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Title Available
Molecular mechanisms of BAP1 mutations in uveal melanoma 29 April 2023
Allele-specific expression differences in the mouse embryonic hindbrain following prenatal alcohol exposure 29 April 2023
Machinal as a reflection of the hierarchy of privilege 29 April 2023
Using light to investigate taste reward circuits in Drosophila 29 April 2023
Micro-electro-discharge machining of carbon nanotube forests for thermionic emission and MEMS applications 29 April 2023
Romantic improvement : the infrastructural poetics of agricultural capitalism 29 April 2023
Enraged and confused : art after student revolt, circa 1970 29 April 2023
A benefit-harm and cost-effectiveness analysis of azithromycin for the prevention of acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 29 April 2023
Contributions of mesenchymal progenitors to permeable vascular interfaces 29 April 2023
Exploring the role of mesenchymal progenitors in the medulloblastoma tumor microenvironment 29 April 2023
Delineating migratory events in liver and heart development using single-cell transcriptomics 29 April 2023
FASTR : fast approximation of soft tissue in real time 29 April 2023
Ufit : interactive attribute driven sewing pattern adjustment 29 April 2023
"From Nowhere to Somewhere" : the desires of a black transman's futurity 29 April 2023
The microstructure and critical state locus of gap-graded Bennett south moraine sand 29 April 2023
Platform technology for selective single cell RNA sequencing of transient events 29 April 2023
Sustaining the corporate income tax rates of small businesses in developing economies : lessons for Nigeria from Canada, South Africa, and the UK 29 April 2023
Student interaction and negative mental health effects : evaluating black students’ perceptions of racial climate at a Canadian university 28 April 2023
Adapted meditation on soles of the feet in trained and non-trained settings with an elementary school student at risk for a behaviour disorder : a clinical case study 28 April 2023
Estimating the yield stress in aluminum alloys using instrumented spherical indentation 27 April 2023
Pathologizing experiences : a discourse analysis of education policies of K-12 students from refugee backgrounds in Canada 27 April 2023
Diversified agricultural systems and High Nature Value farmlands (HNVs) enhance animal movement and functional connectivity 24 April 2023
Using in vivo respiratory-gated micro-computed tomography imaging to monitor pulmonary side effects in 10 MV FLASH and conventional radiotherapy 24 April 2023
Reconstructing Vancouver's black community from the history of invisibility : analysis of the role of black entrepreneurship in British Columbia, Canada 24 April 2023
Rheology and flow dynamics of wormlike micellar gels 24 April 2023
Factors associated with health outcomes in patients receiving hysterectomy for benign conditions 24 April 2023
On some Diophantine equations and applications 23 April 2023
Teachers’ beliefs about students with learning disabilities in French Immersion : a phenomenological study 23 April 2023
Bacterial siderophore production on lignin-derived aromatic compounds 23 April 2023
The effect of PCG layer thickness on bendability of aluminum extrusion alloys 23 April 2023
Assessment of dual-energy X-ray transmission image analysis process on sulphide ore and coal cases 23 April 2023
Representation learning with explicit and implicit graph structures 23 April 2023
Chinese rural architecture between tradition and modernisation 23 April 2023
Finding justice for urban poor : a proposal for the reinvention of development-induced resettlement projects for low-income settlements in Colombo, Sri Lanka 23 April 2023
Habitat suitability and landscape connectivity for carnivores in a South American biodiversity hotspot 23 April 2023
Do the ends justify the memes? : exploring the relationship between youth, internet memes, and digital citizenship 23 April 2023
Weaving the threads of home : food, homemaking, and everyday stories of belonging inside Crystal Mall 23 April 2023
Effects of the infection prevention and control measures on the mental health of healthcare workers in Canada 23 April 2023
Magnetic resonance imaging to measure myelin : orientation dependence and application to spinal cord injury 23 April 2023
Advances in quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of myelin 23 April 2023
Environmental enrichment for rats and mice housed in laboratories 23 April 2023
Beyond romanization : design and practice at the ionic building at Garni (Armenia) 23 April 2023
MultiVul-GCN : automatic smart contract vulnerability detection using multi-graph convolutional networks 23 April 2023
Collective mindfulness within a food security non-profit organization during the COVID-19 crisis : a case study 20 April 2023
Deformation of manifolds and continuity of eigenvalues 20 April 2023
Poroelastic behavior of skin tissue in response to pressure driven flow 20 April 2023
On the improvement of density ratio estimation via probabilistic classifier : theoretical study and its applications 20 April 2023
The consequences of prior misspecification in Bayesian adjustment for confounders 20 April 2023
Kinetic investigation of rare earth leaching on Labrador Canada rare earth ore in acidic sulphate medium 20 April 2023
Biased attentional processing associated with concurrent disorders : an event-related potential study 20 April 2023