Cover letter, CV and resume templates from the UBC Career Centre

Listed below are sample resumes and CVs created by professionals at the UBC Career Centre.  All names and addresses are fictional.

MA History - Wolfgang von Nostitz - Resumé

MA Political Science - Irina Fedorov - Resumé

Masters Food Science - Jane Watanabe - Resumé

Masters Library Information Studies - Zara Singh - Resumé

MSc - Ken Lee - Cover Letter

MSc Earth and Ocean Science - Jean Beaupre - Resumé

PhD Arts - Nava Segal - Cover Letter Academic

PhD Education - Dimitri Panov - Resumé

PhD Engineering - Maria Fernandes - Curriculum Vitae

PhD French - Florence Nightingale - Curriculum Vitae

PhD History - Daniel Wong - Curriculum Vitae

PhD Life Science - Jane Swift - Curriculum Vitae

Post-doctoral Fellow - Maria Espada - Curriculum Vitae and Resumés for Industry, Research Admin, Academic and Teaching Positions