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Title Available
Ribbon drawing in VR : brushes and applications 06 April 2022
Detecting viewer-perceived intended vector sketch connectivity 06 April 2022
ROS-X-Habitat : bridging the ROS ecosystem with embodied AI 06 April 2022
Engaging with mining impacts on Indigenous community health : allegiance challenges in public health research and practice 06 April 2022
Genomic analysis of species identity and hybridization within a species complex of Salvelinus (Pisces: Salmonidae) in western North America 06 April 2022
To govern the state and bring peace to the realm : Qiu Jun's (1421-1495) geographic statecraft thought in 15th century Ming China 06 April 2022
Welfare maximization for complementary and competing items and their applications : analysis and algorithm using a utility driven model for achieving better social influence 05 April 2022
What does it mean to teach? : an arts-based existential exploration with pre-service teachers 05 April 2022
Accelerating deep learning with lossy compression 05 April 2022
Functional consequences of transmembrane protein 30A (TMEM30A) inactivating mutations in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 05 April 2022
An approach to assess the effect of improved lodgepole pine and white spruce on an Alberta sawmill and the impact on net present value 05 April 2022
Human leukocyte antigen b cell epitope matching in kidney transplantation 05 April 2022
Adaptation of a pan-Canadian chronic disease prevention intervention to promote health behaviour change in Brazilian adults 05 April 2022
China goes global : a history of Xinhua News Agency’s international expansion from 1978 to 1989 05 April 2022
Helmholtz solutions for the fractional Laplacian and other related operators 05 April 2022
Clinical utility of biomarkers for basal-like breast cancer 05 April 2022
Beyond bike lanes : the politics of the cycling infrastructure decision-making process 04 April 2022
Raising smiling fathers : the construction of masculinity in Japanese nonprofit organizations that promote engaged parenting 04 April 2022
Somatic mutation analysis for the study of clonal evolution in cancer 30 March 2022
Salmonella Typhimurium based genome-wide CRISPR/Cas9 knockout screen to study p16 degradation 30 March 2022
Recommendation-based approaches to unveil binding preferences of experimentally unexplored RNA-binding proteins 30 March 2022
Kanenhstóhare : the educative implications of estrangement, homecoming, and Indigeneity 30 March 2022
Urban discharge and fate of microplastics : characterizing the role of combined sewer overflows and microplastics in the Fraser River in British Columbia 30 March 2022
Understanding and predicting forest harvesting effects on peak flows in snow environments with nonstationary frequency modelling 30 March 2022
Bayesian inference of parameters in power system dynamic model using trajectory sensitivities 30 March 2022
Major sources of variation in placental DNA methylation 30 March 2022
Moving beyond two homes : counter-stories of Canadian youth of Korean and Japanese descent surrounding identity and sense of belonging 30 March 2022
Investigation of the role of podocalyxin in cancer progression and its potential as a cancer therapeutic 30 March 2022
Vaughan Williams' Songs of Travel : a case study of art song as performance and pedagogical repertoire for bass trombone 30 March 2022
Developmental cell biology of specialized metabolite production and storage in cannabis glandular trichomes 30 March 2022
Commensal microbes modulate gut-systemic impacts of malnutrition : from neurocognitive function to NAFLD 30 March 2022
Development of peptides targeting TDP-43 and CK-1δ as potential amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal lobar degeneration therapies 30 March 2022
High-speed optoelectronic links for datacenters 30 March 2022
Pain among people who use drugs : implications for health, risk behaviours and clinical care 29 March 2022
CyberPatient™ - an innovative approach to medical education 29 March 2022
Student experiences of sexual violence at the University of British Columbia through a trauma and violence informed framework 29 March 2022
Investigating the folding-unfolding mechanisms of metalloproteins with single-molecule force spectroscopy 27 March 2022
Properties and sources of ice nucleating substances and ice recrystallization inhibition substances from high latitudes 27 March 2022
Network processes related to political discourse and policy positions : the case of climate change policy networks in Canada 27 March 2022
Bioprocessing optimization to manufacture thymus-derived regulatory T cells for therapy 27 March 2022
Phase transformation studies in a metastable beta Ti-5553 alloy and near alpha Ti-Mo alloys 27 March 2022
Genome-wide association study of pseudomonas aeruginosa in swarming and biofilm formation 21 March 2022
Semiparametric inferences under a density ratio model 21 March 2022
British Columbia dentists’ perceptions & practices on HPV vaccinations 21 March 2022
Derived algebraic cobordism 21 March 2022
Exploring revision as a self-regulated process in EFL writing 21 March 2022
Right place, right time : large mammal spatiotemporal trends in and around a heavily recreated protected area 21 March 2022
Development of a wet muck database and drawpoint spill hazard susceptibility tool for an operating cave mine 21 March 2022
Monolignol export by sink-driven diffusion in lignifying plant biomass 21 March 2022
How do community mental health workers maintain wellness while responding to the fentanyl overdose crisis? 20 March 2022