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Wellness Workshops

Wellness-themed graduate workshops are available by request through the UBC Wellness Centre.

Health and Wellbeing
Grad Student Support Group

About the group

Are you a graduate student? Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or challenged in balancing work and life? This in-person support group is for graduate students to connect with each other in a non-judgmental and welcoming space to help navigate the unique challenges of grad school.

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Health topics to take care of your health

Get information and strategies from UBC Health and Wellness to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Topics include:

  • Food and nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep for success
  • Understanding stress
  • Sex and sexual health
  • Alcohol, cannabis, and nicotine
  • Substance use and harm reduction


Health and Wellbeing
Wellbeing self-directed training

Visit https://students.ubc.ca/health/wellness-centre/wellbeing-training-education for links to register for the following Canvas self-directed learning courses:

  • Navigating Your Health and Wellbeing at UBC and Beyond
  • Mental Health: The Basics
  • How to Help a Peer
  • Inclusive Event Planning
  • SAVE Lives: Harm Reduction & Naloxone Training
Health and Wellbeing