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Title Available
Analysis of coaxial borehole heat exchanger for geothermal heat and power 03 March 2024
The HACE1 E3 ligase mediates RAC1-dependent control of mTOR signaling complexes and HIF1α accumulation 29 February 2024
Bubbles in a viscoplastic liquid 29 February 2024
Discovery of HPV-associated genomic alterations in cervical cancer 29 February 2024
Revealing population-specific differences in lipid content, marine distribution, coastal food webs, and marine foraging of sub-adult Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) 28 February 2024
Relational performance pedagogy : Decroux and Grotowski based innovations in Western Canada 28 February 2024
CCR7 localizes at invadopodia and promotes tumor cell dissemination through a lymphatic endothelium 28 February 2024
The evolution of bark beetle–fungus mutualisms : insights from a hardwood system 28 February 2024
Impact of COVID-19 on achieving required competencies in North American graduate orthodontic programs 28 February 2024
Next generation SiPM characterization and modeling for ARGO 28 February 2024
Plant-based research : a queer master's thesis born of mass extinction 28 February 2024
Impedance-based modelling for transient and stability analysis of power-electronics-based power systems 28 February 2024
Eye movements as a continuous indicator of sensorimotor integration 28 February 2024
Towards Afrocentric natural language processing 26 February 2024
Improving detection and quantification of major histocompatibility complex (MHC)-presented immunopeptides for vaccine development 25 February 2024
Investigating the utility of weighting schemes on a 51-member short-range ensemble forecast 25 February 2024
Versatile neural approaches to more accurate and robust topic segmentation 22 February 2024
Developing a self-driving robotic platform for rapid screening of solid purification methods 22 February 2024
Constant pressure invasion of viscoplastic suspensions in thin conduits 22 February 2024
Factors affecting the evolution of sex ratios and overwintering strategies in the alder bark beetle, Alniphagus aspericollis, in British Columbia 21 February 2024
Topological superconductivity in twisted cuprates and device applications inspired by their Josephson physics 21 February 2024
Comfortable walking experience today and tomorrow : investigating pedestrian interactions with bicycles, cars, and self-driving vehicles 21 February 2024
Advancing equity in water demand management among local governments in British Columbia, Canada 21 February 2024
Crop yield estimation in the Canadian Prairies : assessing the relative importance of scale, satellite and biophysical data 21 February 2024
Digital model of shell face milling mechanics and dynamics 20 February 2024
Investigation of solid digestate-derived biochar as effective adsorbent for removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from industrial wastewater 20 February 2024
A sensitivity analysis to quantify the impact of fragility modelling assumptions on regional seismic risk outputs 20 February 2024
Woosh jín toolshát yeisú, weʼre still holding each otherʼs hands : relationships and revitalization in Lingít country 15 February 2024
Running a rebellion : essays on armed group behavior 15 February 2024
Application of geotechnical numerical modelling of sill pillar mining options to aid value-driven decision-making 15 February 2024
Influences of tissue location and pathogen behaviour on CD8 T cell responses to intestinal viral infections 15 February 2024
Covid-19 pandemic and exercise for healthcare workers (COPE HCW) trial : secondary analyses examining the effects of at-home exercise on healthcare workers' multidimensional well-being 12 February 2024
Role of microRNAs in subperineurial glial development and blood-brain barrier formation 12 February 2024
Application of supervised learning models to compare epigenetic predictors of gene expression across healthy breast cell types 12 February 2024
Investigating the atmospheric ice nucleation mechanism of biomass burning organic aerosols using synthesized and size-resolved lignin nanoparticles 12 February 2024
Liquified natural gas (LNG), is it part of Canada’s energy resilience? How realistic? 06 February 2024
The neural basis of taste coding in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes 05 February 2024
Assessing effects of acclimation temperature on thermal tolerance of stream-type juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) under ecologically relevant temperatures 05 February 2024
Crystallographic and biochemical characterization of key steps in reductasporine and capuramycin biosynthesis 04 February 2024
Improving white spruce genome annotation and generation of a chromosome-scale epigenetic map 04 February 2024
Genetic mapping of aggressiveness in Fusarium graminearum, causing Fusarium head blight in durum wheat 04 February 2024
Investigation of air pollution interventions in airway epithelial cells 31 January 2024
Geochemistry of shield basalts from Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i : exploring the emergence of the Hawaiian geochemical trends : [supplementary material] 30 January 2024
Surveying the effects of data on adversarial robustness 30 January 2024
Implication of SEMA3C-induced steroidogenesis in the progression of castration-resistant prostate cancer 30 January 2024
Overcoming lenalidomide resistance in del(5q) myelodysplastic syndrome 30 January 2024
Identification of curcuminoids in nutraceuticals and assessment of stability and bioactivity following pulsed light treatment 30 January 2024
Morphology, formation kinetics and core composition of pea and soy 7S and 11S globulin amyloid fibrils 30 January 2024
Characterization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii ammonium insensitive mutants 30 January 2024
A scientific framework to assess catchment storage-discharge relation and its functional linkage with climate, geology and topography 30 January 2024