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UBC Library provides a variety of workshops throughout the year. The workshops can be subject specific (e.g. searching health databases), general awareness (e.g. orientation to the library), or focused on building a scholarly profile (e.g. getting published, scholarly rights). For a full list of Library events, including those offered by the Library Research Commons and the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication, visit the Library event page

Subject Librarians are knowledgeable about resources in a particular discipline, and are here to assist you with your research.

As search experts, they can help you select appropriate databases and use them effectively and efficiently to save you time.

They can also refer you to appropriate services to meet your data management, digital scholarship, publishing, or writing needs.

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Title Description Theme
Subject Librarian Consultation

Subject Librarians serve as the primary liaison between the Library and the academic departments on campus. They provide skilled reference assistance, manage the library's collections and provide instructional support to faculty.

Academic Support and Success, Research Skills


Title Description Theme
Irving K Barber Bookable Study Space

The UBC Library is providing bookable study space in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre Monday through Saturday. This space will include access to desktop computers, printing and scanning and be organized to ensure safe physical distancing at all times.

Academic Support and Success