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Title Available
Clinical utility of biomarkers for basal-like breast cancer : [supplementary material] 09 May 2022
Kanenhstóhare : the educative implications of estrangement, homecoming, and Indigeneity : [supplementary material] 09 May 2022
Economic decision making under uncertainty for wildfire fuels mitigation 08 May 2022
Sexuality education and socialization for British Columbia's youth and the increasingly influential role of social media : for better or worse? 05 May 2022
When sheepdogs become wolves: radicalization of veterans 03 May 2022
Meta-reinforcement learning approaches to process control 02 May 2022
Subverting spectacular binaries : an analysis of diasporic Venezuelan audiovisual productions 02 May 2022
Modernist visions beyond the horizon of history : the theatricality of Bai Wei’s rarely staged plays 02 May 2022
Identification and characterization of active enhancers in the developing cerebellum 01 May 2022
Plastid phylogenomics and molecular evolution of Thismiaceae (Dioscoreales) 01 May 2022
Flexible and coupled structural systems during avian wing morphing 01 May 2022
Exploring the relationship between parity and cardiovascular risk in older females with mild cognitive impairment 01 May 2022
Identification and characterization of Receptor-Like Cytoplasmic Kinases (RLCKs) important in NLR-mediated immunity 29 April 2022
Characterizing Salmonella pathogenicity island 2 effector interactions implicated in host endomembrane reorganization 29 April 2022
Optical methods for rapid quantitative analysis of bitumen content in oil sands 29 April 2022
Capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry for the analysis of neurochemicals 29 April 2022
Impossible subjectivities : negative agency and the biopolitical order of Nazism 29 April 2022
The pharmacogenomics of hepatitis C : optimizing effectiveness and safety on treatment 29 April 2022
Building chemical tools from the indolmycin biosynthetic pathway 29 April 2022
Titanium-catalyzed hydroamination : mechanism, reactivity and applications 29 April 2022
Titanium-catalyzed hydroamination : mechanism, reactivity and applications : [supplementary material] 29 April 2022
Innovative strategies for the control of Campylobacter jejuni in agri-foods 29 April 2022
Investigating the role of oncofetal chondroitin sulfate in cancer biology and optimizing rVAR2 technology for cancer 29 April 2022
Digital social interaction in older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic 29 April 2022
A cfd-dem approach to study the hydrodynamics of solid-liquid mixing in vertical stirred mills using dynamic mesh 29 April 2022
Local anesthesia produced by quaternary lidocaine derivatives : the comparative efficacy and safety of QX-314, QX-572, and QX-222 in mice 29 April 2022
Development of immunocompetent and immunosuppressed orthotopic rat model of hepatocellular carcinoma 29 April 2022
The role of interleukin-13 receptors in airway epithelial wound repair 29 April 2022
Novel signaling schemes to improve the performance of 5G cellular networks and beyond 29 April 2022
Models and methods for power system online dynamic contingency monitoring and control 29 April 2022
Discovery of nitrogen starvation detecting and signaling mutants in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 29 April 2022
Evaluating the effect of 12 weeks of supplementation with ferrous sulfate, ferrous bisglycinate or placebo, on iron status and gut inflammation in Cambodian women 29 April 2022
Reinforcement learning in the presence of sensing costs 27 April 2022
Democracy's (occasional) supporters 27 April 2022
Economies of scale, social immunity, and host-parasite interactions in a social spider system 27 April 2022
Development of a cold atom pressure standard 26 April 2022
Non-reversible parallel tempering on optimized paths 26 April 2022
Leveraging information governance and digital technologies for climate action : an inquiry into records retention and disposition in Canadian organizations 25 April 2022
Uprootedness : dwelling on life through disrupted language 25 April 2022
Development-induced forcible displacement as a crime against humanity of forcible transfer of population under the Rome Statute 24 April 2022
Between court and context : relocation cases in British Columbia 24 April 2022
Ts’uu JaasG̲alang hlG̲aajuu : cedar sisters framework 24 April 2022
Global optimization of clustering problems 24 April 2022
Implementation of a nonlinear Atomic Cluster Expansion 24 April 2022
Linking function and phylogeny in microbiomes using TreeSAPP 24 April 2022
Characterization of fuel injection and premixing in direct-injected dual-fuel natural gas engines using in-cylinder infrared absorption and high speed Schlieren imaging 24 April 2022
Choruses of virtue : narrative mediation as ethical habituation in Plato’s dialogues 24 April 2022
Characterization of a small molecule inhibitor of disulfide reductases that induces oxidative stress and lethality in lung cancer cells 24 April 2022
A narrative study of trauma-informed programs in an early elementary education setting 24 April 2022
Essays on the economics of health and well-being 24 April 2022