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Title Available
Before a ball is kicked : how organizing Coast Salish soccer tournaments resist assimilation 30 July 2023
Using phylogenetic data to investigate how interspecific interactions affect diversification dynamics : [supplementary material] 30 July 2023
Identification of metabolic alterations that activate the unfolded protein response of the endoplasmic reticulum in C. elegans: [supplementary material] 30 July 2023
Migration and native place in and after the Ming : the ancestral hometown and domicile of Li Dongyang (1447–1516) 27 July 2023
Reimagining the American dream : critical perspectives by Francophone voices 27 July 2023
Improved empirical and numerical predictive modelling of potential tailings dam breaches and their downstream impacts 27 July 2023
Chemical contamination of globalized food systems : applying systems thinking to navigate a multi-level planetary health threat 27 July 2023
The effects of a FLOWERING LOCUS T polymorphism on phenology, reproductive isolation and hurricane survival in the silverleaf sunflower 25 July 2023
Growth, buckling, and rupture of abdominal aortic aneurysms 25 July 2023
Tracking mouse embryonic stem cell clonal dynamics during pluripotency exit 25 July 2023
Microstructure evolution in the coarse grain heat affected zone of line pipe steels 25 July 2023
An investigation into the salinity tolerance, oviposition behavior and breeding habitat ecology of a widespread (Aedes aegypti) and restricted (Aedes togoi) mosquito species 24 July 2023
“Revitalizing” environmental assessment : interpreting the Environmental Assessment Act in light of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 24 July 2023
The social psychology of the free speech and hate speech debate 24 July 2023
Ethnocultural pluralism and the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme 23 July 2023
Representation of gender, marriage, Punjabi diaspora and the homeland in Punjabi cinema 23 July 2023
Deep learning framework for classification of neuroendocrine neoplasm whole slide images 23 July 2023
Arpilleras of migration : an a/r/tography about female Latin American resilience 23 July 2023
Validation of the Apple i-Phone© combined with the Bellus© three-dimensional photogrammetry application for facial imaging 23 July 2023
Cervical cerebrospinal fluid pressure in an in-vivo porcine model of simulated whiplash loading 20 July 2023
Impact of formalin fixation on multi-compartment T2 relaxation and its tissue orientation dependence in excised pig spinal cord white matter 20 July 2023
An examination of factors that undermine and support Olympic-level athlete well-being : a multi-perspective approach 20 July 2023
Cell-type-specific abnormalities in the testicular tissue in males with non-obstructive azoospermia systematically reviewed and defined with single-cell RNA sequencing 19 July 2023
Stable vanadium-doped Magnéli phase titanium oxides for the electrochemical oxidation of industrial wastewater 19 July 2023
Essays on gender and behavioural economics 19 July 2023
Exploring the biofilm regulatory gene network in Pseudomonas aeruginosa using transposon insertion sequencing 19 July 2023
Molecular characterization of MET splice mutant receptor signaling as a driver of lung adenocarcinoma 19 July 2023
High efficiency optical coupling to and from silicon photonic integrated circuits 19 July 2023
Salish Sea Pacific sand lance (Ammodytes personatus) spawning habitat distribution, population trajectory, and threats 19 July 2023
Copper, cadmium and silver content and biomagnification in Strait of Georgia herring and Burrard Inlet English sole 18 July 2023
Making the Boxer Codex : sixteenth-century book cultures and Sino-Hispanic interactions in the Philippines 18 July 2023
Intraspecific variation mediates response to climate change across environmental gradients in marine systems 18 July 2023
The burden of cystic fibrosis in British Columbia 17 July 2023
Treatment outcomes of clear aligners in the mixed dentition 17 July 2023
GPU computing of yield stress fluid flows in narrow gaps 16 July 2023
A balance between flexibility and certainty in fair use : analysis of the compatibility of US fair use and Canadian fair dealing with Korean copyright law 16 July 2023
Agricultural food sufficiency in Alberni-Clayoquot, Canada : an applied history approach 16 July 2023
Perception, recognition, and encoding of Cantonese sound change variants 16 July 2023
An island nation : saltwater, freshwater, and imperial identity in late medieval insular romance 16 July 2023
Operationalizing indicators of resilience in Subak system of Bali, Indonesia : learning from the Satoyama approach 16 July 2023
Robust on-line engine exhaust methane measurements using wavelength modulation spectroscopy 13 July 2023
Dynamics of transneptunian objects under the influence of a rogue planet 13 July 2023
Rally the vote : electoral competition with direct campaign communication 13 July 2023
Well leakage in Western Canada in the context of decommissioning 13 July 2023
Atomistically informed phase field simulations for grain growth and phase transformation 13 July 2023
The value of intangibles : artificial intelligence, intellectual property, and corporate culture 13 July 2023
Advances in modelling and material characterization of hole spin qubits in Ge 13 July 2023
The pedagogical opportunities of PhET Interactive Simulations in secondary science education in Bangladesh 11 July 2023
Sustainable infrastructure management : optimization of global warming impact and condition performance of paved assets 11 July 2023
Development of advanced denoising and analysis algorithms for applications in hybrid PET/MRI brain imaging 11 July 2023