Graduate Pathways to Success offers professional and personal development workshop and events on five core areas: graduate school success, self management, professional effectiveness, career building, and constructive leadership. Below is an ever-growing compiltion of some useful presentation materials and resources we have amassed through these offerings.

Graduate school success

Academic Writing

Success Planning

Statistical Analsyis
Graduate Pathways to Success/Applied Statistics and Data Sceince Group 2017-18 Statistics Webinar recordings

Project Design and Data Quality


  • Orientation: Intro to Campus Resources, How to be a Successful Graduate Student and Applying for Scholarships

Self Management

Professional Effectiveness

Constructive Leadership

Leaders Dialogue: On Making a Difference for Good
(Audio recordings of conversations with Dean and Vice-Provost Susan Porter and various leaders)

  • Leaders Dialogue 2017 (with current UBC President, Santa J. Ono)
  • Leaders Dialogue 2016 (with past UBC President, Martha Piper)
  • Leaders Dialogue 2015 (with Graduate Student Miriam Matejova and guest John Montalbano, CEO of RBC Global Asset Management, Inc., Killam Trustee and Chair of the UBC Board of Governors)
  • Leaders Dialogue 2014 (with GSS President Christopher Roach and guests Professors Stephen J. Toope, Arvind Gupta, Louise Nasmith, and Peter W. Klein)

Career building

Career Planning

Pre-work and Interviews