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Title Available
Sprinkle coal dust on my grave 20 August 2023
Characterization and prediction of methane spatial heterogeneity within and beyond a flux tower footprint 20 August 2023
Sprinkle coal dust on my grave 20 August 2023
Eye movements, trait impulsivity, and hypomania proneness in healthy young adults 20 August 2023
Outdoor artificial light-at-night and breast cancer risk 20 August 2023
Characterization study of Si HVeV detectors through analysis of charge spectra 20 August 2023
Provincial similarities : a party-systems analysis of representative government in the Yukon Territory 20 August 2023
Vietnam's renewables surge : securing future political legitimacy through eco-developmentalism. 20 August 2023
Being in the minority : how gender (under)representation influences children’s reasoning about group dynamics 20 August 2023
I’ll be there for you? : the bystander intervention model and cyber aggression 20 August 2023
Cultural change fast and slow : a novel measure of the speed of cultural change 20 August 2023
Low-cost air quality sensors : from nuts & bolts to real world applications 17 August 2023
The peer comic book project : illustrating peer workers’ experiences working throughout the overdose crisis in the suburban Lower Mainland 17 August 2023
Examining the OECD’s perspective on AI in education policy : a critical analysis of language and structure in the ‘AI and the future of skills’ (AIFS) document and its implications for the higher education 17 August 2023
Percutaneous nephrostomy versus retrograde ureteral stent in adult patients with malignant ureteral obstruction : comparing changes in the renal function and clinical outcomes 17 August 2023
Enhancing the robustness of instrumental variable estimation with potentially invalid instruments and its application to Mendelian randomization 16 August 2023
Optimization of forest harvest scheduling at the operational level 16 August 2023
Hydrological processes as function of vegetation type in six vegetation communities in a maritime raised bog 16 August 2023
Effect of non-invasive neurostimulation on hippocampal plasticity and memory 16 August 2023
SES, inequality and me : the effects of subjective socioeconomic status and perceived economic inequality on self-centeredness 16 August 2023
Anomaly detection in multiplex networks : from human brain activity to financial networks 16 August 2023
Implications of international dog rescue operations on Canadian sheltering practices 16 August 2023
Defending Indigenous territories through energy sovereignty : community energy projects in Guatemala 16 August 2023
The glocalising Mediterranean and its northern "periphery" : mobility, trade, and transculture between Iron Age Italy and Hallstatt Europe, ca. 900-500 BCE 16 August 2023
Theory and algorithms for spatial transcriptomics denoising 16 August 2023
Exploring the use of spectral seriation to uncover dynamics in embryonic development : a geometric and probabilistic approach 16 August 2023
Free tissue transfer monitoring using a novel near infrared spectroscopy system 16 August 2023
Cathode development for all-solid-state lithium sulfur batteries 15 August 2023
Temporal complexity alterations of resting state fMRI in preterm versus term born infants 15 August 2023
From "bean to bar" : the role of chocolate manufacturing companies and voluntary sustainability standards 15 August 2023
Nonstationary stochastic paired watershed approach : investigating forest harvesting effects on floods in two large, nested, and snow-dominated watersheds in British Columbia, Canada 15 August 2023
A novel intervention for persistent memory symptoms after concussion : a pilot randomized controlled trial 15 August 2023
Finding the functional consequences of genetic risk loci on gene expression and DNA methylation by integrating contextual information 14 August 2023
Construction of functionalized nitrogen heterocycles using 2-(diphenylphosphoryl)oxygen-1,3-butadienes in multicomponent [4+2] cycloaddition reactions 14 August 2023
Towards a multiscale viscoelastic flow-stress model for composite processing 14 August 2023
Accelerating Bayesian inference in probabilistic programming 14 August 2023
Essays in development economics and economic history 14 August 2023
Supply chain optimization of forest-based biomass for gasification considering uncertainties 14 August 2023
Successful gene editing in a novel mouse model of aniridia towards prevention of blindness 14 August 2023
Widespread alteration of protein autoinhibition in human cancers 14 August 2023
How does it feel to be greedy? : the role of pride in avaricious acquisition 14 August 2023
A high-throughput screen to identify compounds that modulate quiescence in mesenchymal progenitor cells 14 August 2023
Examining the influence of climate change on distribution shifts and the efficacy of protected areas for hummingbirds in British Columbia 14 August 2023
Studio practice : experiments in objectless and objectiveless artmaking 14 August 2023
Essays in empirical corporate finance 14 August 2023
Effect of calorie restriction on motivation to exercise and the steroid profile of female rats 14 August 2023
The story of fitting in : cultural fit and subjective well-being 14 August 2023
How childhood adversity relates to associative memory for emotional stimuli 14 August 2023
Out-of-home mobility : a measure of daily cognition in young adults 14 August 2023
Light, moderate, and vigorous physical activity and 9-year changes in cognitive performance : test of age moderation 14 August 2023