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Title Available
Living as a young person with home mechanical ventilation : a critical narrative inquiry 19 June 2022
Essays on disclosure of intangible assets 15 June 2022
From trash to treasure : how broken products lead to new ideas 15 June 2022
Physiological trade-offs underlying growth variation from individuals to species : consequences for integrated phenotypic differentiation and ecological diversification in juvenile salmonids 14 June 2022
Factors structuring microbial communities on marine foundation species 13 June 2022
Opioid agonist therapy discontinuation in British Columbia : a cross-sectional study of people who access harm reduction services 12 June 2022
Elastic net regression for the selection of orthogroups predictive of trophic mechanisms in diverse eukaryotes : [supplementary material] 08 June 2022
Sex differences in islet stress responses support female beta cell resilience 08 June 2022
New hierarchies, new middle class : a critical ethnography of English as a medium of instruction policy in Nepal’s public schools 08 June 2022
Characterization of deformed or separated XP instruments after clinical retreatment of molar teeth - a multicenter experience 06 June 2022
Investigating intrinsic and extrinsic factors that regulate cancer cell motility 06 June 2022
La construction de soi en l'absence de la figure parentale : Martine Delvaux, Annie Ernaux et Georges Perec 05 June 2022
Elastic net regression for the selection of orthogroups predictive of trophic mechanisms in diverse eukaryotes 02 June 2022
The fate of salp blooms : decomposition and sinking of salp carcasses 02 June 2022
Cellular origin influences the immune microenvironment in a pancreatic cancer mouse model with loss of Pten and activation of KRAS 02 June 2022
Post-stop fundamental frequency perturbation in production and perception of Mandarin stop voicing 02 June 2022
High-speed conducting polymer actuators for thin, flexible vibrotactile displays : fabrication, electro-chemo-mechanical characterization, and feasibility 02 June 2022
Using airborne laser scanning to identify fine scale movement patterns of grizzly bears in west-central Alberta 02 June 2022
Empirical analysis of brittle rock mass failure in response to undercut advance for preventive support maintenance 02 June 2022
Analysis of the Arabidopsis synaptotagmin gene expression and protein accumulation during stress using luciferase-based markers 01 June 2022
Automated visual analysis of non-functional web app properties 01 June 2022
Examining the roles of sucrose synthase isoforms in Arabidopsis growth and development : [supplementary material] 01 June 2022
Intake-based weaning of dairy calves and the influence of forage type 01 June 2022
Effects of log storage on physical habitat, water quality, benthic invertebrates, and metal contaminants in the Fraser River estuary 01 June 2022
Essays on inflation and macroeconomic dynamics in India 30 May 2022
Developing releasable antimicrobial peptide-polyethylene glycol conjugates by targeting infection site-associated host matrix metalloproteinases 30 May 2022
Coloniality and solidarity : an intersectional study of the relationship between the Turkish feminist movement and the Kurdish women’s movement since the 1980s 30 May 2022
Life with traumatic brain injury : experiences of social participation, self-awareness, and self-identity 30 May 2022
Dynamic regulation of palmitoyltransferases by synaptic activity 30 May 2022
Evaluating the integration and longevity of a novel reconstitutable liquid wound matrix in a murine model 30 May 2022
Novel bonding motifs in low-valent nickel complexes : Dewar, Chatt, and Duncanson revisited 30 May 2022
Acute cardiometabolic side effects of clozapine in rodents 30 May 2022
Toward carbon-neutral hydrogenation using a palladium membrane reactor 30 May 2022
Exploring the evolution of a viral internal ribosome entry site 30 May 2022
Brokered borders : relational infrastructures of water access in segregated Ahmedabad, India 30 May 2022
A submesoscale modelling approach to understanding the past, present, and future carbonate chemistry balance of the Salish Sea 29 May 2022
Testing, advancing, and applying an isotope mass balance model to investigate nitrogen uptake and assimilation in poplar and willow 26 May 2022
“The old ones that sing to you in your dreams” : an examination of trickster methodology in Eden Robinson’s trickster trilogy 26 May 2022
Palladium membrane reactor as a tool to resolve hydrogenation reaction pathways 26 May 2022
Development of a disturbance observer for wind estimation by multirotor drone using machine learning 25 May 2022
Metabolic regulation of chromatin structure and gene expression in beta-cells from mice fed a western diet 25 May 2022
On feeling the dance : motor response and its place in dance appreciation 25 May 2022
"Calm's not my style" : attending to multiple enactments of mindfulness in a primary classroom 24 May 2022
Thought-activism and the poiesis of that which is not 24 May 2022
Sts'ailes-Coast Salish ethnohistory and settlement archaeology 24 May 2022
Upper limb use following stroke : from epidemiology to wearable sensors 19 May 2022
Inhaled pollutants from indoor residential places, and their relationship with lung function and respiratory symptoms in First Nations members living in remote and rural communities of British Columbia 19 May 2022
Mesoscale modeling of stress and strain evolution in electron beam powder bed fusion additive manufacturing (EB-PBF) 19 May 2022
Effects of repetitive localized cryogenic liquid spills on E36 steel 17 May 2022
Exploring validity evidence of the Sexual Relationship Power Scale to advance sexual and reproductive health among young women and men growing up in Durban and Soweto, South Africa 17 May 2022