Norman B. Keevil Institute of Mining Engineering

UBC’s Department of Mining Engineering is known for being a small, close-knit family.

Our Department is exemplified by the dedication of the faculty and staff who provide a dynamic, hands-on learning experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to teaching, the faculty work with graduate students and staff to undertake research in all aspects of mining in order to study and improve the industry for future generations. Gifts from alumni, corporations, foundations, students, parents and other friends assist the Keevil Institute in conducting leading edge research, providing outstanding education and contributing to social and economic development [more information].

Master's Students
Doctoral Students
Graduate Degrees Awarded

Research Supervisors

Name Research Interests
Dunbar, W Scott [field_researcher_interest]
Elmo, Davide [field_researcher_interest]
Holuszko, Maria [field_researcher_interest]
Klein, Bern [field_researcher_interest]
Kunz, Nadja Decision Analysis, Mining engineering, Hydrology, water resources management, Environmental engineering, Systems engineering, Risk management
Madiseh, Ali [field_researcher_interest]
Miskovic, Sanja Mineral Processing, Multiphase Systems, Production and Process Optimization, Optimization, Control and Operations Research, Prefeasibility and Pilot Scale, R&D and Innovation, Technological Innovations, Sensors and Devices, Multiphase Flows, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Experimental Fluid Dynamics, High performance computing, Minerals Processing, Embedded Sensors, IIoT, Industrial Big Data, Critical Elements Extraction
Miskovic, Ilija [field_researcher_interest]
Pawlik, Marek [field_researcher_interest]
Scoble, Malcolm [field_researcher_interest]
Steen, John Thomas [field_researcher_interest]