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Title Available
Validating the use of non-invasive energy sampling techniques to differentiate wild and enhanced Skeena sockeye salmon (Oncorhunchus nerka) populations 07 May 2021
Efficiency and effectiveness : exploring the goals of technology-diverse universal electrification strategies : [supplementary material] 07 May 2021
Copy number estimation for high-throughput short read shotgun sequencing de novo whole-genome assembly contigs : [supplementary material] 07 May 2021
Directable physics-based character animation : [supplementary material] 07 May 2021
Economics of the U.S. highway infrastructure : why are prices rising and how to measure them? 06 May 2021
Regional groundwater conditions in northeast BC : results from a monitoring well network in an area of historical and ongoing unconventional natural gas development:[supplementary material] 05 May 2021
Patterns in random words of context-free grammars 05 May 2021
Experiments of sexual selection and ploidy-specific effects of mutations in yeast 05 May 2021
Habitat predictors of a vertebrate community in a fragmented neotropical landscape 05 May 2021
Ashaninka spirituality and forest conservation : [supplementary material] 04 May 2021
Dense but not crowded : maintaining a sense of neighborhood community in a world of increasing urban density 04 May 2021
Dynamo : an open source python application for comprehensive structural and functional analysis of developing neurons : [supplementary material] 04 May 2021
Adapting a chemi-thermomechanical pulping (CTMP) process as a possible pretreatment/front-end for an enzyme-based biorefinery 03 May 2021
Defining an historical baseline and charting a path to restoring habitat connectivity for salmonids in a highly urbanized landscape 03 May 2021
Mind Fit : evaluation of a community-based wellness program for adolescents experiencing depression and/or anxiety 03 May 2021
Isolation and characterization of distinct populations of amyloid β aggregates using size exclusion chromatography and structure-specific antibody 03 May 2021
Anisotropic advancing layer mesh generation 03 May 2021
Cognitive dysfunction in treatment-resistant depression and the longitudinal benefits of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation 03 May 2021
Modelling photon statistics of cavity QED systems for integrated photonic quantum computing 03 May 2021
What comes next? Transfers of power in the Canadian context 03 May 2021
Mobile homeless : vehicle-living, off-grid connection, and the building of an informal home 03 May 2021
Examining effect modification within propensity score methods 03 May 2021
Simulating the impact of building form and design variables for mid-rise residential building archetypes meeting the BC Energy Step Code 03 May 2021
Genomic characterization of divergent haplotypes of large structural variants in the genus Helianthus 03 May 2021
From neural discourse parsing to content structuring : towards a large-scale data-driven approach to discourse processing 03 May 2021
“Would you rather live a great novel or write one” : writing Asian Canadian women’s (hi)stories 02 May 2021
L’esthétique du raisonnement de Lancelot (The aesthetics of Lancelot’s reasoning) 02 May 2021
Formation and preservation of brucite and awaruite in a serpentinized ultramafite, central British Columbia: implications for carbon sequestration and nickel recovery 02 May 2021
Reexamining gender stereotype effects in speech processing : a replication of Strand (2000) 02 May 2021
Power relations : environment, emotion, and violence in the Site C Dam approval process 02 May 2021
MooNaHaTihKaaSiWew unearthing spirit : indigenous approach to documentary media 02 May 2021
Making and remaking Renaissance sculpture : the terracotta groups (1460–1560) 29 April 2021
Innovative strategies for the control of Campylobacter jejuni in agri-foods 29 April 2021
Toward lignin-based polymeric materials using greener modification methods 29 April 2021
Riboflavin : intake, status, and relation to anemia among women of reproductive age 29 April 2021
Microorganisms as sensors for concealed mineral deposits ; application and development of microbiological mineral exploration in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia, Canada 29 April 2021
Numerical methods in quantum chemistry to accelerate SCF convergence and calculate partial atomic charges 29 April 2021
Regulation of the CD4+ T cell response to influenza infection 29 April 2021
Actin assembly and disassembly factors regulate BCR organization and signaling 29 April 2021
The regulation of erythroid progenitors and T cells by CD45 29 April 2021
Dynamic pH junction focusing and isoelectric focusing in capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry 29 April 2021
Actin assembly and disassembly factors regulate BCR organization and signaling : [supplementary material] 29 April 2021
Shaping of the T cell repertoire by self and foreign antigens 29 April 2021
Tool wear prediction and monitoring in edge trimming of carbon fiber reinforced polymer using machine learning methods 29 April 2021
Imaging the dynamics of skin responses to UV challenges using non-invasive in vivo microscopy 29 April 2021
Use of small molecule activity in upregulation of Class I MHC and change in tumour cytokine profile in metastatic murine epithelial carcinoma. 29 April 2021
Fundamental study of the chemical stability and oxidation of thiourea in acidic ferric media 29 April 2021
Elucidating the biosynthesis of polyketides accumulating in barley (Hordeum vulgare) cuticular wax 29 April 2021
A mixed-methods study comparing skill performance between indoor and outdoor environments among experienced scooter users 29 April 2021
Towards a biomimetic envelope : a case study of Rheum nobile : an investigation into building envelope design, inspired by Rheum nobile’s adaptive solutions with a focus on light and heat control based on Vancouver climate 29 April 2021