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Title Available
The Shah Bano controversy: gender versus minority rights in India 15 December 2008
Parliamentary sovereignty and the challenge of European community law in the United Kingdom 15 December 2008
The human melanoma-associated antigen p97 is attached to the plasma membrane by a glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol anchor 15 December 2008
Evaluating hazardous roadside locations using the Roadside-Hazard-Simulation-Model Version 9 (1992) 15 December 2008
The effects of prior exposure to music on a subsequent memory task 15 December 2008
Benzoporphyrin derivative and the photodynamic extracorporeal treatment of leukemia 15 December 2008
Structure-function relationships of endoglucanase C (CenC) from Cellulomonas fimi 15 December 2008
Drag reduction of a rectangular prism through momentum injection 15 December 2008
The development of the biographical tradition on the Athenian orators in the Hellenistic period 15 December 2008
Vertical effective protection under mixed pricing: a study of the Canadian food industry 15 December 2008
Enhancement of cranberry management by quantitative remote sensing techniques 15 December 2008
A single phase Al₀ 3Ga₀ 7As/GaAs heterojunction resistive-gate charge-coupled device 15 December 2008
The effect of divalent cations on IK(f) : a transient outward potassium current expressed in melanotrophs of the rat pituitary gland 15 December 2008
John K. Friesen : adult educator, mentor and humanitarian 15 December 2008
The infinite order sudden approximation and the delta-shell potential 15 December 2008
Characterization of a platelet activating factor using forskolin and methylcarbamyl PAF 15 December 2008
Rheology and stability of magnetite dense media 15 December 2008
The roles of protein-tyrosine kinases in neutrophil and airway smooth muscle cell activation 15 December 2008
Tree population dynamics of some old sub-boreal spruce stands 15 December 2008
Sunn-hemp mosiac virus as a helper in the intercellular spread of southern bean mosaic in a resistant host 15 December 2008
Molecular cloning of a human putative 7-transmembrane segment (7TMS) receptor 15 December 2008
Essays on investor-manager conflict and corporate financial decision-making 15 December 2008
Two papers in international trade 15 December 2008
A synthetic, spectroscopic and magnetic susceptibility study of selected main group and transition metal fluoro compounds 15 December 2008
Bioinorganic chemistry of aluminum, gallium. and indium complexes of 1-aryl-3-oxy-4-pyridinones 15 December 2008
The effect of Arsenicals on cell suspension cultures of Catharanthus Roseus (Madagascan periwinkle) 15 December 2008
Ethical problems encountered by public health nursing administrators 15 December 2008
John K. Friesen : adult educator, mentor and humanitarian 15 December 2008
Relationship of the Ālaya-Vijñāna to theories of the unconscious in depth psychology 15 December 2008
Something good comes out of Wessex : feminist voices in Thomas Hardy 15 December 2008
An alternative strategy for resource development : a Gitksan Wet'suwet'en proposal 15 December 2008
Mathematical modeling in cellular immunology: T cell activation and parameter estimation 15 December 2008
Rent capture in rights based fisheries 15 December 2008
The effects of context on speech understanding in noise 15 December 2008
The relative contribution of gesture to communication in aphasia : a case study 15 December 2008
Nativist fiction in China and Taiwan: A thematic survey 14 December 2008
The ’popish midwife’ : printed representations of Elizabeth Cellier and midwifery practice in late seventeeth century England 14 December 2008
The securitization of terrorism in Indonesia : 2001-2006 14 December 2008
An automated corrective action selective assistant 14 December 2008
Multivariate statistical models for seasonal climate prediction and climate downscaling 14 December 2008
Productivity and cost competitiveness of Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industries 14 December 2008
Integration of heterogeneous wireless access networks with IP multimedia subsystem 14 December 2008
A six degrees-of-freedom, hydraulic, one person motion simulator 14 December 2008
Pedogenesis of soils derived from ultramafic rocks and tephra in southwestern British Columbia 14 December 2008
Synthetic approach to the agelasimines 14 December 2008
Reactions of acetylene and allene with amidodiphosphine iridium complexes 14 December 2008
The role of adenylate cyclase in the regulation of competence development in haemophilus influenzae 14 December 2008
A synthetic and geocentric model of organizational management applied to curriculum planning for management education in the PRC : the case of MOFERT 14 December 2008
St. Martin of Braga : sources for his tolerance toward the rustici in sixth century Galicia 14 December 2008
Stereo-based obstacle detection using Gabor filters 12 December 2008