Hidden Handbook

A mini-series of short videos (5 - 10 mins each), to provide quick tips for success in a variety of areas across the academic sphere. Join for free with UBC's subscription, then watch. https://www.ncfdd.org/hiddenhandbook

Chapter 1: Accountability Matters: When it comes to research and writing, accountability matters. This video highlights three ways to increase academics’ accountability and boost their research productivity.

Chapter 2: Creating Micro Goals to Maximize Your 30-Minute Writing Sessions

Chapter 3: Productivity Pick-Me-Ups: Resistance is real! This video provides three quick tips to help academics work through their resistance and boost their productivity.

Chapter 4: The 5 D’s: What to Do When All Your - - - - Don’t Fit

Chapter 5: Advancing Your Strategic Plan

Chapter 6: How to Revise & Resubmit in No Time

Chapter 7: Promoting Your Publications

Chapter 8: Rethinking Self-Care

Chapter 9: The Art of Saying “Yes”: Seeking and Securing Opportunities in Academia

Chapter 10: Touchstone Teamwork: This video reveals how touchstone teamwork (4 step framework) can help academics work collaboratively and flexibly to get their projects done.