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Title Available
A concise guide for teaching non-Chinese speaking singers to sing early Chinese national opera 14 April 2024
A spectral mixture analysis approach to mapping fire refugia in the Montane Cordillera 12 April 2024
Beyond noise : the role of speaker variability on statistical learning 12 April 2024
Accuracy of scanning partially edentulous mandibular arches using an intraoral scanner : an in-vitro pilot study 12 April 2024
​Everyday triangulation in response to challenging informational and legal contexts : applying everyday triangulation to decision-making and information seeking about cannabis use in pregnancy and lactation 12 April 2024
A formal framework for understanding run-time checking errors in gradually typed languages 11 April 2024
Essays in optimal monetary policy 11 April 2024
Exploring long-term patient satisfaction with total knee arthroplasty : a mixed methods study 11 April 2024
Mapping proteomic composition of excitatory postsynaptic sites in the cerebellar cortex 11 April 2024
Distribution of integral points on varieties 11 April 2024
Three essays on AI strategies and innovation 11 April 2024
Deciphering H2A.Z-mediated transcriptional regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae 11 April 2024
Temporal hypergraph representation learning : from predicting future interactions in networks to anomaly detection in the human brain 11 April 2024
Study of fluid flow and heat transfer for carbon mineralization in mine wastes 11 April 2024
Deciding on ESG : the business judgment rule in Canada, Germany, and Delaware and its impact on corporate adoption of ESG 11 April 2024
The atmospheres of Gerard Manley Hopkins 11 April 2024
The face of a villain : storying white violence through miniatures, mirrors, and the stage in The tragedy of Hamlet 11 April 2024
The influence of seed origin on Arbutus menziesii survival, health, and performance phenotypes in two British Columbia provenance trials 10 April 2024
Experimental determination of complex heat transfer coefficient patterns using statistical inference 10 April 2024
Exploring children’s mathematics learning and self-regulation in robotics 10 April 2024
A bioinformatic pipeline for integration of low and high dimensional multiomic datasets 10 April 2024
Visual question answering with contextualized commonsense knowledge 10 April 2024
Evaluating the association between anti-TNFα treatment and multiple sclerosis risk in autoimmune conditions : insights from health administrative data and methodological challenges 10 April 2024
Writing "reality" : Vladimir Nabokov's Pale fire as the apotheosis of his memoiristic fiction 10 April 2024
A machine learning approach to overdose risk assessment 10 April 2024
Towards a better understanding of the bidirectional relationship between decision-making and addiction vulnerability 09 April 2024
Alterations in countermovement jump performance following completion of a mountainous ultramarathon 09 April 2024
Development and implementation of multi-agent cyber-physical systems for vision-based structural health monitoring 09 April 2024
Learning cellular hierarchies through structured topic modeling 09 April 2024
Gold extraction via high-temperature chlorination 09 April 2024
Enhancing sewer asset management using machine learning algorithms 09 April 2024
Differentially private neural tangent kernels for privacy-preserving data generation and distillation 09 April 2024
Readout and data analysis circuits for silicon photonic evanescent field biosensors 09 April 2024
Insights into the jamming mechanisms in pressure screening 08 April 2024
Understanding semantics and geometry of scenes 08 April 2024
Mental health support for adolescents living with type 1 diabetes : insights for modifications of the REACHOUT NexGEN mobile application 08 April 2024
The Cedar Project : an exploration of Indigenous survivance, connection, and vaccine uptake amid concurrent public health emergencies experienced by urban Indigenous People who use drugs in British Columbia 08 April 2024
Socioecological factors affecting plant-pollinator systems in Metro Vancouver's Butterflyway gardens 07 April 2024
Impacts of electrolyzer design, operation, and measurement on ammonia electrosynthesis in aqueous and non-aqueous media 07 April 2024
Temperature during early development alters morphological, physiological, and molecular phenotypes across temporal scales in Atlantic killifish 07 April 2024
Forest pathology in the genomics era : combining comparative genomics and CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to gain new insights into the genetics of filamentous plant pathogens 07 April 2024
Improving water management in mining regions through understanding stakeholders’ views and perspectives on integrated water resources management 07 April 2024
Structure and functioning of zooplankton communities of the Canadian Northeast Pacific Ocean 03 April 2024
Status and development needs of urban forest inventories in British Columbia, Canada 03 April 2024
Towards improving radiotherapeutic treatment of the parotid glands : a cross-modality investigation 03 April 2024
Four dimensional dose calculations and planning strategies for dynamic tumour tracking treatments 03 April 2024
Examining childhood poverty and future developmental and academic outcomes of children in British Columbia : differences by poverty type and immigration background 03 April 2024
Effective and explicit S-unit equations with many terms 03 April 2024
Exploring the potential of LLMs for biomedical relation extraction 03 April 2024
Notch1 signaling plays an essential role in metabolic rewiring in chemoresistance prostate cancer 03 April 2024