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Title Available
Discovery and surveillance of viral spillover threats using probe capture-based targeted genomic sequencing 22 August 2023
Breaking the third dimension : outflow properties of a triply lensed quiescent galaxy at z~1.6 22 August 2023
Environmental impacts on hybridization outcomes 22 August 2023
Scn9a Na⁺ channels in beta-cell survival and type 1 diabetes 22 August 2023
Exploring algorithmic reasoning and memorization in transformers : challenges and insights 22 August 2023
Parametric modeling of ac-dc converters for power system transient studies 22 August 2023
Modelling of three-phase induction machines for studying motor-converter transients 22 August 2023
Perceptions of a dietary self-monitoring mobile app resembling the Canada’s food guide : a qualitative study 22 August 2023
Elliptic curves of prime conductor - an exploration of conjecture, data and bias 22 August 2023
Water jet impingement in run-out table cooling 22 August 2023
The effect of treating acute spinal cord injury with cardio-centric hemodynamic management and ethyl nitrite on the chronic outcome of blood pressure regulation 22 August 2023
Integrated miRNA-mRNA profiling of coronavirus 229E infection in primary astrocytes 22 August 2023
Exploring the antisaccade task in relation to motor and cognitive functions in adults with mild to moderate idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease 22 August 2023
The development of structural reasoning abut social inequality 22 August 2023
Know you, no me : people seek others' political leanings but withhold their own in first encounters 22 August 2023
Comparing associations between sexual function, sexual distress, and psychological symptoms in women with and without sexual function difficulties 22 August 2023
Regularized relative risk regression : a non-GLM approach with emphasis on large p, small N simulations 22 August 2023
Penalized competing risks analysis using casebase sampling 21 August 2023
Just not that interested? : drivers of the gender gap in systemizing and empathizing interest 21 August 2023
An integrated system for ultrasound-based surgical navigation of iliosacral screws 21 August 2023
Neural fourier filter bank 21 August 2023
Metabolically healthy obesity in children attending pediatric weight-management programs in Canada 21 August 2023
Spectral flow for flux tube systems and K-theory 21 August 2023
Structural and functional characterization of the ESX-3 secretion system in mycobacteria 21 August 2023
The impact of chronic and latent viral infections on aging in people living with HIV 21 August 2023
Star wars : how superpowers cooperate over space, and what it means in case of an ET discovery 21 August 2023
Fast dynamic transient solutions for three-phase PWM converters 20 August 2023
Optimization of log logistics at the operational level considering sorting decisions and synchronization requirements 20 August 2023
Acute intermittent hypoxia : a potential therapeutic to improve cardiac function following experimental spinal cord injury 20 August 2023
Numerical and experimental investigation of mine exhaust heat recovery systems 20 August 2023
Extract : informing microservice extraction decisions from the bottom-up 20 August 2023
Redex-plus : a metanotation for programming languages 20 August 2023
An evaluation of the COVID-19 pandemic impact on Canadian undergraduate dental students' perceived preparedness and actual productivity in clinical dentistry 20 August 2023
Examining climate change frames in education, policy, and science 20 August 2023
Offloading embedding lookups to processing-in-memory for deep learning recommender models 20 August 2023
Sprinkle coal dust on my grave 20 August 2023
Expanding Eliot's realist aesthetic : embodied realist strategies in George Eliot's The lifted veil 20 August 2023
Characterization and prediction of methane spatial heterogeneity within and beyond a flux tower footprint 20 August 2023
Sprinkle coal dust on my grave 20 August 2023
Eye movements, trait impulsivity, and hypomania proneness in healthy young adults 20 August 2023
Outdoor artificial light-at-night and breast cancer risk 20 August 2023
Characterization study of Si HVeV detectors through analysis of charge spectra 20 August 2023
Provincial similarities : a party-systems analysis of representative government in the Yukon Territory 20 August 2023
Vietnam's renewables surge : securing future political legitimacy through eco-developmentalism. 20 August 2023
Being in the minority : how gender (under)representation influences children’s reasoning about group dynamics 20 August 2023
I’ll be there for you? : the bystander intervention model and cyber aggression 20 August 2023
Cultural change fast and slow : a novel measure of the speed of cultural change 20 August 2023
Low-cost air quality sensors : from nuts & bolts to real world applications 17 August 2023
The peer comic book project : illustrating peer workers’ experiences working throughout the overdose crisis in the suburban Lower Mainland 17 August 2023
Examining the OECD’s perspective on AI in education policy : a critical analysis of language and structure in the ‘AI and the future of skills’ (AIFS) document and its implications for the higher education 17 August 2023