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Title Available
The effect of impactor mass and velocity on the structural response and damage modes of non-crimp and 2D braided CFRP panels 23 December 2020
Precision dairy technology and its association with estrous expression and fertility outcomes in Holstein cattle 23 December 2020
Assessment and modelling of quaternary and quinary HPGR performance for iron ore applications 23 December 2020
Evaluation of serum neurofilament light chain as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker in traumatic brain injury 23 December 2020
Supporting refugee- and migrant-background students in a Canadian elementary classroom : challenges and promising teaching practices 23 December 2020
Prioritizing genes with functionally distinct splice isoforms 23 December 2020
Particle-resolved simulations of inertial suspensions of spheres and polyhedrons : analysis and modeling 23 December 2020
Being Against Disappearance : a photographic inquiry through an a/r/tographic lens 23 December 2020
Energy spectra informed performance of clocked quantum-dot cellular automata 23 December 2020
The representation of the technology of communication in two African novels : Le ventre de l'Atlantique by Fatou Diome and Congo Inc. by Inkoli Jean Bofane : la représentation de la technologie de la communication dans deux romans africains : Le ... 23 December 2020
Popping the bubble wrap : examining children's independent mobility in Canada 23 December 2020
Quantification and mapping of methane emissions using eddy covariance in a controlled subsurface synthetic natural gas release experiment 23 December 2020
Nutrients in a changing world : the effects of warming and predator presence on prey quality 23 December 2020
Rheological characterization of CNC-CTAB network below and above the critical micelle concentration (CMC) 23 December 2020
Modeling and simulation of a photovoltaic assisted single-slope solar still 23 December 2020
Single-cycle exhaust soot measurement from internal combustion engines 23 December 2020
From bench to patient and back - an interdisciplinary mixed-method patient-integrated approach to developing a new potential therapy for inflammatory bowel disease 23 December 2020
Functional Investigations of Capicua (CIC) and ATAXIN-1-Like (ATXN1L) in cancer. 23 December 2020
Nuclide production and imaging applications of ²²⁵Ac for targeted alpha therapy 23 December 2020
The unequal descriptive and substantive representation of class 23 December 2020
Exhibiting multiculturalism : Canadian national identity and the representation of Chinese-Canadian culture 23 December 2020
Forest structure for avian conservation using multi-scale remote sensing data in Newfoundland 23 December 2020
Selecting local leaders to support forestry extension dissemination in Ghana : implications for management of rattan cane extraction in high forest zone (HFZ) communities. 23 December 2020
Optimizing profile geometry to reduce the checking, shelling and cupping of profiled softwood deck-boards exposed to natural weathering 23 December 2020
Macroecological patterns of biotic interactions and their consequences in prey communities 23 December 2020
Predator-prey interactions between harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the Salish Sea 23 December 2020
Spatial and temporal variation in natural organic matter quantity and quality across a second growth forested drinking water supply area on Vancouver Island, BC 23 December 2020
"What do I want for my life (我想要的到底是什么)" : a narrative study examining self-authorship in Chinese university students 23 December 2020
Understanding farmer decision-making and the role of advisors to improve dairy cattle welfare 22 December 2020
Could blockchain decentralize supply chains? An examination of dynamic token delivery motivation of mid-tier suppliers in blockchain-driven supply chain finance platforms 22 December 2020
Beyond the bounds of revolutions : Chinese in transnational anarchist networks from the 1920s to the 1950s 22 December 2020
Mobilizing knowledge processes and lifeworld practices across learning spaces : exploring grade 6 English language learners’ inquiry-based learning experiences in a technology-enhanced classroom 22 December 2020
Photoanode development for photoelectrochemical water splitting 22 December 2020
Sytematic phenomics analysis of autism risk genes and variants 22 December 2020
Composite action in mass timber floor and beam systems connected with self-tapping wood screws 22 December 2020
How to improve prediction accuracy in the analysis of computer experiments, exploitation of low-order effects and dimensional analysis 22 December 2020
Cannabis use during an opioid-related public health crisis : implications for therapeutic advancements and harm reduction initiatives 22 December 2020
Investigation of thoracic spine and muscle morphology with open upright MRI 17 December 2020
The political pianist : protest, commissions, and programming for the twenty-first century 17 December 2020
Molecular characterization of rhabdoid tumours from multiple anatomical sites 17 December 2020
On competitive strategies for external exploration of a convex polygon 17 December 2020
Hierarchical part-based disentanglement of pose and appearance 17 December 2020
Byron the elementalist : exploring Byronic eco-ethics for the late Anthropocene in Manfred 17 December 2020
Climate change mitigation in British Columbia's forest sector : utilizing harvest residues to produce regional power and liquid biofuels 17 December 2020
The importance of secondary processes on alluvial fan morphology, channel behaviour, and flood hazards 17 December 2020
Neural coding of lactic acid taste in Drosophila melanogaster and Aedes aegypti 16 December 2020
Pragmatic investigations of applied deep learning in computer vision applications 16 December 2020
Essays in Chinese political economy 16 December 2020
Examination of disparity in accessing counselling services for Muslim men : an audit study 16 December 2020
Improved normal estimation from cross-section drawings 16 December 2020