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Title Available
LINCing language to critical multiculturalism : pursuing translingual pedagogies in English instruction for newcomers to Canada 13 December 2022
A novel factor-dependent internal ribosome entry site and programmed frameshifting signal in the Bemisia-associated dicistrovirus 2 13 December 2022
Discovery of mid-range novel sequence insertions using long-read sequencing 13 December 2022
Layered controllable video generation 13 December 2022
The financialization of housing in Canada and federally-backed mortgage securitization : public risks, private benefits 12 December 2022
The effects of brain-derived insulin loss on adult neurogenesis in aged male and female Ins2 knockout mice 11 December 2022
Design opportunities for personalized proactive notification management 11 December 2022
Quality assurance in British Columbia higher education : a policy analysis 11 December 2022
The athlete's high? : can physical activity and sport participation prevent substance use in youth? 11 December 2022
Sadhee sehayth (our health) project : health inequity in Canada’s universal healthcare system through the experiences of the Punjabi Sikh Diaspora living with cardiovascular disease 11 December 2022
Functional characterization of Mest and its imprinted gametic differentially methylated region 11 December 2022
Fly ash-based geopolymers for immobilization of nuclear waste containing cesium 11 December 2022
Composition and structure in flocculated mineral systems 08 December 2022
Does transcription instruction make writing interventions more effective? : a meta-analysis 07 December 2022
Developmental anatomy of the pediatric skull based on three-dimensional computed tomography 07 December 2022
Hidden diversity in gelatinous zooplankton assemblages from selected Pacific Ocean ecosystems 07 December 2022
Lines of sight : the hand, the eye, the microscope and the knife in Nehemiah Grew's The anatomy of plants (1682) 06 December 2022
Embodiment and emergent phonology in the visual-manual modality : factors enabling sublexical componentiality 06 December 2022
Three-dimensional vision-based structural damage detection and loss estimation – towards more rapid and comprehensive assessment 05 December 2022
The impact of traditional masculinity ideology on veteran mental health and treatment outcome 05 December 2022
Deep reinforcement learning for resource allocation in beyond 5G systems 05 December 2022
Comparing the SIR and I2SIM models for the COVID-19 virus propagation 05 December 2022
The role of dual slicing in automatic program repair 05 December 2022
Liquid jet impingement on a moving wall 05 December 2022
Optogenetic and pharmacological investigation of prelimbic cortex involvement in discrete phases of flexible choice 05 December 2022
Identification of the deformylase ArnD involved in lipid A modification and the synthesis of isoprenoid biosynthetic pathway inhibitors 04 December 2022
The development and applications of autonomous process optimization systems 04 December 2022
Identification of proteins interacting with pre-microrna-155 which potentially regulate the biogenesis of microrna-155 in response to interleukin-10 04 December 2022
Enhancing the characterization of forest structure and resources for forest inventory and monitoring using airborne and spaceborne single photon lidar 04 December 2022
Role of caspase-3 in supporting normal and malignant human mammary cells 04 December 2022
Mainstreaming the labour market integration of immigrants in the EU : policy framework and policy impact 04 December 2022
The alkaline pressure oxidation of gold-containing pyrite as a pretreatment prior to gold leaching : fundamentals and new approaches 04 December 2022
An integrated machine learning approach for predicting the quantity and quality of mine waste rock drainage 04 December 2022
DDX11 helicase as a synthetic lethal cancer therapy target 29 November 2022
Autocrine and paracrine signaling contributes to acquired chemotherapeutic resistance in Group 3 medulloblastoma 29 November 2022
Photofunctional molecular crystals 29 November 2022
Development of a liver targeted macromolecular iron chelator for the treatment of iron overload 29 November 2022
Perceptions of satisfaction in patients with an implant-crown in the aesthetic zone 29 November 2022
Capillaries of capital : space, power, and fossil fuel flows in the colonial present 29 November 2022
Human-wildlife conflict : the hidden cost of conservation 29 November 2022
Gain-scheduling and preview control of selective catalytic reduction systems in diesel engines 29 November 2022
Sediment storage and transport in gravel bed streams 28 November 2022
Pulmonary and cardiovascular responses to a repeated exposure exercise protocol in ozone air pollution in adults with exercise-induced bronchoconstriction 28 November 2022
Adaptive spatial resolution of the optimal transportation meshfree method 28 November 2022
How gut microbiome correlates with oxalate, butyrate and kidney stones formation 27 November 2022
Multisyllabic word production of school-aged children with and without protracted phonological development 24 November 2022
High-performance resonant converters for battery chargers : efficiency and dynamics improvement 24 November 2022
The acoustic and perceptual effects of single-microphone noise reduction in hearing aids on Mandarin fricatives and affricates 24 November 2022
The perception of noise in vowels and vowel-like stimuli 24 November 2022
“Can I write as well as I can speak?” : exploring the intricacies in the persuasive writing of adolescent second language learners 24 November 2022