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Title Available
Interpretable clustering of epigenetic marks by incorporating their relationships to genes and their functions 14 December 2020
Assessing mood changes and vulnerability to stressors in dairy cattle 14 December 2020
Development and evaluation of luminescent nanoparticles for immunolabeling and imaging via microscopy and smartphone-based devices 14 December 2020
A numerical perspective on wildfire plume-rise dynamics 13 December 2020
The pedagogical potential of student activism : narratives of economics students 13 December 2020
Recovery after elective thoracic endovascular aortic repair : an exploratory study of patients' experiences 10 December 2020
The evolution of novel xenobiotic organophosphate activity in the metallo-β-lactamase superfamily 10 December 2020
Examining how missing data affect approximate fit indices in structural equation modelling under different estimation methods 09 December 2020
Language ideology and student identity in mainstream higher education courses : (re)production and resistance 09 December 2020
Felsic xenoliths assimilation in the Renard 65 kimberlite pipe, Québec, Canada 08 December 2020
Relaxed methods for evaluating measurement invariance within a multiple-group confirmatory factor analytic framework 08 December 2020
Using the hearing-in-noise test as a screening tool for cochlear synaptopathy in student musicians 08 December 2020
Appropriation, displacement and gender theft : figuring the Virgin and Christ in medieval Christian art 07 December 2020
Crystallization of megacrysts by carbonatitic metasomatism : evidence from the Muskox kimberlite, Nunavut, Canada 07 December 2020
Automated design and implementation of Kalman observer for spindle torque estimation in CNC machining 07 December 2020
(Under)mining state authority : the politics of informal gold mining in Bolivia and Peru (2000-2017) 07 December 2020
Describing sources of uncertainty in cancer drug formulary priority setting across Canadian provinces 07 December 2020
Deciphering the genetics mechanisms that inhibit synapse formation 03 December 2020
Aurora kinase A, regulated by HMMR and TPX2, controls cell migration and engraftment via centrosome polarization 02 December 2020
Current trends in Canadian civil justice system reform : manufactured simplicity or equitable access to justice? 02 December 2020
Integrating Conflict Resolution Theatre and Theatre for Development in application to ethnic conflict resolution in South West region of Nigeria 02 December 2020
“Captive” subjects? : higher education and social mobility in “postcolonial” Cambodia 02 December 2020
Developing a sense of certainty 01 December 2020
Machine learning-assisted CRAN design with hybrid RF/FSO and full-duplex self-backhauling 01 December 2020
Service providers challenging Orientalism and supporting HRVO victims and perpetrators 01 December 2020
The phylogeny and evolution apicomplexan parasites 30 November 2020
Faustian bargain: how the academics in Turkey dealt with university purges, 1960s-1980s 29 November 2020
Development of a vitamin B12 fortified yoghurt and its efficacy on vitamin B12 status in older adults 29 November 2020
Regulation of lipin phosphorylation and lipid homeostasis by glycogen synthase kinase 3 29 November 2020
Tuning the electronic properties of coordination complexes with sulfur-bridged ligands 29 November 2020
Baahynajdyy : an ethnography of Sakha language loss, revival, and change in a northern Russian city 29 November 2020
The role of salicylic acid receptors NPR1 and NPR3/4 in PAMP-triggered immunity and effector-triggered immunity 29 November 2020
Dissection of molecular events involved in saul1-mediated autoimmunity 29 November 2020
Multiplexed end-point microfluidic chemotaxis assay using centrifugal alignment 29 November 2020
Driving chemistry at photoelectrodes and electrodes 29 November 2020
On the design of injection-locked frequency dividers for mm-wave applications 29 November 2020
Faster-than-Nyquist system design for next generation fixed transmission networks 29 November 2020
Study of the avirulence effector of Ustilago hordei, UhAVR1, during susceptible and resistant host interactions 27 November 2020
An analysis of localized patterns in some novel reaction diffusion models 25 November 2020
Dissecting preleukemic mechanisms in a synthetic model of human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 25 November 2020
Assessment of the affective component of pain in dairy calves 25 November 2020
Essays on British labour markets during the Second Industrial Revolution 24 November 2020
Climate change impacts on living marine resources in the Eastern Tropical Pacific 19 November 2020
Investigating the function of Zpg gap junction protein in Drosophila spermatogenesis by structure function analysis 19 November 2020
Full bayesian models to assess the impacts of mobile automated enforcement on road safety and crime 19 November 2020
Making home in Little Syria : gendered geographies of refugee placemaking 18 November 2020
On the existence, structure, and stability of chiral magnetic skyrmions 18 November 2020
A linear Paul trap for barium tagging of neutrinoless double beta decay in nEXO 18 November 2020
Local-scale assessment of regional conservation plans : strategies for the conservation of animals and plants in a tropical rainforest and surrounding mixed-farmland 18 November 2020
A gendered perspective on parenting practices and its association with adolescents’ dietary behaviours 18 November 2020