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Title Available
Streamlined high throughput assembly and standardization of reference-grade animal mitochondrial genomes 15 November 2023
Monolithic integration of 850 nm and 940 nm AlGaAs vertical cavity surface emitting lasers on bulk Si and Ge substrates 15 November 2023
Assessing the contributions of visual and motor experience to action prediction skill in baseball 15 November 2023
The potential and limitations of community science in the marine environment, with seahorses as a case study 09 November 2023
Reconciling the model-implementation duality in PGo 09 November 2023
The lyric selfie : mediating race and subjectivity in poetry from print to Web 2.0 09 November 2023
Global distribution and biomass of the mesopelagic mesozooplankton and micronekton community 07 November 2023
Reframing adolescent resistance to parents 07 November 2023
A journey into computational protein design : simulation methods, physical origins of disease, and therapeutic design for neurodegenerative diseases and COVID19 05 November 2023
Sex and genotype influence neural stem cells in a model of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease 02 November 2023
Enriching block-based end-user programming with visual features 01 November 2023
3D ultrafast ultrasound elastography 01 November 2023
Maximizing the canopy cover contribution of street trees in 2050 01 November 2023
The impact of clinical audit and feedback on radiotherapy prescribing practices : a randomized controlled trial 31 October 2023
Effects of particle size distribution and particle shape on cyclic liquefaction response of granular materials 30 October 2023
Development and evaluation of UV-LED coupled ceramic-based photocatalytic membrane reactor for water treatment 30 October 2023
Hyaluronan-mediated modulation of human neutrophil function 30 October 2023
Investigation of skin dynamic response after precise multiphoton-thermolysis using non-invasive multimodality microscopy and imaging-guided micro-Raman spectroscopy 30 October 2023
Modeling of flow liquefaction and large deformations in tailings dams using material point method 30 October 2023
Emma être les lignes : réceptions, lecteurs et lectrices de Madame Bovary de Flaubert 30 October 2023
Evaluating biosimilars uptake and policy in Canada 30 October 2023
Modelling debris-covered glacier melt 30 October 2023
Defining the pathogenesis of human inborn errors of immunity affecting the CARD11-BCL10-MALT1 complex 30 October 2023
Predictive biomarkers of pulmonary exacerbations in cystic fibrosis 30 October 2023
High throughput screen for improved recombinant laccase production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 30 October 2023
Objects, actions, and participation in the art of Korea, 1960-1980 30 October 2023
Investigation of novel elements in dicistrovirus IGR IRES-mediated translation 25 October 2023
Microbiome associations with the gut-brain axis : gut-microbiota changes in major depressive disorder and infant neurodevelopment 25 October 2023
An evaluation of bulk ore sorting potential in a copper-gold panel cave mine 25 October 2023
Sensitivity of gargle samples compared to swabs for SARS-CoV-2 detection with nucleic acid amplification testing : a systematic review and meta-analysis 25 October 2023
Estimating the inland fisheries catch (1950-2019) of data-sparse countries and territories, with emphasis on Africa 23 October 2023
Bidirectional resonant chargers for e-mobility 23 October 2023
Optimizing photoassociation signals in small magneto-optical traps and evaporative cooling schemes for shallow optical dipole traps 22 October 2023
Effective field theory interpretation of tt̅ lepton+jets differential cross-section 22 October 2023
COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy and behaviours among people living with HIV in British Columbia 22 October 2023
Exploring TF glue as a new class of therapeutics using high-throughput screens and computational chemistry 22 October 2023
Transcultural identity and Bangla heritage language teaching 22 October 2023
Extreme weather and climate salience : the effects of the 2021 western heat dome on the salience of climate change 22 October 2023
The art songs of Nikolai Medtner 22 October 2023
Coping together? : Metro Vancouver tenants' engagement with mutual aid during extreme heat events 22 October 2023
The art songs of Nikolai Medtner 22 October 2023
Interspecific variation in hypoxia-induced changes in sodium-potassium ATPase activity in marine sculpins (family Cottidae) 22 October 2023
How to count clustered galaxies 22 October 2023
Improving optical photo-𝒛 estimates using submillimetre photometry 22 October 2023
A comparative study of the ferric-ferrous and potentiostatic dissolution of chalcopyrite using scanning electrochemical microscopy and surface wetting analysis 22 October 2023
Educational technology implementation among BC first nation communities : a cross-cultural lens reflection 22 October 2023
Disentangling the latent space of 3D human body meshes 22 October 2023
Domain adaptation and multi-scale relational graph neural network in classification of prostate cancer histopathology images 22 October 2023
Efficient street parking sign detection and recognition using artificial intelligence 22 October 2023
Microbial nitrogen metabolisms and nitrogen recycling through DNRA in low-oxygen marine waters 22 October 2023