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Title Available
Weaving Indigenous mathematics : ways of sensing, being, and doing 12 October 2022
Audiences exposed : communication and discipline in the Philippines in the Twentieth Century 12 October 2022
Linking forests and communities : opportunities for bioheat in central Ontario 12 October 2022
Assessing how the beneficiaries perceive the constraints and benefits of FSC certification : a case study of Brazilian smallholders 12 October 2022
Exploring the connections to wholistic health and wellness of Indigenous peoples living in rural and remote communities 12 October 2022
Genomic and clinical features of metastatic prostate cancer 11 October 2022
Examining the influence of community context on the development of Foundry Centres : a multiple case study based on community coalition action theory 10 October 2022
Not all allies are created equal : a relational examination of allied relationships for women of color at work 10 October 2022
A self-driving laboratory for optimizing thin-film materials 10 October 2022
"Is it real? 'Cause you're online" : the legacy of postmodern ethics as a critique of metamodernism 10 October 2022
Outcomes of stream invertebrate mesopredator interactions to benthic food webs and ecosystem functions 10 October 2022
Modeling of chip formation mechanism in machining carbon fiber reinforced polymer 10 October 2022
White coats in the streets : physician advocacy and the Interim Federal Health Program in Canada, 2012-2016 10 October 2022
Prediction of grain structure and texture evolution after high temperature extrusion of aluminum alloys 10 October 2022
Non-local electrical conductivity in PdCoO₂ 10 October 2022
Migrations et traumatismes : Afrique, Caraïbes, océan Indien 06 October 2022
Migrations et traumatismes : Afrique, Caraïbes, océan Indien 06 October 2022
The Council of Europe v. state restriction of NGOs : can they do more to protect civil society? 05 October 2022
Out with the old-school : exploring women hockey players' sport leadership perceptions and intentions 05 October 2022
Exploring the impact of different missing data mechanisms on the efficiency of parameter estimates : [supplementary material] 05 October 2022
Investigating health outcomes and risk factors for adverse drug events to improve patient safety and identify strategies for health system improvements 04 October 2022
Investigating data-flow reachability questions 04 October 2022
The enhanced crystal-chemistry and structure prediction of beryl 04 October 2022
Negotiating the feminine : travel, writing and identity in Rosario Castellanos's nonfiction from Spain, the United States and Israel 04 October 2022
Interracial intimacy : how mixed couples negotiate and narrate their identity and experience 04 October 2022
Policing patrimony : an interdisciplinary approach to improve the repatriation of Indigenous cultural property in the United States 03 October 2022
Essays in asset pricing and labor economics 03 October 2022
Development and validation of optical mapping instrumentation and data analysis software for use with stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes 03 October 2022
Stochastic geometry aided user mobility analysis in heterogeneous wireless networks 03 October 2022
Unpacking homework : Brazilian school children's information interaction ecologies 03 October 2022
The effects of essential and non-essential amino acids on post-exercise anabolic signaling and transcriptional regulators of the intramuscular extracellular matrix in young males : a randomized controlled trial 03 October 2022
Associations of DNA methylation with adversity throughout the life course 29 September 2022
Genome-wide CRISPR screen to determine molecular mechanisms of cisplatin resistance in muscle-invasive bladder cancer 29 September 2022
Cell-conditional generative adversarial network 29 September 2022
The anticancer activity of leech saliva extract and the role of protease activated receptor 1 (PAR-1) in prostate cancer 29 September 2022
Photophysics and photochemistry of pyridine-bridged chromophores 29 September 2022
Investigating force-induced unfolding and folding of proteins at the single molecule level 29 September 2022
Development of a novel radical cyclization and new synthetic methods utilizing sulfur fluoride reagents 29 September 2022
Thermal behaviour of cellulose materials 29 September 2022
Group 5 alkyltantalum and ureate catalyst systems : hydroaminoalkylation reactivity and applications in selective syntheses of structurally diverse amines 29 September 2022
MEMS-enabled drug delivery through wirelessly controlled pumping and valving actuation 29 September 2022
The role of granzyme B in the degradation of periodontal connective tissues 29 September 2022
Pro-inflammatory platelet factor 4 (CXCL4/PF4) signaling in rheumatoid arthritis 29 September 2022
Large scale federated analytics and differential privacy budget preservation 29 September 2022
Developing models to study breast cancer progression and investigating the role of invadopodia in tumor cell metastasis 29 September 2022
Correction of a pathogenic lipoprotein lipase deficiency mutation p207l using Crispr/Cas-mediated adenine base editors 29 September 2022
Utilization and safety studies of inhaled pharmacotherapies in COPD 29 September 2022
Characterization and application of bacteriophages for the biocontrol of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli 29 September 2022
Using landscape genomics to delineate seed and breeding zones and project genetic offset for lodgepole pine 29 September 2022
Investigating molecular clustering of Rv1747 in M. smegmatis 29 September 2022