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Title Available
Two sides of everydayness : suffering from foreignness (shou yang zui) and affirmations via hugging among senior Chinese women in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside 23 November 2022
The dispossession(s) of law : Indigenous peoples, Canada, and articulated jurisdictions 23 November 2022
Computation and analysis of atmospheric boundary-layer flow in complex geometry 22 November 2022
Old ways of knowing, new ways of doing : pacific northwest coast art in the age of technology 22 November 2022
Prediction and mechanisms of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity : role of RARG and cardioprotective effects of SGLT2 inhibitor 22 November 2022
Epigenomic programming in early fetal brain development 20 November 2022
Three-phase DC-DC resonant converters for high-power battery charging applications 20 November 2022
Hardware implementation of a multicarrier faster-than-Nyquist decoder 20 November 2022
Effect of synergistic cold alkaline swelling and mechanical disintegration on the formation of biodegradable and translucent cellulose film 20 November 2022
Short-term resistance exercise training attenuates muscle damage and alters transcription of muscle extracellular matrix regulators in response to 300 eccentric contractions in young adults 20 November 2022
Using machine learning to identify and map controls of growing-season carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in the Mackenzie Delta region 16 November 2022
Gestational diabetes screening changes and impacts on diagnosis 15 November 2022
Hyaluronan mediated motility receptor regulates daughter cell size control pathways during mitosis 15 November 2022
Lubrication performance of the cellulose nanocrystalline (CNC) aqueous suspensions as potential green lubricants 14 November 2022
Infrastructures of vulnerability, or, how the Fraser Valley flooded twice 14 November 2022
Barriers, bridges and beyond : understanding perspectives in linguistically and culturally diverse clinical interactions 12 November 2022
Visual feedback technology with a focus on ultrasound : the effects of speech habilitation for adolescents with sensorineural hearing loss 12 November 2022
Bone-conduction auditory steady-state responses 12 November 2022
Application of nonlinear phonological theory to intervention with six phonologically disordered children 12 November 2022
Who are you talking about? : the development of reference in Cantonese-speaking children with and without specific language impairment 12 November 2022
Help-seeking for advanced rehabilitation by adults with hearing loss : an ecological model 12 November 2022
Studies of the auditory steady-state responses 12 November 2022
"What brings you here today?" : perspectives of older women on hearing, help-seeking for hearing problems, and their first audiology appointment 12 November 2022
The acqusition of grammatical morphology by children who are unable to speak 12 November 2022
Neural underpinnings of orthography in first and second language readers 11 November 2022
Acquisition of English and French language proficiency and reading comprehension of multilingual students in French immersion programs : a 3-year longitudinal study 11 November 2022
Lexical activation effects on children's sentence production 11 November 2022
Phonological development of typically developing Kuwaiti Arabic-speaking preschoolers 11 November 2022
Children's use of rehearsal to remember pictures and words : do self-report, observation, and stimulus effects tell the same story? 11 November 2022
Assessing structural differences among genetically improved coastal Douglas-fir using high density airborne laser scanning 08 November 2022
Evaluating the quality of student-written software tests with curated mutation analysis 07 November 2022
Urban space and the engineers of time : assembling an intelligent transportation system in Los Angeles, California 06 November 2022
Restitution of Mapuche lands : challenges and enabling conditions for adaptation to a changing context 03 November 2022
Compilation and critical assessment of observations from a selection of historical tailings dam breach events for numerical breach and runout modelling 02 November 2022
Nervous system sensitisation in musculoskeletal pain syndromes 02 November 2022
Sex, serotonin, and adaptive responses to stress 31 October 2022
High throughput in silico discovery of antimicrobial peptides in amphibian and insect transcriptomes 30 October 2022
Concentration and mass deposition measurements in two-phase jet flow with applications to railroad friction management systems 30 October 2022
Development of an image-guided surgical workflow and tracked surgical tools for mandibular reconstruction surgery 30 October 2022
Replacement of oxocarbenium ions by allylic cations in both enzymatic and spontaneous reactions of glycosides 30 October 2022
An image-guided platform for on-the-fly mandibular reconstruction surgery 30 October 2022
Development of an image-guided surgical workflow and tracked surgical tools for mandibular reconstruction surgery : [supplementary material] 30 October 2022
Streamflow modelling over a range of complexities and inputs for two steep coastal mountainous catchments in Canada 30 October 2022
The diversity, evolution and virus-derived small interfering RNAs of arthropod-associated RNA viruses 30 October 2022
Design, modeling and fabrication of polymer-based Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (polyCMUTs) 30 October 2022
Adherence to oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation 30 October 2022
Development of a CARS-based multimodal microscopy system for biological tissue imaging 30 October 2022
Convergence to Nash in the potential Linear Quadratic games and accelerated learning in games 30 October 2022
After couture : crisis, collapse, and the future of fashion 30 October 2022
Cardiovascular and bone health among women with BRCA1/2 mutations after a risk-reducing bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy : a population-based study 30 October 2022