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Title Available
Molecular genetic characterization of pediatric malignant fibrous histiocytoma 25 March 2009
Verifying a self-timed division chip 25 March 2009
Ecomorphology of Rufous Hummingbirds : an investigation of maneuverability and agility in four age-sex classes 25 March 2009
Civil Society, public spheres and the ecology of environmentalism in four Fraser Valley communities : Burnaby, Richmond, Langley and Abbotsford 25 March 2009
Affective elements in Cantonese guqu 25 March 2009
Fluctuating and suspended meter in selected passages from Arnold Schoenberg’s Das Buch der hangenden Garten, Opus 15 25 March 2009
Inquiry into J.S. Bach’s method of reworking in his composition of the concerto for keyboard, flute and violin, BWV 1044, and its chronology 25 March 2009
Seismic shear demand in high-rise concrete walls 25 March 2009
Wallace Stegner and the American West 25 March 2009
Möglichkeiten Frau zu sein : Weiblichkeitsentwürfe im 19. Jahrhundert bei Louise Aston, Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer und Louise von François 25 March 2009
Attentional spatial selection and identity extraction are separable cognitive processes 25 March 2009
The German registratur 25 March 2009
An analysis of conifer seedling morphology as influenced by two different silvicultural systems 25 March 2009
Resonance Raman studies of TTF-TCNQ 25 March 2009
Study of hysteretic damping in small elastomeric structures 25 March 2009
A gallium arsenide CCD X-Ray detector 25 March 2009
Resistivity measurements of thin films of bismuth : applications for building bolometric detectors 25 March 2009
[Mu]SR studies of 2H-NbSe2 25 March 2009
The origin and evolution of Taiwanese nationalism, 1921-1947 24 March 2009
A probe to study the microwave surface resistance of crystals, of the high temperature superconductor YBCO 24 March 2009
Evaluating observing strategies for the Bam cosmic microwave background anisotropy experiment 24 March 2009
A puhA gene deletion and plasmid complementation system for facile site directed mutagenesis studies of the reaction center H protein of Rhodobacter Sphaeroides 24 March 2009
Studies of the frequency dependence of the microwave surface resistance of high Tc superconducting films using a new superconducting split ring resonator 24 March 2009
Characterization and modelling of a high-Tc superconducting alternating winding capacitor resonator 24 March 2009
A study of the Speech Act of Refusals by native speakers of Japanese and learners of Japanese as a second language 24 March 2009
Factors affecting post-logging debris flow initiation in steep forested gullies of the Southwestern Canadian cordillera, Fraser Valley Region 24 March 2009
The effect of menstrual cycle phase on diffusing capacity of the lung 24 March 2009
Design, intentions, and implementation of diversity programs 24 March 2009
Adherence among adolescents prescribed medication for symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 24 March 2009
The efficacy of morphine analgesia for procedural pain in preterm infants : subjective judgements as a measure 24 March 2009
The role of coping, mood states, and coping efficacy in rheumatoid arthritis pain : a multi-level analysis 24 March 2009
Analysis of longitudinal data of mixed types using a state space model approach 24 March 2009
The mechanism of malignancy associated changes 24 March 2009
Using swimming speed and morphological attributes of fish derived from video image analysis to assess grilse proportion and segregation in mixed population of maturing and non-maturing Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) reared in sea cage 24 March 2009
Summer growth near salmon sea cages and nitrogen uptake of kelp 24 March 2009
Induced polarization and complex resistivity effects in soils : laboratory and in-situ measurements 24 March 2009
Response of a pile restrained floating breakwater 24 March 2009
A driver visual attention model 24 March 2009
Computer-mediated communication in a software engineering project course 24 March 2009
On the comparative behaviour of geogrids in tension and pullout 24 March 2009
Efficient and effective subimage similarity matching for large image databases 24 March 2009
Risk-based retofit decision model for bridges 24 March 2009
Redirection effectiveness of roadside curbs 24 March 2009
Evaluation of a nursing intervention to meet the needs of family members of critically ill patients 24 March 2009
The essence of student-teacher connection in the student-teacher relationship in clinical nursing education 24 March 2009
Parenting the pre-school aged child with asthma : a secondary analysis using the Canam adaptive task framework 24 March 2009
Cardiac shunting and blood flow distribution in the American alligator (ALLIGATOR MISSISSIPPIENSIS) 24 March 2009
An analysis of UNC-52/perlecan domain IV immunoglobulin repeats in myofilament assembly of Caenorhabditis elegans 24 March 2009
Phospocreatine resynthesis after exercise and hypoxia in the carp (cyprinus carpio) : a 31P-NMRS study 24 March 2009
Association of the B cell antigen receptor with protein chaperones 24 March 2009