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Title Available
Power relations : environment, emotion, and violence in the Site C Dam approval process 02 May 2021
Reexamining gender stereotype effects in speech processing : a replication of Strand (2000) 02 May 2021
The evolutionary ecology of hybridization 30 April 2021
Investigating practices and challenges in microservice-based development 29 April 2021
Making and remaking Renaissance sculpture : the terracotta groups (1460–1560) 29 April 2021
Innovative strategies for the control of Campylobacter jejuni in agri-foods 29 April 2021
Toward lignin-based polymeric materials using greener modification methods 29 April 2021
Numerical methods in quantum chemistry to accelerate SCF convergence and calculate partial atomic charges 29 April 2021
Dynamic pH junction focusing and isoelectric focusing in capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry 29 April 2021
Shaping of the T cell repertoire by self and foreign antigens 29 April 2021
Riboflavin : intake, status, and relation to anemia among women of reproductive age 29 April 2021
A mixed-methods study comparing skill performance between indoor and outdoor environments among experienced scooter users 29 April 2021
Finding Kazakh women in the Chinese state : embodiment and the politics of memory 29 April 2021
Elucidating the biosynthesis of polyketides accumulating in barley (Hordeum vulgare) cuticular wax 29 April 2021
Microorganisms as sensors for concealed mineral deposits ; application and development of microbiological mineral exploration in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia, Canada 29 April 2021
Regulation of the CD4+ T cell response to influenza infection 29 April 2021
Towards a biomimetic envelope : a case study of Rheum nobile : an investigation into building envelope design, inspired by Rheum nobile’s adaptive solutions with a focus on light and heat control based on Vancouver climate 29 April 2021
Actin assembly and disassembly factors regulate BCR organization and signaling 29 April 2021
The regulation of erythroid progenitors and T cells by CD45 29 April 2021
Actin assembly and disassembly factors regulate BCR organization and signaling : [supplementary material] 29 April 2021
Characterizing the assembly and molecular interactions of the fission yeast Atg1 autophagy regulatory complex 29 April 2021
Discovery of nitrogen starvation detecting and signaling mutants in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 29 April 2021
Imaging the dynamics of skin responses to UV challenges using non-invasive in vivo microscopy 29 April 2021
Aero-kinaesthetics : airport aesthetics and the regulation of mobilities in the terminal 29 April 2021
The role of the microenvironment and inflammation in the promotion of cancer metastasis 29 April 2021
Towards the development and discovery of inhibitors for Trypanosoma cruzi trans-sialidase 29 April 2021
Scaling microfluidic 3D printing for hydrogels 29 April 2021
Tool wear prediction and monitoring in edge trimming of carbon fiber reinforced polymer using machine learning methods 29 April 2021
Terpenoids from terrestrial and marine sources 29 April 2021
Use of small molecule activity in upregulation of Class I MHC and change in tumour cytokine profile in metastatic murine epithelial carcinoma. 29 April 2021
Process induced deformation of composite materials : an experimental methodology, systematic review and meta-analysis 28 April 2021
"Disciplined nation" : youth as subjects and citizens in Singapore, 1942-1970s 28 April 2021
The evaluation of a surgical task-sharing program in South Sudan 28 April 2021
Distribution, habitat use, and migratory life history of Southern Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma lordi) in a salmon-bearing watershed on the Central Coast, British Columbia 28 April 2021
The health-promoting potential of occupations : an exploratory study of adults with and without inflammatory arthritis 27 April 2021
The impact of antenna beamwidth on the correlation distance of 60 GHz indoor and outdoor channels 27 April 2021
Leveraging students' handwritten notes to link to watched instructional videos 27 April 2021
Molecular beam epitaxy growth and properties of Fe3GeTe2 thin films 27 April 2021
Recontextualizing the “silence” of Japanese Canadians : artistic approaches by Cindy Mochizuki and Emma Nishimura 27 April 2021
Political opportunities and electoral incentives : tracing transitional justice policy in Spain from 2004 to the present 27 April 2021
The role of tyramine and octopamine on short-term habituation in Caenorhabditis elegans 27 April 2021
Undetected but widespread : the cryptic invasion of non-native cattail (Typha) in the Fraser River Estuary 27 April 2021
Exploring the production of marginalizing behaviours in women who have sex with women 27 April 2021
Genomic profiling in the placenta : toward a greater understanding of genetic variation contributing to placental insufficiency and fetal growth restriction 27 April 2021
Patterns of genomic differentiation and hybridization between two merging Emberizidae species implicate a sex chromosome inversion in plumage variation 27 April 2021
Why biomedicine needs an ecological theory of the body 27 April 2021
Implementing global norms in local contexts : evaluating the effectiveness of transparency and accountability in the Nigerian extractive sector 27 April 2021
Authoritarian decision making at the interface of the state, science and the public : politics of biodiversity conservation and biosafety regulations in China 27 April 2021
Adversarial deep learning on digital media security and forensics 26 April 2021
Development of a new patient-reported outcome measure for children with lower limb deformities : concept elicitation, item development and content validation 26 April 2021