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Title Available
Fracture toughness of conventional, milled and printed denture bases 20 January 2022
Uncertainty-based assessment of hip joint segmentation and 3D ultrasound scan adequacy in paediatric dysplasia measurement using deep learning 19 January 2022
Increased salinity decreases annual gross primary productivity of a Northern California brackish wetland 13 January 2022
Understanding the relationship between Canadians’ energy conservation actions and their support for carbon pricing policies 13 January 2022
Effect of computer simulations on female students' motivation for and engagement with physics learning : a case of secondary schools in Tanzania 13 January 2022
On deparochializing democracy : China, the West, and "democracy to come" 12 January 2022
Lubrication performance of biolubricants 11 January 2022
Artificial neural network-assisted repair technique for handling constraints in structural optimization 11 January 2022
Spatiotemporal fMRI-CPCA : a new method for comparing resting state to task-based brain networks in clinical and non-clinical samples 11 January 2022
Formation and characterization of legume protein amyloid fibrils 10 January 2022
Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) responses to forest harvesting : a review of underlying mechanisms and an empirical case study : [supplementary material] 10 January 2022
Membrane deflection in energy exchangers 10 January 2022
The free Achilles tendon is longer in those with midportion Achilles tendinopathy : an MRI case-control study 10 January 2022
Mechanical and chemical convergence of joints in three lineages of articulated coralline algae : [errata] 10 January 2022
Rewriting the people : narrative, exilic thinking, and democratic agency beyond the west 10 January 2022
Improving the methods to measure work productivity loss in caregivers : [supplementary material] 10 January 2022
Multimodal two and three-photon endomicroscopy for 3D tissue imaging 09 January 2022
Kuber : cost-efficient microservice deployment planner 09 January 2022
Understanding the characteristics of invasive malware from the Google Play Store 09 January 2022
Measurement and characterization of in-use emissions from dual-fuel diesel engines operating on alternative fuels 09 January 2022
Ice-binding proteins and invertebrate freeze tolerance in the intertidal zone 09 January 2022
“Can I write as well as I can speak?” : exploring the intricacies in the persuasive writing of adolescent second language learners 09 January 2022
Individual and system-level factors associated with alternate level of care (ALC) in British Columbia 09 January 2022
The importance of organizational readiness for change for implementing clinical practice standards in Indonesian obstetric facilities 09 January 2022
Raising the spectre of race : phantoming and phenomenologies of whiteness in dark tourism 09 January 2022
Bigfoot, atmosphere, and storytelling in Harrison Hot Springs' Sasquatch Museum 09 January 2022
Probing the interactions between U24 from HHV-6B and hNedd4L WW and Fyn-SH3 domains 09 January 2022
Behavior shift to altered physics law of standing : a prediction from the reinforcement learning controller of postural control 06 January 2022
Sex-differences in inherited heart conditions 06 January 2022
The effects of temperature acclimation and heating rate on the thermal tolerance of juvenile white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) 06 January 2022
Riemann functions, their weights, and modeling Riemann-Roch formulas as Euler characteristics 06 January 2022
Lubricated rolling over a pool 06 January 2022
Identifying putative biomarkers for lymph node metastasis in oral cancer 06 January 2022
Mining of differential expression across thousands of conditions 06 January 2022
Now more than ever : sex toys and social justice in the digital age 06 January 2022
The impact of code representation on deep learning-based program repair 05 January 2022
A deconstructable grout-reinforced hybrid shear connector for tall cross-laminated timber buildings 05 January 2022
Duration of interphenophases in winegrapes 05 January 2022
Grizzly bear (Ursus arctos) responses to forest harvesting : a review of underlying mechanisms and an empirical case study 05 January 2022
Comparison of lability of soil-derived dissolved organic matter from hillslopes of contrasting forestry history in a Pacific coastal forested watershed 05 January 2022
Opportunities and constraints to seed sovereignty for organic vegetable farmers in British Columbia 05 January 2022
Middle class mothers' experiences and perceptions of school lunch : labour, care, and responsibility 05 January 2022
Numerical simulation of liquid crystal hydrodynamics 05 January 2022
Investigating trends in out-of-pocket pay for out-of-province genetic testing in British Columbia 05 January 2022
Austenite decomposition during hot strip rolling of microalloyed low carbon steel 05 January 2022
Behavioural effects of D2/3 and D3 agonist drugs : implications for iatrogenic impulse control disorders 05 January 2022
Placenta mitochondrial DNA mutation burden and the risk of preterm birth in pregnant women living with HIV 05 January 2022
Activity engagement after concussion in youth 05 January 2022
Reliability, validity, and feasibility of remotely conducting clinical balance and walking assessments via video-conferencing platforms for people following stroke 05 January 2022
Greedy for who : unequal networks based on interracial marriage 05 January 2022