School of Nursing

Established in 1919, the UBC School of Nursing has almost 100 years of experience educating nursing leaders and innovating research. We have an international reputation for research and scholarship, guided by a vision of excellence in nursing education, research and practice.

The UBC School of Nursing is home to the first degree program in nursing in the Commonwealth and was one of the first academic programs established at UBC after the university’s inception in 1915.

UBC’s graduate nursing programs position you as a leader to improve health care equity, advance nursing knowledge, and envision a new healthcare landscape. Learn from leading scholars with international reputations for research, and join a community of nursing scholars at one of the world's top-ranked universities.

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Baumbusch, Jennifer [field_researcher_interest]
Boschma, Geertje [field_researcher_interest]
Brown, Helen Jean [field_researcher_interest]
Browne, Annette [field_researcher_interest]
Bungay, Victoria [field_researcher_interest]
Campbell, Suzanne Community Health / Public Health, Health Promotion, Interpersonal Communication, Educational Technologies, Health Care Technologies, Modelization and Simulation, Social Determinants of Health, Global Health and Emerging Diseases, Adult Education and Continuing Education, simulation nursing education, interprofessional health professional education, health communication, lactation support, leadership in nursing, global maternal-infant-child health
Currie, Leanne Nursing, Health Care Technologies, Health Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Biomedical Technologies, Decision Making, Computer Architecture, Software Development, Biomedical and Health Informatics, data science, Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Human Computer Interaction and Design
Dahinten, Susan [field_researcher_interest]
Garrett, Bernard Mark Health Care Technologies, Ethics and Health, Media Influence on Behavior, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented reality, Evidence-basedPpractice, Deception in Healthcare, Healthcare Regulation, Alternative Medicine
Havaei, Farinaz [field_researcher_interest]
Howard, Fuchsia [field_researcher_interest]
Jenkins, Emily [field_researcher_interest]
MacPhee, Maura [field_researcher_interest]
McPherson, Gladys [field_researcher_interest]
Moss, Margaret [field_researcher_interest]
Oliffe, John [field_researcher_interest]
Phinney, Alison [field_researcher_interest]
Ranger, Manon Prematurity, Stress, Infant / Child Development, Pain, neurodevelopment, Early-adversity, Biomarkers of early stress exposure, Brain development
Rodney, Patricia [field_researcher_interest]
Saewyc, Elizabeth [field_researcher_interest]
Thorne, Sally Nursing, cancer care, chronic illness
Varcoe, Colleen [field_researcher_interest]
Wong, Sabrina [field_researcher_interest]