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Title Available
Experimental evolution of species ranges and coexistence using competing duckweed species 10 August 2023
Development and characterization of the anode-free lithium metal battery electrode 10 August 2023
Burkholderia cenocepacia antimicrobial resistance and physiology at acidic pH in the cystic fibrosis nutritional environment 10 August 2023
Education & ecology : a systemic study of ecological literacy projects 10 August 2023
Symphonies of Mother and Child 10 August 2023
Symphonies of Mother and Child 10 August 2023
Tools for engineering exhaustion-resistant chimeric antigen receptor regulatory T cells in solid organ transplantation 09 August 2023
Physiological computations underlying our internal representation of vestibular self-motion 08 August 2023
Functional categorization parameters : argumenthood with functional heads other than D in Carioca Brazilian Portuguese and Pirahã 08 August 2023
Optimizing a potency assay for regulatory T cell therapies 08 August 2023
Investigating a low number prior in number perception 08 August 2023
Activity-regulated genes in pancreatic islets and neurons of the arcuate nucleus 07 August 2023
“The gay clubs are it” : an analysis of straight women’s motivations for frequenting gay bars 07 August 2023
“That’s not right!” : error detection as a potential mediator between the number sense and formal math in children 04 August 2023
Particle-resolved simulation and data-driven modelling of flows laden with polydisperse spheres 03 August 2023
Segregation and hindered settling behavior of mine tailings suspension 03 August 2023
Fast imaging reveals how experience modifies neural structure and function in an awake brain 03 August 2023
Diabetes medication use and risk of breast, colorectal, and pancreatic cancer : a population-based cohort study 03 August 2023
Reimagining sexual health education : centering youths' perspectives 03 August 2023
Behavioural changes associated with early identification of disease in dairy cows 03 August 2023
The price of a life: the confluence of strategy and legitimacy in civilian harm compensation 02 August 2023
A multi-wavelength study of the intracluster medium in the galaxy clusters 02 August 2023
Map conflation via knowledge graph representations of digital maps 02 August 2023
"It's always negative" : trans youth perspectives on suffering narratives 02 August 2023
Nutrient effects on metabolic rate in a changing world : a multiscale approach 01 August 2023
Medical citizenship and the social right to health care in Canada : a genealogy of medical education discourses 31 July 2023
Smarter forests for smarter cities? : an exploration of digital and smart technologies in urban forest management 31 July 2023
A war in the woods? : environmentalisms, old growth forests, and the labour movement on Southern Vancouver Island, 1970-1995 31 July 2023
Anti-hypertensive medications and risk of colorectal cancer in British Columbia 31 July 2023
Pandemic stressors and depressive symptoms : examining within- and between-person effects of neuroticism 31 July 2023
Residual supersingular Iwasawa theory and μ-invariants for Zₚ²-extensions 30 July 2023
Before a ball is kicked : how organizing Coast Salish soccer tournaments resist assimilation 30 July 2023
Using phylogenetic data to investigate how interspecific interactions affect diversification dynamics : [supplementary material] 30 July 2023
Identification of metabolic alterations that activate the unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum in C. elegans: [supplementary material] 30 July 2023
Migration and native place in and after the Ming : the ancestral hometown and domicile of Li Dongyang (1447–1516) 27 July 2023
Reimagining the American dream : critical perspectives by Francophone voices 27 July 2023
Improved empirical and numerical predictive modelling of potential tailings dam breaches and their downstream impacts 27 July 2023
Chemical contamination of globalized food systems : applying systems thinking to navigate a multi-level planetary health threat 27 July 2023
The effects of a FLOWERING LOCUS T polymorphism on phenology, reproductive isolation and hurricane survival in the silverleaf sunflower 25 July 2023
Growth, buckling, and rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysms 25 July 2023
Tracking mouse embryonic stem cell clonal dynamics during pluripotency exit 25 July 2023
Microstructure evolution in the coarse grain heat affected zone of line pipe steels 25 July 2023
An investigation into the salinity tolerance, oviposition behavior and breeding habitat ecology of a widespread (Aedes aegypti) and restricted (Aedes togoi) mosquito species 24 July 2023
“Revitalizing” environmental assessment : interpreting the Environmental Assessment Act in light of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 24 July 2023
The social psychology of the free speech and hate speech debate 24 July 2023
Ethnocultural pluralism and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme 23 July 2023
Representation of gender, marriage, Punjabi diaspora and the homeland in Punjabi cinema 23 July 2023
Deep learning framework for classification of neuroendocrine neoplasm whole slide images 23 July 2023
Arpilleras of migration : an a/r/tography about female Latin American resilience 23 July 2023
Validation of the Apple i-Phone© combined with the Bellus© three-dimensional photogrammetry application for facial imaging 23 July 2023