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Title Available
Early formative subsistence and agriculture in southeastern Mesoamerica 18 September 2008
Roadway land costs: a case study of provincially-funded roads in the Greater Vancouver region 18 September 2008
An interdisciplinary approach to agriculture in central and southern Italy 202-103 BC 18 September 2008
Structures of and values inherent in senior secondary student asessment in studio art in Britain and North America 18 September 2008
Sexuality and gender in Alciphron's Letters of Courtesans 18 September 2008
An evaluation of component mode synthesis for modal analysis of finite element models 18 September 2008
Analysis, pharmacokinetics, metabolism and pharmacodynamics of labetalol in pregnant and nonpregnant sheep 18 September 2008
Population genetic structure of North American broad whitefish, Coregonus nasus (Pallas), with emphasis on the Mackenzie River system 18 September 2008
Towards in vitro MRI based analysis of spinal cord injury 18 September 2008
A binary relation inference network for constrained optimization 18 September 2008
Dispersive neural networks for adaptive signal processing 18 September 2008
Solving four word analogy problems : the role of specificity and inclusiveness 18 September 2008
A geographical information system's approach to analyzing critical infrastructure interdependencies : a case study at the UBC campus 18 September 2008
Geological characteristics and genesis of the Kemess North porphyry Au-Cu-Mo deposit , Toodoggone district, north-central British Columbia, Canada 18 September 2008
The use of negotiation in coastal zone management : an analysis of the Fraser Estuary Management Program and the Puget Sound Water Quality Authority 18 September 2008
Motorized backcountry recreation and stress response in Mountain Caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) 18 September 2008
Photodegradation of adhesives used in wood composite materials 18 September 2008
The effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on the structure and composition of early-successional plant communities in the Interior Cedar-Hemlock (ICH) zone of southern British Columbia 18 September 2008
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning adolescents : their social experiences and the role of supportive adults in high school 18 September 2008
A functional task analysis and motion simulation for the development of a powered upper-limb orthosis 18 September 2008
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and questioning adolescents : their social experiences and the role of supportive adults in high school 18 September 2008
Dancing out of place : geographies of performance and Vancouver's independent nightlife 18 September 2008
Chemical studies of metabolites from Pacific Ocean marine sponges and the starfish Dermasterias imbricata 18 September 2008
Synthesis and characterization of some triosmium and triruthenium cluster complexes containing unusual ferrocenyl moieties 18 September 2008
Elementary processes in alkane-based reactive ion etching of III-V semiconductors 18 September 2008
Into the heartland of the ordinary 18 September 2008
Determination of tannin levels in multi-purpose Kenyan trees and fodder crops, their variation and effect on protein digestibility in ruminants 17 September 2008
A study of phase resetting, mutual entrainment, and modified ventricular parasystole using a model of coupled heart cells 17 September 2008
Influence of osmotic forces and transbilayer membrane area imbalances on the stability and morphology of model membrane vesicles 17 September 2008
Structure and function of western red cedar and western hemlock forests on northern Vancouver Island 17 September 2008
Structure of the Queen Charlotte Basin and underlying crust from modelling and inversion of three-dimensional seismic refraction data 17 September 2008
Numerical relativity in black hole spacetimes 17 September 2008
Chebyshev spectral methods for potential field computation 17 September 2008
An investigation of the growth and feeding responses of oligotrich ciliates to food types and concentrations : an approach to assessing the potential of marine planktonic ciliate blooms 17 September 2008
Numerical modeling of submarine landslides and surface water waves which they generate 17 September 2008
Dietary cholesterol in graded amounts : threshold to ceiling effects upon plasma free cholesterol synthesis, equilibration and circulation levels in humans 17 September 2008
Planning for industrialization in central Java, Indonesia : the process, the impacts and the alternatives 17 September 2008
A policy on hold : regulating telephones in Canada 17 September 2008
Cellular pathways of angiotensin II signalling in the hypertrophic myocardium 17 September 2008
Development banking in transition : sustainable development and the World Bank 17 September 2008
Purification and characterization of a selective growth regulator for human myelopoietic progenitor cells 17 September 2008
Reader as woman: gender and identification in novels 17 September 2008
Entrance examinations in prewar Japan, late Meiji to 1941 17 September 2008
Development of a regenerable glucose biosensor probe for bioprocess monitoring 17 September 2008
Seismic reponse and post-liquefaction analysis of the 1990 Dashihe Tailings Dam 17 September 2008
A GIS application for regional streamflow analysis 17 September 2008
Object-oriented software development in structural engineering 17 September 2008
Of symposiarchs and doorkeepers: theorizing cultural appropriation and authenticity 17 September 2008
Land use and transportation planning: The Greater Vancouver Regional District North East Sector: 1951- 1990 17 September 2008
Children’s ego functioning and their stage of moral reasoning 17 September 2008