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Title Available
Genomic profiling in the placenta : toward a greater understanding of genetic variation contributing to placental insufficiency and fetal growth restriction 27 April 2021
Why biomedicine needs an ecological theory of the body 27 April 2021
Patterns of genomic differentiation and hybridization between two merging Emberizidae species implicate a sex chromosome inversion in plumage variation 27 April 2021
Implementing global norms in local contexts : evaluating the effectiveness of transparency and accountability in the Nigerian extractive sector 27 April 2021
Authoritarian decision making at the interface of the state, science and the public : politics of biodiversity conservation and biosafety regulations in China 27 April 2021
Adversarial deep learning on digital media security and forensics 26 April 2021
Development of a new patient-reported outcome measure for children with lower limb deformities : concept elicitation, item development and content validation 26 April 2021
Stars as saviors : examining news media coverage of celebrity aid after Hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas 26 April 2021
Exploring the role of mutations in the signal peptides of VIM-2, NDM-1, and IMP-1 in the development of advantageous phenotypes in Escherichia coli 26 April 2021
Presenting higher categories and weak functors via multi-opetopic nerves and terminal coalgebras 26 April 2021
Exploring the conformational landscape of amino acids in solid parahydrogen matrices through ab initio calculations 26 April 2021
An exploration of the effects of bevacizumab on the corneal epithelium and endothelium : an in vitro and clinical study 26 April 2021
The nature, development and implications of the 'curse of knowledge' in childhood 22 April 2021
Directable physics-based character animation 22 April 2021
Tinkertoy : build your own operating systems for IoT devices 22 April 2021
Fault injection in Machine Learning applications 22 April 2021
“It will be everyone’s secret; he won’t tell, and I won’t tell” : the impact of HIV diagnosis on serodiscordant couples 22 April 2021
Gendered precarity and the politics of care : histories of homelessness, home, and community-making in Downtown Eastside Vancouver 22 April 2021
Nonlinear mixed-effects models for HIV viral load trajectories before and after antiretroviral therapy interruption, incorporating left censoring 22 April 2021
Opium tincture for opioid substitution treatment 22 April 2021
An 11,000 year fire history of a coastal temperate rainforest in Prince Rupert Harbour, British Columbia 22 April 2021
Transitioning into new mobility : future curb space design 22 April 2021
Finding new pulsars using CHIME/FRB single pulse events 22 April 2021
The effect of cure cycle on microstructure and mechanical properties of interlayer toughened composites 22 April 2021
Fractal uncertainty principles for ellipsephic sets 22 April 2021
Controlled polymerization of organic semiconductor monomers : applications in hierarchical nanostructures and luminescent materials 22 April 2021
Scanning tunnelling microscopy of topological materials 22 April 2021
Collisional losses of magnetically trapped cold methyl radicals 22 April 2021
Quench sensitivity of an Al-Mg-Si-Cu aluminum alloy 21 April 2021
“It’s a very careful line we walk” : how educators resist, navigate, and make sense of the queer, trans necropolitical landscape of elementary education 21 April 2021
Deep learning approaches for crowd counting in images 21 April 2021
Adversarial attacks on multi-modal 3D detection models 21 April 2021
Talking tube : a novel approach for vocal tract acoustic modelling using the finite-difference time-domain method 21 April 2021
Child health, SES and family supports : an application of the Family Stress Model among toddlers in Canada 21 April 2021
Keeping metaphysics respectable : a methodological critique 21 April 2021
Photographic frames of immigration in a polarized media environment 21 April 2021
Exploring the transformative potential of public sector innovation labs : assembling a cabinet of curiousities 21 April 2021
Quantifying the utility of personalized treatment decision rules : extending and comparing two metrics for summarizing the heterogeneity of treatment effects 21 April 2021
Snowpiercer : a conceptual design inspired by the movie 21 April 2021
The effects of periodic vs aperiodic muscle tendon vibration on stretch reflex circuitry : the role of intent to respond to a perturbation. 21 April 2021
Pathology of neonatal sepsis : discriminating survival and identifying new therapeutic targets 21 April 2021
An experimental test of how microbial communities respond to warming in systems connected by dispersal 21 April 2021
Designed to displace : how The 606 trail, a large green infrastructure project in the city of Chicago, has displaced low-income residents due to rising housing costs 21 April 2021
Remaking place in Little Saigon : a proposal for the retention and evolution of the identity of an ethnic neighborhood in Vancouver 21 April 2021
Early childhood educators' dialogical engagement in an artmaking space 21 April 2021
Functional dissection of beta-glucan utilization by prominent human gut symbionts 21 April 2021
Ashaninka spirituality and forest conservation 21 April 2021
Habeas corpus after Khela : dynamics attenuating prisoners' rights 21 April 2021
Scalable methods for improving genome assemblies 21 April 2021
Copy number estimation for high-throughput short read shotgun sequencing de novo whole-genome assembly contigs 21 April 2021