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Title Available
The independent contribution of muscle strength or cardiorespiratory fitness to cognitive health in aging adults. 28 April 2024
Effects of soil compaction and organic matter removal on selected soil properties and tree growth in a boreal ecosystem of northeastern British Columbia 28 April 2024
Biodiversity loss and the rise of epidemics : disease-emergence explained through host phylogenetic community structure 28 April 2024
From devices to data and back again : a tale of computationally modelling affective touch 28 April 2024
Essays on the economics of crime and violence 28 April 2024
Marxism declassified : how a suppressed version of Marx's theory of history explains worldly affairs 28 April 2024
A systematic framework for coastal zone management and economic valuation of ecosystem services in BC coastal nations 28 April 2024
The impacts of elevated CO₂ on plant-insect interactions across multiple insect species 28 April 2024
Free boundary minimal submanifolds in geodesic balls of simply connected space forms 28 April 2024
Computational study of nonlinear thermoelastic behavior in axisymmetric plates under rapid cooling 28 April 2024
Model-based spindle health monitoring 28 April 2024
Explorations of universality in ultra-cold and room-temperature collisions 28 April 2024
Association between built environment factors and post-menopausal breast cancer : Alberta’s tomorrow project 28 April 2024
The social impact of cervical cancer on women and children in Uganda 28 April 2024
Neoliberal equity, diversity, and inclusion? : a critical discourse analysis of the OECD's principles for inclusive curriculum 28 April 2024
"Chickens living in better environments lay happier eggs" : consumer attitudes towards cage-free eggs 28 April 2024
The queen of African pop : representations of gender, race, and cultural identity in Brenda Fassie's music 28 April 2024
Implementation of PATH in a secondary school : a case study 28 April 2024
Media professionalism or activism : roles of overseas Hong Kong media post-2019 protests and national security laws 28 April 2024
Selectivity determination of anodic electrocatalysts for seawater electrolysis 25 April 2024
Glut1 as a driver of improved adoptive T cell therapy 25 April 2024
Representational drift of contextual fear representations across the brain 25 April 2024
Mechanisms of eukaryotic transcription in mouse embryonic stem cells 25 April 2024
Mutations in Frizzled2 and Dishevelled1 inhibit skeletogenesis and disturb WNT signaling during the craniofacial development in the chicken embryo 25 April 2024
Mapping opportunity hoarding : historicizing Seattle Public Schools' attendance zone boundaries 25 April 2024
The influence of climate change on crop yields in the Canadian Prairies 25 April 2024
Visualizing the impact of natural disaster disruption events with 511 data : a case study in the province of British Columbia, Canada 23 April 2024
Gaussian shadow casting for neural characters 23 April 2024
EdgeEngine : a thermal-aware optimization framework for edge inference 23 April 2024
Geologic time : exploring postsecondary students' knowledge and museum visitors' patterns of engagement 23 April 2024
Dynamic hyperinflation and exertional dyspnea in COPD patients pre- and post-lung transplant 23 April 2024
Plugging of pulp screen apertures 23 April 2024
Machine learning algorithms in flow cytometry data analysis 23 April 2024
Essays in economic history and development 23 April 2024
Investigating Vancouver School Board teachers' capacity building experiences with anti-racism mentorship and learning support 23 April 2024
On Vietnamese Canadian futurities : generational and temporal invocations of refugeeness 23 April 2024
Preservation through performance : self-organization and self-sustaining of Vancouver and Victoria Chinatown communities beyond the Cantonese opera stage (1920-1939) 23 April 2024
Behaviour of bolted end-plate connections for glulam braces under cyclic axial loads 22 April 2024
Towards the construction of the heterotic moduli 22 April 2024
A computational framework for large-scale cell lineage reconstruction 22 April 2024
I am the worst woman : the disintegration of the idealised feminine and the final girl in The forest of love 21 April 2024
Projecting future climate changes and extremes using convection-permitting atmospheric downscaling over the coastal Pacific Northwest 21 April 2024
"I used to be a storyteller" : the communication needs of people with primary progressive aphasia and their family members 21 April 2024
Advanced scan-to-model framework for analysis of irregular structures 21 April 2024
Optimizing a therapeutic intervention using common factors 21 April 2024
Understanding drivers of caribou decline and feral horse dynamics in the Chilcotin Plateau of British Columbia 21 April 2024
Promoting sustainable and equitable access to parks : a study of transit-to-parks initiatives and user perceptions 21 April 2024
Atomic cluster expansion without self-interaction 21 April 2024
Semiclassical stability of the (1+1)D Nariai limit 21 April 2024
Implementation of student self-assessment of core competencies : a qualitative study on secondary school teachers’ beliefs and practices 21 April 2024