Effective Teaching Online, Workshop Recordings

Going online all of a sudden? Check out CIRTL's Effective Teaching Online playlist on YouTube, where you can find pre-recorded versions of two recent workshops: one designed to give instructors a brief introduction to online, evidence-based, inclusive teaching strategies; the other designed to share top-level recommendations on how to effectively support online instructors during temporary distance learning. Related workshop materials are provided in video descriptions. Workshops address:

  • Building a social presence in the online, synchronous classroom
  • Assessing student learning in the online, synchronous classroom
  • Facilitating and promoting student engagement in the online, synchronous classroom
  • Teaching inclusively in the online, synchronous classroom
  • Getting started with supporting temporary distance learning
  • Planning with instructors during temporary distance learning
  • Reducing barriers to learning during temporary distance learning
  • Supporting synchronous sessions during temporary distance learning
  • What to do When technology breaks during temporary distance learning