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Title Available
Enhancing concrete sewer lifespan : development of sustainable multilayed graphite-doped cementitious coatings to mitigate microbially induced corrosion 18 April 2024
Investigating changes in identity orientations for adults in sustained recovery from alcohol addiction following participation in group counselling 18 April 2024
Extension of the Maseng-Bakken channel model to non-geostationary satellite systems 18 April 2024
The Blues : intersections between Black art forms and post-emancipation American literature 18 April 2024
Indigenous land stewards in British Columbia : ways of caring for the land 18 April 2024
Damping of surface waves by a floating dissipative plate 18 April 2024
Influence of thermomechanical processes on austenite decomposition during hot strip rolling 18 April 2024
Machine learning-based algorithms design for network slicing, federated learning, and 360° video streaming in wireless systems 18 April 2024
Comparing the use of virtual, augmented, and outdoor field trips in the environmental education of children 18 April 2024
Bayesian causal inference for discrete data 18 April 2024
Perspectives of notable Canadian trumpet players on orchestral audition performance and preparation 18 April 2024
Cardiac radiosurgery motion management – investigation of regional myocardial motion and cardiac gating 18 April 2024
Perspectives of notable Canadian trumpet players on orchestral audition performance and preparation 18 April 2024
Climate skepticism presence and changing climate journalism sourcing practices in the 2023 British Columbia wildfire coverage 18 April 2024
Long-read based native RNA sequencing of human transcriptomes reveals complexity of mRNA modifications and crosstalk between RNA regulatory features 17 April 2024
Development and implementation of model reference adaptive hierarchical control framework for shake table tests 17 April 2024
Building a practical provenance-based intrusion detection and reporting system 17 April 2024
Petrophysics, carbon dioxide sequestration, and storage potential of Montney Formation’s shale oil and shale gas pools, with implications for enhanced hydrocarbon recovery 17 April 2024
Potential ice sheet and glacial modulation of volcanism in West Antarctica : constraints on the cadence of melt delivery into the crust 17 April 2024
Strategies for improving the genetic toolbox in Aedes aegypti mosquito 17 April 2024
Virtual blade machining 17 April 2024
New approaches to targeting transcription factors in hormone-dependent cancers 17 April 2024
Cellular and mitochondrial toxicity of integrase strand transfer inhibitors in human embryonic stem cell models 17 April 2024
Journalism through the eyes of Gen Z : how young audience members wish news was presented 17 April 2024
Transformative learning through collaboration : experiences of education beyond borders’ members from Canada and Kenya 16 April 2024
Flexible polymer-based capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (polyCMUTs) for conformal sonography 16 April 2024
Implications of macromolecule allocation trade-offs for growth and adaptation 16 April 2024
Wax composition and the role of Claisen condensation in wax formation in Drimys winteri and Arabidopsis thaliana 16 April 2024
Geotechnical characterization of organic soils for engineering design of buried energy pipelines 16 April 2024
Towards alleviating human supervision for document-level relation extraction 16 April 2024
On a completion of cohomological functors generalizing Tate cohomology 16 April 2024
The effect of progesterone exposure on estrous expression and ovulation timing in holstein heifers 16 April 2024
CUTTANA : scalable graph partitioning for faster distributed graph databases and analytics 15 April 2024
Preventing arbitrage to enable preferences in measurement-based peer-to-peer electricity markets in power distribution systems 15 April 2024
The effects of oral ketone esters on the NLRP3 inflammasome after spinal cord injury 15 April 2024
Methods for design of efficient on-device natural language processing architectures 15 April 2024
The importance of phylogeny and environment in shaping species phenologies 15 April 2024
Understanding students’ wellbeing domains and contributors in pre-clinical dental education : the role of learning environment, psychomotor development, and thriving 15 April 2024
Integrated optimization of energy systems in buildings : from demand responsive battery storage to intelligent HVAC control 14 April 2024
Egocentric monocular construction worker pose estimation for intelligent construction 14 April 2024
Eating clean meat : storytelling, consumption, and the rhetorical body 14 April 2024
Climate impact assessment under different forest harvesting and fertilization scenarios 14 April 2024
New lows : the effects of climate change-associated warming on vertical distributions of rocky intertidal communities 14 April 2024
Identification of novel genes required for spatial and robust control of cytokinesis 14 April 2024
Copy number variation in metastatic cancer : methods and analysis of somatic copy number variation in advanced human cancers 14 April 2024
Indigenizing : one heart at a time 14 April 2024
Speech postures are postures : towards a unified approach to postural control in gross and fine motor skills 14 April 2024
Stability analysis and improvement in computational fluid dynamics 14 April 2024
Predicting primary diffusion directions in white matter from T₁-weighted magnetic resonance images 14 April 2024
A concise guide for teaching non-Chinese speaking singers to sing early Chinese national opera 14 April 2024