacha Monestal Mora on Jennifer A. Vedeboncoeur

I feel so fortunate to have Sally and Fuchsia as my doctoral supervisors. As an international student, they are the kind of supervisors I need to be successful. Early on in my first year when I was struggling to balance between my son and study, they both showed their understanding and support. We are able to meet when necessary and they always provide detailed and constructive feedback which has provided me with the impetus I needed to develop the functional skills and knowledge for this evolving learning experience. I could not be more happy for their mentorship including other occasions for which I owe them gratitude. Many thanks to Sally and Fuchsia.

— Abosede Ojerinde on Sally Thorne and Fuchsia Howard

Dr. Janette Bulkan is a #GreatSupervisor because of her support and guidance since resuming my MSc program in September, 2017. The many moments of interactions with her both personally and during classes has increased my passion to research on issues in community forestry and governance system in the natural resource management. She's particularly a leading scholar in this field with many colleagues and collaborators globally. Thanks to Janette for supervising my Masters degree.

— Samuel Adeyanju on Janette Bulkan

#GreatSupervisor #UBC And I want to sincerely thank my wonderful supervisor Dr Tal Jarus for her unwavering support. I have learnt so much under her mentorship and I am very privileged to have a very great doctoral supervisor. Thank so much Tal!

— Parisa on Tal Jarus

Thursday, 10 May 2018