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Title Available
Choosing and developing high-functioning teams for infrastructure projects with non-traditional contract models 21 April 2021
Exploring digital project delivery in renovation projects : a case study of UBC's Bioenergy Research Demonstration Facility expansion project 21 April 2021
Illness perception and its influence in outcome and disability in patients with treatment resistant depression receiving rTMS treatment 21 April 2021
Exploring response processes validity evidence of the hospital anxiety and depression scale for individuals with traumatic brain injuries 21 April 2021
Therapeutic enactment : a case study of the experience of a Canadian military veteran 21 April 2021
Illness perception and its influence in outcome and disability in patients with treatment resistant depression receiving rTMS treatment 21 April 2021
Living assessment : the artful assessment of learning in the arts 20 April 2021
Characterizing ocular pathology in an animal model of Alzheimer’s disease 20 April 2021
The role of ColRS two-component regulatory system in rhizosphere colonization and tolerance to abiotic stress in Pseudomonas aeruginosa 20 April 2021
Efficiency and effectiveness : exploring the goals of technology-diverse universal electrification strategies 20 April 2021
Blockchain for decentralized trusted communication networks 20 April 2021
Towards a robust estimation of ejection fraction : a deep uncertainty aware approach 20 April 2021
Built environment and post-menopausal breast cancer risk : analysis of a linked British Columbian cohort 20 April 2021
Spanning the impossible gap : alternative spatialization in Djuna Barnes’s and Mina Loy’s Parisian writings 20 April 2021
Neoliberalism and the erosion of the American criminal (in)justice system : a COVID perspective 20 April 2021
The role of tubulobulbar complex-endoplasmic reticulum contact sites during junction turnover in the seminiferous epithelium 20 April 2021
Using x-ray scanned reconstructed logs to predict knot characteristics and log value 20 April 2021
After exile : heritage language and literacy socialization across three generations in one Chilean-Canadian family 20 April 2021
Evaluation of the Uniform Conditional State model for gas turbine combustor design 20 April 2021
Reputational consequences of cooperation-promoting behaviours 20 April 2021
Seoul’s gay districts : space, place, and identity 20 April 2021
Acute effects of outdoor versus indoor exercise : a systematic review and meta-analysis 20 April 2021
Engaging the high-rise in German media culture : aspects of vertical living from 1945 to 2020 20 April 2021
Bearing the children of humankind : sex and reproduction in Japanese women writers' dystopian fiction 20 April 2021
Pregnancy and early parenting trajectories among young people experiencing street-entrenchment : a qualitative study 20 April 2021
The genomics of adaptation and speciation in wild sunflowers 20 April 2021
Is global convergence of competition law the answer? How East Asian challenges demonstrate the limitations of the convergence strategy 20 April 2021
No parents left behind : a feminist and intersectional perspective on Canadian and Argentine parental leave laws 20 April 2021
Family planning and gender discrimination in the workplace : an assessment of China's two-child policy on women's equality at work 20 April 2021
Using mixed methods to explain maternal anger : examining the relationships between sleep and anger and exploring mothers' development of anger 20 April 2021
Point cloud classification by nearest samples of random rays 20 April 2021
Flow-induced crystallization of polylactides in capillary flow 20 April 2021
Failure characterization of the interface between concrete substrates and fiber reinforced concrete repairs 20 April 2021
Modeling electric vehicle adoption in new multi-unit residential buildings in British Columbia 20 April 2021
Evaluation of the operational and the safety performance of unconventional intersections 20 April 2021
Investigating the impact of extended-release tacrolimus on adherence and graft outcomes in pediatric kidney transplant recipients 20 April 2021
Apollodorus of Carystus and the tradition of New Comedy 20 April 2021
A study on the corrosion and electrochemical properties of Electron Beam Melted Ti-6Al-4V for biomedical applications 19 April 2021
Colorectal cancer and health behaviours: primary prevention, early detection, and improved survivorship 19 April 2021
Channel adjustment in a small mountain stream over a long flood series : insights from the morphological method 19 April 2021
Alone in a pandemic : the lived experience of older adults living alone in the COVID-19 pandemic 19 April 2021
Growth and survival in the early life history stages of white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) 18 April 2021
Investigating molecular and genetic differences in allergic rhinitis phenotypes 18 April 2021
The relationship between truth, power, and the subject : the speech activity of the trans* child as parrhesia 15 April 2021
Generalization performance of deep models for assessing echo image quality in different ultrasound machines 15 April 2021
StrokeStrip : joint parameterization and fitting of stroke clusters 14 April 2021
The influence of emotional factors on the control of balance studied using threat and repeated threat exposure manipulations 14 April 2021
A voice behind the headlines : the public relations of the Canadian Jewish Congress during World War II 14 April 2021
Development of scanning electrochemical microscopy for product selective screening of catalysts for carbon dioxide electroreduction to formate 14 April 2021
Association of language proficiency and performance on mathematics and science assessments : the case of PISA 2015 13 April 2021