The applied sciences – architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, nursing, and planning – change society's conception of what is possible as a matter of course. Applied scientists make dreams real, turn ideas into practice. We embody the interface between present and future.

A community of diverse disciplines on campuses in two cities, we recognize the promise inherent in our differences. We are at our best when faced with problems considered by most to be impossible to solve, for it is there that our varied approaches, practice cultures, and discipline-specific languages, combined, become our greatest strength.

We are a Faculty of leaders. We take the initiative. We are defined by our integrity, excellence, innovative mindset, and passionate spirit of engagement. We are ideally positioned to address some of the greatest challenges of our time. From nurses and engineers working in First Nations communities and in Africa improving healthcare, to architects, landscape architects and community planners improving the built environment, our graduate students enlist their skills and networks to truly make a difference. As part of one of the world’s premier universities, it is not just our vision to educate the next generation of leaders, it is our responsibility. 

Innovation and its application is our passion in the Faculty of Applied Science. We take pride in our ability to transfer knowledge and contribute to economic growth through research and entrepreneurship. 

To create positive change in the world through the generation, professional embodiment, and innovative application of new knowledge.

Research Highlights

Through leadership and the relentless charge to improve professional practice, Applied Science researchers – often in interdisciplinary and pan-professional collaborations – advance knowledge, policies and technologies, and solve the global challenges facing society. In any specific year, over 100 leading companies partner with UBC APSC to advance their research agendas. 

The UBC Applied Science research enterprise helps drive the reputation of one of the top research-intensive universities in the world. Our researchers claim the spotlight in the global arena in the following research themes:

Graduate Degree Programs

Research Supervisors in Faculty

Name Academic Unit(s) Research Interests
Lim, Choon Jim Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering Biomass and fossil fuels, Spouted bed, Gas-particle system hydrodynamics, heat transfer, Hydrogen production
Lis, Mieszko Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer and Software Systems
Liu, Wenying Department of Materials Engineering Use of sea water in heap leaching; Release of selenium and associated toxic elements from mine waste materials; Heap leach modelling
Lokman, Kees School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture design studios in the landscape architecture
Ma, Hongshen Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering Microfluidics; Instrumentation; Cell Sorting; Cell Biomechanics; Circulating Tumor Cells; Malaria and Red Blood Cell Deformability; Single Cell Technologies; Cell Migration and Chemotaxis
Macdonald, Christopher School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture Design Thinking, housing, social equity, policy development, contemporary urban housing practices, early modern houses
MacPhee, Maura School of Nursing professional development, higher education, patient safety, systems analysis, leadership and management, pediatrics
Madden, John Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Functional and Intelligent Materials, artificial muscle, wearables, smart materials, electronic skin, supercapacitors, electrochemical devices, medical devices
Madiseh, Ali Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering
Maijer, Daan Department of Materials Engineering Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow, Stress, Microstructure Materials processing models employed for process control
Marti, Jose Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer modelling of response to disasters, Infrastructures Interdependencies Simulation (I2Sim) project, electric power, Energy systems
Martinez, Mark Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering Fluid mechanics, Complex fluids, Flow visualization
McPherson, Gladys School of Nursing addressing health equity within one First Nations community
Merida-Donis, Walter Department of Mechanical Engineering Clean energy, Electrochemical energy conversion, Thermodynamics, Low carbon fuels, Fuel cells and hydrogen
Mesbah, Ali Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Computer and Software Systems; software engineering
Meyboom, Annalisa School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture Transportation Infrastructure and Public Space; use of structural behaviour algorithms in the generation of architectural form
Michelson, David Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering wireless communications, Propagation and channel modeling, low profile antenna design, wireless communication system performance, EMI/EMC
Militzer, Matthias Department of Materials Engineering Multi-scale modelling of microstructure evolution, Physical metallurgy of advanced high strength steels
Mirabbasi, Shahriar Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Analog and mixed-signal intergrated circuits and systems design, intergrated circuit design with an emphasis on high-speed data communication and signal processing applications
Miskovic, Sanja Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering Mineral Processing, Multiphase Systems, Production and Process Optimization, Optimization, Control and Operations Research, Prefeasibility and Pilot Scale, R&D and Innovation, Technological Innovations, Sensors and Devices, Multiphase Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Minerals Processing, Embedded Sensors, IIoT, Industrial Big Data, Critical Elements Extraction
Miskovic, Ilija Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering Multi-physics of Geo-materials, Big Data
Mohseni, Madjid Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering Drinking Water, Chemical Pollutants, Used Water, Clean Technologies, Drinking water quality and treatment, Advanced oxidation, UV based water purification and treatment, Water re-use, Electrochemical water treatment processes
Molina Hutt, Carlos Department of Civil Engineering Earthquake engineering, performance-based seismic design, seismic resilience, risk analysis, high-rise buildings, innovative structural systems
Mooney, Patrick School of Architecture & Landscape Architecture sustainable development; urban biological diversity; environmental restoration; wetland restoration; therapeutic landscapes; sustainable development; urban biological diversity; urban ecosystems; environmental management in urban planning; birds in urban environments; habitat management; Japanese gardens; habitats, Sustainable landscape planning, ecological restoration, design studio, evironmental issues
Moss, Margaret School of Nursing


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