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Title Available
Women and employment in urban Vietnam : a case study of marketplace sellers in Ho Chi Minh City 08 March 2009
Urban agriculture and sustainable urban development : a case study of Nairobi, Kenya 08 March 2009
The impact of Sweden’s access laws of archives 08 March 2009
Secondary defense responses of White spruce (Picea glauca) and arctic lupine (Lupinus arcticus) to changes in herbivory and soil nutrient concentrations 08 March 2009
Compensatory growth of three herbaceous perennial species : the effects of clipping and nutient availability 08 March 2009
Baudelaire Manet et la modernité parisienne 08 March 2009
Media coverage and investor attention 08 March 2009
Identification of novel striatal-enriched transcripts and their analysis in Huntingdon's disease 08 March 2009
Family studies of multiple sclerosis 08 March 2009
Development and initial evaluation of tactile displays and tactile alert schemes for physiological monitoring 08 March 2009
An ATM-based interworking architecture for wireless personal communications 08 March 2009
Performance evaluation of hybrid buffer ATM switch 08 March 2009
Reading tools : the enhancement of an online scholarly research environment 08 March 2009
Effects of feeding nutritional formulas high in carbohydrate or monounsaturated fat on parameters of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism of patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus 08 March 2009
A complex of live/work units modelled on Japanese spatial concepts in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver 08 March 2009
Exposure to pottery kiln emissions : a pilot study to measure potters’ exposures to the vaporous and ærosols during the firing process 08 March 2009
Dwelling as a form of homelessness: a Travelers’ Hotel on Davie Street, Vancouver 08 March 2009
The effect of techniques of the self on Charles Taylor's conception of positive freedom 08 March 2009
The politics of Islamicfundamentalism in Pakistan: a case study of the Jamaat-I-Islami 08 March 2009
Peer adjustment of adolescents at risk for school dropout 08 March 2009
Danger and the saving power: the political thought of Martin Heidegger 08 March 2009
Failure detection and diagnosis in a multi-module deployable manipulator system (MDMS) 08 March 2009
Knowledge-based architectural decision making of kinetic structures 08 March 2009
A multi-layer neural network approach to identification of mechanical damage in power transformer windings 06 March 2009
Mobility management and admission control in heterogeneous wireless networks 06 March 2009
Amy's story: an examination of the reading process of a learning disabled student 06 March 2009
Naturalistic conceptions of moral maturity 06 March 2009
Analysis of personality ratings using the social relations model 06 March 2009
Preexposure sensitizes rats to the rewarding properties of amphetamine as measured by a progressive ratio paradigm 06 March 2009
Endogenous entry in first-price auctions 06 March 2009
Rheology and phase transitions of an upper critical solution temperature (UCST) polymer blend 06 March 2009
Modelling of single vertical piles subjected to monotonic and cyclic lateral loads and free-field movements 06 March 2009
Contributions from autobiographical memory to lexical representation 06 March 2009
A simple parameterization to predict population characteristics of boundary-layer cumulus clouds 06 March 2009
Dysregulated sexuality, sexual desire and sexual arousal regulation 06 March 2009
Acceptability of treatments for childhood ADHD : the influence of experience, treatment demands, and side effects 06 March 2009
Characterization of the responses of inferior colliculus neurons of the chicken to electrical stimulation of the cochlear nerve 06 March 2009
High density residential design in Downtown South, Vancouver: a policy analysis 06 March 2009
Yeats and the art of ancestral recall : twilight, modernity, and Irish-Japanese interculturality 06 March 2009
Microstructural evolution model for hot strip rolling of a Nb-Mo complex-phase steel 06 March 2009
Design and development of magnetostrictive actuator 06 March 2009
Link design and capacity comparison for burst transmissions of ATM cells and AAL PDU’s over broadband satellites 06 March 2009
Handoff enhancement in mobile-ip environment 06 March 2009
Tendon overuse pathology : clinical and laboratory studies 06 March 2009
Transnational regional society 06 March 2009
Design and development of an automated can filling system for fish 06 March 2009
Planar dynamics and control of space-based flexible manipulators with slewing and deployable links 06 March 2009
Monitoring and control of milling with an open architecture computer numerical controller 05 March 2009
Roll sensing of heavy trucks 05 March 2009
Energy efficiency of gas separation by Pressure Swing adsorption 05 March 2009