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Title Available
Extractive practice to decolonial futures : interrogating the 'humanitarian impulse' in nonprofit filmmaking 20 April 2022
Ventilators and gelatin as disabled assemblage : reimagining the intimacy between disabled people and assistive technology 20 April 2022
From pre-colonial to colonial forms of engagement with Punjabi pasts : a study of some vār texts 20 April 2022
Developing and validating a distress-processing model for clients in suicidal crisis 19 April 2022
Spaces of value in William Gaddis's The Recognitions 19 April 2022
Seasonal influenza vaccine safety in children and pregnant people : cross-sectional analysis from 2013/2014 to 2019/2020 19 April 2022
Nudos y enredos : circuitos bárbaros y polémicas beligerantes en las revistas andinas de principios del siglo XX 19 April 2022
“Hail to the Queen of the May!” : settler futurity, childhood, and the May Queens of New Westminster, 1858-1939 19 April 2022
Proteomic method development for studying salmonella-host protein interactions 18 April 2022
Annotation of complex genomes for comparative genomics 18 April 2022
Biological ion exchange for removal of natural organic matter from surface water in long-term operation 18 April 2022
NtrBC selectively regulates adaptation and intercellular interactions of Pseudomonas aeruginosa 18 April 2022
Conceptualization and development of in vitro vascular models for studying Alzheimer’s Disease 18 April 2022
Glider observations of physical processes pertaining to zooplankton distributions 18 April 2022
Transcriptomic responses in the lung epithelium upon acute exposure to traffic-related air pollution and allergen 18 April 2022
Exploring heterogeneous ice nucleation by molecular simulations and machine learning 18 April 2022
Moderators of the association between personal self-expansion and long-distance couples’ relationship satisfaction 18 April 2022
Using neural language models to predict the psychosocial needs of cancer patients 18 April 2022
Efficient computations on uncertain graphs by group testing, streaming and recycling 18 April 2022
15-minute city : access to essential services in Metro Vancouver 18 April 2022
Cacophonous intimacies : how Burning vision, Sonnet’s Shakespeare, and Scarborough contest national histories, imagine decolonial futurities, and story cross-cultural care 18 April 2022
Androgen modulation of behavioural flexibility in male rats 18 April 2022
Assessing the role of urban forests for outdoor forestry education : a case study 18 April 2022
Achieving energy efficiency and quality control during industrial veneer drying with data-driven approaches 18 April 2022
Business ecosystems to provide incentives and opportunities for sustainable and resilient livelihoods in forest landscapes 18 April 2022
Telerehabilitation for lower extremity recovery post-stroke 18 April 2022
Till geochemistry and lithogeochemical exploration for a concealed kimberlite, Northwest Territories, Canada 18 April 2022
A study exploring Indigenous women athlete’s experiences with physical activity and sport 18 April 2022
Illustrations of war from a remote battlefield : images of the enemy in Japanese kamishibai and Chinese manhua, 1938-1945 18 April 2022
Zariski dense orbits for regular self-maps of tori in positive characteristic 13 April 2022
Identifying predictive gene expression signatures of sepsis severity 13 April 2022
From tropics to treeline : extending and assessing metabolic theory for plant mortality 13 April 2022
Application of selective-flocculation flotation on a high clay, ultrafine stream 13 April 2022
Linear information theory and its application to the coded caching problem 13 April 2022
Tidal influence on the Fraser River plume 13 April 2022
The perspectives of early childhood education and care practitioners in British Columbia on their outdoor play pedagogy 13 April 2022
Bo-tree : a dynamic merkle tree for enabling scalable memories 13 April 2022
Nirbhaya : “an isolated rebellion or a social revolution?" : analyzing the role of media and legislation on violence against women in India 13 April 2022
'Emigrant-unfriendly' states : explaining why India has a low emigration rate 13 April 2022
Olivine diversity in the Leslie kimberlite, NT, Canada : implications for transport and emplacement processes 13 April 2022
Exploring adolescents' development of intercultural competence through the Canadian interprovincial student exchange 13 April 2022
Crossing the boundaries : rewriting the female self in Tamura Toshiko’s “Ikichi” (Lifeblood, 1911) 13 April 2022
Verification of a global streamflow forecast for the purpose of run-of-river hydropower operation in Nepal 13 April 2022
Hyperinsulinemia and insulin receptor signaling in pancreatic cancer development 12 April 2022
An investigation into the nature of first language dissociation, and its causes in Japanese-English late plurilinguals 12 April 2022
Points of small height on affine varieties defined over function fields of finite transcendence degree 12 April 2022
Engineering flavonoids into the lignins of poplar 12 April 2022
Lone pair activity, versatility, and charge : lessons from chelators designed for radiopharmaceuticals 12 April 2022
Investigating factors associated with medicinal cannabis use among military veterans 12 April 2022
Exploring eddy ellipse geometry as metrics of eddy-mean flow interactions in a mixed instability jet 12 April 2022