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Title Available
Food waste to food 'cycling' : the reinstatement of natural law for the "future taste of our homelands" 18 June 2023
La oralidad ficticia en Temporada de huracanes : violencia, trauma y chisme 18 June 2023
Development of a CRISPR gene correction strategy for aniridia employing a minimally humanized mouse embryonic stem cell-based disease model 14 June 2023
Kwakwa̱ka̱’wakw–forests relationships : the forests are our cupboards; the ocean is our refrigerator 14 June 2023
Testing the theoretical framework of the Runaway Intervention Program 14 June 2023
"Keepe in thy skin this testament of me" : reading gender and race in early modern englishwomen's tree-writing 13 June 2023
Evidence use in public health : case study on the decision to reopen K-12 public schools during the COVID-19 pandemic in British Columbia 11 June 2023
New thoughts and methods for teaching Chinese art song in Western universities : [supplementary material] 08 June 2023
New thoughts and methods for teaching Chinese art song in Western universities : [supplementary material] 08 June 2023
Exploring International Baccalaureate students' experiences of community-based learning : an interpretive case study 07 June 2023
Dynamics of warm-season marine heatwaves and their ecological impacts 07 June 2023
Water science and democracy in Colombia's extractive frontiers 07 June 2023
Modelling the transport of thiocarbonyl catalysts through a bed of ore 07 June 2023
Persistence of targetable genomes and proteomes through disease evolution in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia 07 June 2023
Bayesian models for hierarchical clustering of network data 07 June 2023
Erosion control on Vancouver’s edge : an environmental history of the Point Grey Cliffs 07 June 2023
Museum of Vancouver's engagement turn : an ethnographic study of institutional transformation 05 June 2023
Counselling during real-ear measurements : the clinician perspective 05 June 2023
Identity work across the gender spectrum : negotiations of membership, healthcare, and resilience in transgender and nonbinary populations 05 June 2023
HGSOC subtypes and treatment interaction : implications for clinical implementation of the PrOTYPE classifier 31 May 2023
Science learning through YouTube comments on science videos embedding movies 31 May 2023
Leveraging novel process analytical technologies to access chiral small molecule drug precursors via dynamic crystallization 31 May 2023
Evaluation of circulating miRNA signatures as a blood test for the early detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma 31 May 2023
New thoughts and methods for teaching Chinese art song in Western universities 31 May 2023
Growing connections : regenerative land-based education for Indigenous urban youth at xʷc̓ic̓əsəm garden “the place where we grow” 31 May 2023
Three essays on environmental and development economics 31 May 2023
Numerical methods for biological flows laden with deformable capsules and solid particles 31 May 2023
New thoughts and methods for teaching Chinese art song in Western universities 31 May 2023
Fuel treatment efficacy in fire-prone forests of interior British Columbia, Canada 31 May 2023
Evaluation of host genetic susceptibility to predict nontuberculous mycobacteria pulmonary disease in patients with cystic fibrosis 30 May 2023
Sovereign futures : indigenous and settler prophecies in two nineteenth-century American “northwests” 30 May 2023
Looking for the killer : a history of orca encounters, 1861-1964 30 May 2023
The effects of abiotic stress on isoform composition in polyploid Brassica napus 30 May 2023
Non-binary trans subjects : exiting the attachment to the transgender metanarrative of man/woman 30 May 2023
The Peeliverse : Jordan Peele and his transmedia storyworld 30 May 2023
Exploring the experience and impact of incarceration for women living with HIV in Metro Vancouver, Canada 29 May 2023
Augmented reality guidance for robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery 28 May 2023
Deep learning based image segmentation for applications in neuronal two-photon imaging 28 May 2023
The construction of blow-up solutions for some evolution equations 28 May 2023
Failure of cinematic (re)creation : speculative adaptation and science fiction cult film 28 May 2023
Radial growth responses in Dryas integrifolia to ambient and experimental warming in the high Arctic 28 May 2023
Acute stress modulation of risk/reward decision-making 25 May 2023
Analytical modeling of shear localization in machining processes and its effects on the tool-chip interface 25 May 2023
Exploring considerations for the learner, family, and school in the education of students who are deaf or hard of hearing with disabilities 25 May 2023
Exploration on the synergy between discourse and neural summarizers 23 May 2023
Deep reinforcement learning : an analytical tool to design and maintain environmentally benign pavement infrastructure 23 May 2023
Mystic mountains and sacred caves : re-examining Minoan extra-urban sanctuaries 23 May 2023
Trans liberation beyond comparison : the influence of metahistorical thinking on imaginations of bodily modification 23 May 2023
Virtual prediction of volumetric errors of 5-axis machine tools 18 May 2023
Unified mechanistic identification of cutting force coefficients 18 May 2023