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Title Available
Rotational farming by the Karen People and its role in livelihood adaptive capacity and biocultural conservation : a case study of upland community forestry in Thailand 20 March 2024
Air pollution, green space and dementia risk in Canada 20 March 2024
Mapping in silico genetic networks of tumour suppressor genes to uncover novel gene functions and predict cancer cell vulnerabilities 20 March 2024
Circulating tumour DNA as a comprehensive multi-omic tool for profiling advanced prostate cancer 20 March 2024
(Re)mapping youth mobilities and citizenships with young adult literature 20 March 2024
Keep your hands to yourself and use your words : a condescendingly titled exploration of what helps and hinders people with visual impairments while receiving unsolicited help from sighted people 19 March 2024
Understanding the role of Basigin in regulating Integrin activation at glial focal adhesion complexes in the peripheral nerves of Drosophila melanogaster 18 March 2024
Direct entropy measurements in mesoscopic systems : from proof of concept to the Kondo regime 18 March 2024
Ageing in the Neuropolis : urban bio-spatiality and seniors' everyday experience in a global city 18 March 2024
Working together to promote academic inclusion of students with extensive support needs : a cultural historical activity theory approach to examining inter-professional collaborative practice in inclusive education 18 March 2024
Improving agricultural phosphorus management to reduce environmental loss in high phosphorus soils in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia 17 March 2024
Development of a microfluidic human airway-on-a-chip with cell-laden hydrogel for studying aerosol inhalation exposure with application demonstrated using whole wood smoke 17 March 2024
Real-time tracking of surgical tissue 17 March 2024
Demographic, health history, and lifestyle factors in association with biomarkers of colorectal cancer prognosis : a pilot study 17 March 2024
Seismic damage assessment for balloon-type shear wall timber structures 14 March 2024
Interpretable and stable soft sensor modeling for industrial applications 14 March 2024
The control and analysis of one-pot multistep reactions by automation and reaction monitoring technologies 14 March 2024
A botanical formulation for managing opioid withdrawal : study protocol and rationale for a multicentre feasibility randomized controlled trial 14 March 2024
Automation and skill evolution : examining the impact on workforce skillsets in the mining industry 14 March 2024
Quantitative life-loss risk evaluation for landslides 14 March 2024
Partwise model predictive control for interactive contact-guided motion synthesis 14 March 2024
Driving tailings management through interdisciplinary approaches : high-level modelling to bridge stakeholder knowledge gaps 14 March 2024
Coping is a collective responsibility : a narrative inquiry with women veterans on the barriers and facilitators of coping with military sexual trauma 10 March 2024
TBX3 advances the developmental chromatin landscape towards the hepatic fate 10 March 2024
A process simulation framework for continuous resistance welding of thermoplastic composites 10 March 2024
Controls of sediment burial depth and distribution on a small gravel bed channel 06 March 2024
Measuring balance deficits in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy 06 March 2024
The encoding of whiteness and blackness in Japanese manga 06 March 2024
From videos to animatable 3d neural characters 06 March 2024
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work-related mental disorder claims among healthcare workers : an interrupted time series analysis 06 March 2024
Representing trauma and the refugee experience : applying RefugeeCrit to recent Canadian picture books about refugees 06 March 2024
Vascular endothelial growth factor B affects cardiac substrate utilization by regulating lipoprotein lipase 06 March 2024
Structured representation learning by controlling generative models 05 March 2024
Evaluation of scaling and scaling reversal in UV systems for application in rural communities 04 March 2024
Measuring subsurface circulation in deep stratified marginal seas 03 March 2024
Measurement of stress fracturing and bulking for deformation-based ground support design calibration in a deep caving operation 03 March 2024
Structural variant calling and resolution from long reads sequencing data 03 March 2024
Living with violence on social media : an exploration of Colombian young adults’ encounters with online harms 03 March 2024
Analysis of coaxial borehole heat exchanger for geothermal heat and power 03 March 2024
The HACE1 E3 ligase mediates RAC1-dependent control of mTOR signaling complexes and HIF1α accumulation 29 February 2024
Bubbles in a viscoplastic liquid 29 February 2024
Discovery of HPV-associated genomic alterations in cervical cancer 29 February 2024
Revealing population-specific differences in lipid content, marine distribution, coastal food webs, and marine foraging of sub-adult Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) 28 February 2024
Relational performance pedagogy : Decroux and Grotowski based innovations in Western Canada 28 February 2024
CCR7 localizes at invadopodia and promotes tumor cell dissemination through a lymphatic endothelium 28 February 2024
The evolution of bark beetle–fungus mutualisms : insights from a hardwood system 28 February 2024
Impact of COVID-19 on achieving required competencies in North American graduate orthodontic programs 28 February 2024
Next generation SiPM characterization and modeling for ARGO 28 February 2024
Plant-based research : a queer master's thesis born of mass extinction 28 February 2024
Impedance-based modelling for transient and stability analysis of power-electronics-based power systems 28 February 2024