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Title Available
Evaluation of host genetic susceptibility to predict nontuberculous mycobacteria pulmonary disease in patients with cystic fibrosis 30 May 2023
Outcomes following surgical management of pelvic pain : a prospective cohort study 30 May 2023
Looking for the killer : a history of orca encounters, 1861-1964 30 May 2023
The effects of abiotic stress on isoform composition in polyploid Brassica napus 30 May 2023
Non-binary trans subjects : exiting the attachment to the transgender metanarrative of man/woman 30 May 2023
The construction of blow-up solutions for some evolution equations 28 May 2023
Acute stress modulation of risk/reward decision-making 25 May 2023
Investigating molecular mechanisms of dedifferentiation and mutations in dedifferentiated endometrial carcinoma 25 May 2023
Analytical modeling of shear localization in machining processes and its effects on the tool-chip interface 25 May 2023
Exploring considerations for the learner, family, and school in the education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing with disabilities 25 May 2023
Exploration on the synergy between discourse and neural summarizers 23 May 2023
Mystic mountains and sacred caves : re-examining Minoan extra-urban sanctuaries 23 May 2023
Deep reinforcement learning : an analytical tool to design and maintain environmentally benign pavement infrastructure 23 May 2023
Trans liberation beyond comparison : the influence of metahistorical thinking on imaginations of bodily modification 23 May 2023
Vulnerability assessment for juvenile sockeye salmon using biological indicators 18 May 2023
Virtual prediction of volumetric errors of 5-axis machine tools 18 May 2023
Unified mechanistic identification of cutting force coefficients 18 May 2023
Exploration of rare mitochondrial DNA mutations in lymphocyte subsets of people living with human immunodeficiency virus 17 May 2023
Quantitative kidney ultrasound from macroscale to microscale 17 May 2023
Supporting teachers' professional learning through collaborative inquiry : a case study 16 May 2023
Representation learning strategies for the epigenome and chromatin structure using recurrent neural models 15 May 2023
The Galápagos penguin as the "canary in the coal mine" for microplastics research in the Galápagos Marine Reserve & plastic pollution perceptions in Ecuadorian mangrove communities 15 May 2023
Behavioural ecology and distribution of Pacific salmon in a fjord estuary of the Salish Sea 11 May 2023
Convergent evolution of cytoskeletal traits in the intestinal parasites (Myzozoa, Platyproteum) of peanut worms 11 May 2023
Combining air sampling and molecular methods to monitor airborne fungal plant pathogens : [supplementary material] 09 May 2023
Shallow subaqueous and subglacial explosive eruptions : quantifying controls on the dynamics, stability, evolution, and stratospheric injection of water-rich eruption columns : [supplementary material] 09 May 2023
Goa-1 and g protein signalling pathway modulation of the tap withdrawal response : [supplementary material] 09 May 2023
Evaluating the effects of nitrogen urea fertilization on western redcedar growth, soil carbon stocks, and greenhouse gas emissions on Haida Gwaii, B.C. : [supplementary material] 09 May 2023
Accuracy of diagnosing proximal caries using intra-oral bitewing radiographs and near infra-red imaging (NIRI) technology in iTero element 5D scanners : an in vivo study 08 May 2023
Leishmania donovani upregulates host macrophage Argonaute 1 to persist inside infected host, and quantitative proteomic analysis of RNA-induced silencing complex isolated from infected host 07 May 2023
Variations on sparsifier constructions 07 May 2023
Essays on environmental economics : environmental regulations and climate change adaptation 04 May 2023
"Protect the children, save the family" - 'gender ideology' in the classroom : a case study of moral panic in Brazil 04 May 2023
Goa-1 and g protein signalling pathway modulation of the tap withdrawal response 04 May 2023
Study of unconventional techniques to eliminate mercury use from artisanal gold mining operations 03 May 2023
Exilic and national consciousness in Ulysses 03 May 2023
The effects of social experience and orange colouration on mating effort in male guppies (Poecilia reticulata) 03 May 2023
Deviation from quantum diffraction universality and effects of interaction potential uncertainty on collision observables 02 May 2023
Calcified carotid artery atheroma on standard dental panoramic radiographs in a dental school population : a retrospective study 02 May 2023
Simpler specifications for resource-manipulating programs 02 May 2023
Machine learning based gait parameter analysis for normal and pathological patterns 02 May 2023
Mental health experiences of people living with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) 02 May 2023
Housing language in Vancouver 02 May 2023
Application of time course-based kinetic methods to complex catalytic systems 02 May 2023
Skilled reaching deterioration contralateral to cervical hemicontusion in rats is reversed by pregabalin treatment conditional upon its early administration 01 May 2023
No longer Dazai : the re-authoring and "character-ification" of literary celebrity in contemporary Japanese popular culture 01 May 2023
Co-creating a biocultural indicator framework for fish and fish habitat with Lower stal̕əw (Fraser River) region First Nations 01 May 2023
Insights from infinitely wide neural networks 01 May 2023
UI driven dynamic analysis and testing of web applications 30 April 2023
Encountering violence : the stories of gender nonbinary Indigenous, Black and people of colour (IBPOC) 30 April 2023