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Title Available
A limited, legacy literacy : reconfiguring Literary Sinitic as Hanmunkwa in Korea, 1876–1910 02 July 2020
Walking the talk? Examining the EU and China's claims to climate leadership in the negotiation and implementation of the Paris Agreement 01 July 2020
Suspended sediment in Quesnel Lake following the Mount Polley Mine tailings spill 01 July 2020
Earthworm invasion : consequences and conservation implications for the endangered Garry Oak (Quercus garryana) and maritime meadow ecosystems 01 July 2020
Conceiving abnormality 29 June 2020
Structural and biochemical insights into the cardiac and skeletal muscle excitation-contraction coupling machinery 29 June 2020
Lipids as pH biosensors 29 June 2020
A peer mentorship to enhance active lifestyle and community integration in people with spinal cord injury : I wheel 29 June 2020
Ethics and youth gender health care : hormone therapy initiation decision-making of transgender youth, parents, and health care providers 29 June 2020
Synthesis and reactivity of dinucleating di(diamino)phenolate ligands for enforcing cooperativity 29 June 2020
A mitochondrial terminomics technique to study human cell death during bacterial infection 29 June 2020
Organ decellularization used as a novel approach to engineer three-dimensional urogenital tumor models 29 June 2020
Ruin conversions : violence, architecture and commemoration in post-1944 Warsaw 29 June 2020
Vascular-cognitive impairment after chronic high-thoracic spinal cord injury 29 June 2020
Implementation of pharmacogenetic risk prediction models in pediatric oncology 29 June 2020
Sox9 mediated reprogramming of prostate cancer cells and acquired therapy resistance 29 June 2020
Effects of contaminants and climate change on the health of western Arctic beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) 29 June 2020
Moonlighting tRNA synthetases as extracellular targets of matrix metalloproteinases 29 June 2020
Novel approaches to treating and preventing malaria 29 June 2020
CH₄ oxidation catalysts evaluated in a monolith reactor 29 June 2020
A robust strategy for cleaning motion artifacts in resting state fMRI 29 June 2020
Identification of essential genes in C. elegans through whole genome sequencing of legacy mutant collections 29 June 2020
"Harmonious disagreement" : Painters Eleven, abstraction, and the construction of Canadian modernism in the 1950s 29 June 2020
Differentiation and harmonization : the compilation of the first illustrated gazetteer of the “New Territory” of the Qing empire (1644–1912) 29 June 2020
Effect of thiourea on the dissolution of chalcopyrite in acidic ferric solutions at different temperatures 29 June 2020
An intellectual biography of Dwayne E. Huebner : biography, curriculum history, and understanding curriculum as theological 28 June 2020
Phototrophic iron oxidation and implications for biogeochemical cycling in the Archean Eon 25 June 2020
Linking cis-regulatory regions using transcription factor binding signatures 25 June 2020
Towards rotational control of molecules in helium nanodroplets 25 June 2020
Plasticity of cold-hardiness in the eastern spruce budworm, Choristoneura fumiferana 25 June 2020
A clone together : exploring the causes and consequences of range divergence between sexual and asexual Easter daisies 25 June 2020
The use of calving behaviours and automated activity monitors to predict and detect parturition and uterine diseases in Holstein cattle 25 June 2020
Kinetics and mechanisms of arsenic release from amorphous and crystalline arsenic trisulfide 24 June 2020
Muscle function and control roles of the elbow flexion system in European Starlings 24 June 2020
No Roma land : the spatial politics of inclusion in France 24 June 2020
Characterization of the effects of CIC loss and neomorphic IDH1 mutation on the transcriptome and epigenome 24 June 2020
Interpretability of deep convolutional neural networks in image analysis 24 June 2020
Machine learnt treatment : machine learning and registration techniques for digitally planned jaw reconstructive surgery 24 June 2020
Relationship between body-related self-conscious emotions and motivational sport experiences among adolescent females : examining moderation effects of physical self-perceptions 24 June 2020
Perspectives of change management and dimensions of performance management contributing to achieving sustained success in high performance sports organisations 22 June 2020
Development of copper-flavonoid complexes for treatment of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) 22 June 2020
The relationship between diffusion coefficients and viscosity in organic-water matrices as proxies for secondary organic aerosol 22 June 2020
Reconciling pixels and percept : improving spatial visual fidelity with a fishbowl virtual reality display 22 June 2020
Visual grounding through iterative refinement 18 June 2020
Resprop : reused sparsified backpropagation 18 June 2020
Reframing leadership in a liquid age 17 June 2020
Method development and proteomics applications of nonaqueous capillary electrophoresis – mass spectrometry 17 June 2020
Specters of the vessel : Sōdeisha, Isamu Noguchi, and nonfunctional ceramic art in postwar Japan 17 June 2020
Reframing reform : positioning the Chinese economy in the World Bank 17 June 2020
Social network analysis as a progressive tool for learning analytics : a sample of teacher education students’ course interactions with Threadz on the canvas platform 17 June 2020