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Great Supervisor Week Mentions

Each year graduate students are encouraged to give kudos to their supervisors through social media and our website as part of #GreatSupervisorWeek. Below are students who mentioned this supervisor since the initiative was started in 2017.


I am privileged to be coming to know such an amazing person like Dr. Bonny Norton. She is not only a #GreatSupervisor, but she is also a great human being who is always dedicated to supporting her students in every possible way. I will forever be grateful to her for her incredible support when I lost my most beloved person, my mom. Bonny's belief in me greatly inspired me to move forward and to continue pursuing my dream. She challenges me to reach new heights and supports me whenever I need any guidance. Her scholarly knowledge, inspirational leadership, invaluable experience, and innovative ideas never cease to amaze me. I am truly fortunate to have such a #GreatSupervisor.

Asma Afreen (2019)


Bonny Norton is not only a #GreatSupervisor, she is the #BestSupervisor. Bonny is not only my supervisor, she is a mentor, friend and role model. She cares deeply about her students and is ALWAYS willing to take the time whether it's help with a school-related task, frustration, advice or personal issues. Bonny has made me believe I am capable of more than I knew was possible; she sets the bar high and is available to help every step of the way. Bonny's brilliance is matched only by her warm and caring heart. I feel so lucky and grateful that I have the privilege of working with Bonny for she is without a doubt a #GreatSupervisor.

Michelle Gilman (2019)


Such a great way to show our gratitude @youbc thank you Dr. Ryuko Kubota and Dr. Bonny Norton for being the #GREATsupervisor


In the first 2 years of my PhD, Bonny Norton @UBC_LLED let me coauthor 4 journal articles and 4 book chapters as 1st author. #GreatSupervisor of #UBC.

Ron Darvin (2017)


I send Bonny Norton of @UBC_LLED a draft at 2pm and by 3 she's giving me feedback, then talks to me for two hours. Best #GreatSupervisor of #UBC.

Ron Darvin (2017)



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