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Title Available
Role of heuristics and biases in information security decision making 16 June 2021
HSP90 contributes to chs3-2D-mediated autoimmunity 16 June 2021
Improved estimates of net community production in the Subarctic Pacific and Canadian Arctic Ocean using ship-based autonomous measurements and computational approaches 16 June 2021
Coxsackievirus B3 subversion of the autophagy pathway 16 June 2021
A wearable inertial sensor system for gait and balance monitoring 15 June 2021
The effect compressed carbon nanofibres made from lignin as electrodes have on the performance of a supercapacitor 10 June 2021
Dairy cow behaviour and estrous expression : effects of disease and management 09 June 2021
Development of novel models and CRISPR-based gene editing therapeutics for retinal degeneration in Xenopus laevis 08 June 2021
Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to quantify penalty elements in iron ore 08 June 2021
The assimilation of (Shia) Lebanese-origin youth into Canada : an autoethnography 08 June 2021
Managing national park visitor experience and visitor-wildlife coexistence : a case study of Banff National Park 08 June 2021
To aggregate or not to aggregate : a study of protein macro-assemblies and aggregation-prone polypeptides in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae 08 June 2021
How to avoid the worst financial outcomes in the mining industry 08 June 2021
Development of an innovative earthquake-resilient reinforced concrete core wall system 06 June 2021
Influence of Cu content on the artificial ageing response of Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys 06 June 2021
Plasma lipoproteins : genetic influences and relevance to atherosclerotic and infectious diseases 06 June 2021
Dynamics of single cell genomes and transcriptomes in response to chemotherapies 06 June 2021
The educational experiences of refugee youths in greater Vancouver schools : parents’ and teachers’ perspectives 03 June 2021
Exploring the role of Syndecan in Drosophila neural and glial development 02 June 2021
New catalytic topoisomerase II inhibitors discovered for anticancer therapeutics 02 June 2021
Dissecting plant immune signaling 02 June 2021
The mechanical properties of neurospheres 02 June 2021
Index estimates and compactness for constant mean curvature surfaces and Steklov eigenvalues 01 June 2021
Biomechanical properties of paraspinal muscles and their influence on spinal loading : an experimental and computational investigation 01 June 2021
Reproducibility as a service 31 May 2021
Towards a more robust machine learning framework for computer-assisted echocardiography 31 May 2021
Of mice and moose : small and large mammal responses to a gradient of forest harvesting intensities across interior British Columbia 31 May 2021
Accuracy of commercially available implant planning softwares 31 May 2021
Sparse weight activation training 30 May 2021
Traditional Nisga'a leadership : the challenges through change 30 May 2021
A retrospective review of Biodentine pulpotomy outcomes in primary molars 30 May 2021
Dynamic regulation of palmitoyltransferases by synaptic activity 30 May 2021
Understanding health literacy and eHealth literacy among individuals with spinal cord injury : a mixed-methods study 30 May 2021
High-efficiency millimeter-wave signal generation for communication, imaging, and radar applications 30 May 2021
Infant gut fungal dysbiosis drives asthma onset and severity 30 May 2021
Understanding mammalian biology and disease through tissue-specific protein-protein interaction networks 30 May 2021
Non-binary trans subjects : exiting the attachment to the transgender metanarrative of man/woman 30 May 2021
Acute cardiometabolic side effects of clozapine in rodents 30 May 2021
"The Goodbye Backpack" : applying structural design principles to a picturebook 30 May 2021
A pilot study on risk and protective factors for opioid overdose among people who use street fentanyl during the COVID-19 pandemic 26 May 2021
Pharmacogenomics : from experimental design through patient interactions 26 May 2021
A principled approach to automated road network conflation 25 May 2021
Everyday colonialism : the 1906 typhoon and governance in early twentieth-century Hong Kong 25 May 2021
The space weather of ultracool dwarfs 25 May 2021
Decoding the patterns of clonal dynamics in breast cancer metastasis using single-cell sequencing in patient-derived xenograft models 20 May 2021
The characterization of acetone fractionated and unfractionated, chemically modified lignin-Ecoflex™ thermoplastic blends 20 May 2021
Theoretical limits in detachment of fibrillar dry adhesives under geometrical confinement 20 May 2021
Indigenous women who have done well with career decision-making during a period of sex-based status discrimination 18 May 2021
Search for axion like particles with the BaBar detector and photon hadron separation using Zernike moments at Belle II 18 May 2021
Effect of radiation exposure on industrial flocculants and their performance 18 May 2021