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Title Available
Linking function and phylogeny in microbiomes using TreeSAPP 24 April 2022
Characterization of fuel injection and premixing in direct-injected dual-fuel natural gas engines using in-cylinder infrared absorption and high speed Schlieren imaging 24 April 2022
Choruses of virtue : narrative mediation as ethical habituation in Plato’s dialogues 24 April 2022
Characterization of a small molecule inhibitor of disulfide reductases that induces oxidative stress and lethality in lung cancer cells 24 April 2022
A narrative study of trauma-informed programs in an early elementary education setting 24 April 2022
Essays on the economics of health and well-being 24 April 2022
Machine learning based techniques for routing interconnects in very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits 24 April 2022
Fish, forests, fungi : soils in the ‘salmon forests’ of British Columbia 24 April 2022
The ecology, distribution and population genetics of amphibians on Haida Gwaii, British Columbia 24 April 2022
Challenges of participation in local forest initiatives 24 April 2022
Understanding public perceptions of fairness at a deliberative public engagement event about funding in cancer care 24 April 2022
Rendering's recursions : industrial beekeeping's imperial inheritances 24 April 2022
Canada's criminal justice response to technology-facilitated intimate partner violence 24 April 2022
Towards a theory of deference in Canadian proportionality jurisprudence 24 April 2022
Transnational consumption of Japanese popular culture : the case of anime and cosplay subculture 24 April 2022
Assessing the reliability and validity of online tasks to assess perceptual cognitive skills in baseball 24 April 2022
Parahoric Ext-algebras of a p-adic special linear group 21 April 2022
Agencies of change : how Canadian charities are centring equity and justice in organizational culture 21 April 2022
How do you like that? : queer translations and disidentifications of K-pop within online fandoms 21 April 2022
Circulating tumour DNA as a biomarker in metastatic bladder cancer 21 April 2022
Grx4 : a key regulator of secondary metabolism, nitrogen uptake, and iron homeostasis in the corn smut fungus, Ustilago maydis 21 April 2022
Optical monitoring of spinal cord oxygenation and hemodynamics in acute traumatic spinal cord injury 21 April 2022
The state before the self : grief, virtue, and paideia in Plutarch's Parallel lives 21 April 2022
“Where are you from?” : international students’ experiences of belonging through a participatory photovoice lens 21 April 2022
Developing a local procurement framework for mining companies operating in Mongolian rural communities 21 April 2022
Learning to get up with deep reinforcement learning 21 April 2022
Immemorial 21 April 2022
Becoming enìlikogical : the autoethnography of an early childhood educator during the COVID-19 pandemic 21 April 2022
The cognitive-affective mechanisms of the mere exposure effect 21 April 2022
Using mixed low-precision formats in multiply-accumulate (MAC) units for DNN training 21 April 2022
Caring for individuals with concurrent mental health and opioid use disorder : a mixed-methods study with implications for health research, policy and practice 21 April 2022
Cinematic drag : layers, collisions, and transformations of medium and form in screen based practices of queer performance 21 April 2022
Understanding the swelling behavior of individual starch granules by ParCS 21 April 2022
Investigation into the mechanisms behind the differential inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes in soft-ripened cheeses 21 April 2022
Re-(de)politicizing carbon : climate governance in urban Vancouver 21 April 2022
Kras mutation in eutopic endometrium and development of endometriosis : a novel mouse model 21 April 2022
The predictive ability of small for gestational age classification for adverse perinatal outcomes : a systematic review of the INTERGROWTH-21st, NICHD, and WHO fetal growth charts 21 April 2022
Drinker identity : a case of unintentionality? 21 April 2022
House of performance : an indoor-outdoor venue for amplified live music 21 April 2022
VEXT : an 8-week virtual exercise and texting program for pediatric solid organ transplant patients 21 April 2022
Dene k’éh gūdzededéh : the ongoing conversations of Kaska language reclamation and revitalization 21 April 2022
Following Faxian to Kāśyapa’s gate : relocating India in the 1692 Jizu shanzhi 21 April 2022
Star-forming protoclusters 21 April 2022
Identifying critical knowledge, skills and teaching methods for training new farmers in alternative agricultural practices through a DACUM framework 21 April 2022
Heterologous production and functional characterization of Auxiliary Activity family 10 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenases for fiber functionalization 20 April 2022
A sparsity-free compressed sensing theory with applications in generative model recovery 20 April 2022
Length-minimizing closed curves on manifolds with boundary 20 April 2022
Non-existence of metrics with positive scalar curvature on the n-torus 20 April 2022
Development of a heat transfer model of a simplified build environment in electron beam additive manufacturing 20 April 2022
Contribution of Phospholipase C-Delta 4 to calcium signaling in astrocytes 20 April 2022