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Title Available
Effects of rs3842753 on insulin expression in single beta cells. 27 October 2020
Essays in empirical macroeconomics 27 October 2020
Risky investments : turning return migrants and national heroes into entrepreneurs in the Philippines 27 October 2020
Oblique x-ray log scanning and knot identification 27 October 2020
Assessing physical activity and sedentary behaviour in individuals with schizophrenia 27 October 2020
Floating cities from concept to creation : a discussion of the challenges that are pending the floating city through literature review 27 October 2020
High cadence kurtosis based RFI excision for CHIME 27 October 2020
Robust methods for inferring cluster structure in single cell RNA sequencing data 27 October 2020
Design and fabrication of solvent compatible polymer microfluidic chips and its application to particle production and drug delivery 27 October 2020
Understanding the role of neuronal cell fate determinants in synapse pattern formation in C. elegans 27 October 2020
Syncopation : an adaptive clock management technique for high-level synthesis generated circuits on FPGA 27 October 2020
Modified catalyst layer interfaces for higher utilization and improved operational flexibility of low loading polymer electrolyte fuel cell catalyst layers 23 October 2020
Efficient synchronization mechanisms for scalable GPU architectures 23 October 2020
A highly sensitive modular elastomer-based capacitive pressure sensor for respiration monitoring 23 October 2020
Equivariant extension of distributions on GLn 23 October 2020
Comprehensive analysis of current PKU management practices and associated patient and parent-reported outcomes in Canada 23 October 2020
Electronic transport in twisted double bilayer graphene 23 October 2020
Gentrification without displacement : determining the costs 23 October 2020
Enhancement of autogenous healing in concrete through internal carbonation 23 October 2020
Soil, crop yield, and cost trade-offs of organic nutrient management strategies across mixed vegetable farms in southwest British Columbia 23 October 2020
Sliding-mode control of DC–DC boost converter with constant impedance and constant power loads 23 October 2020
Resilience enhancement for interdependent critical infrastructures 22 October 2020
Optimizing ion beam transport at the TITAN experiment using simulation, for the installation of a new linear Paul trap 22 October 2020
The space in-between cultures : site-specific meeting places of Indigenous and European knowledges 21 October 2020
Unpacking Inspire Jericho : luxury real estate development and First Nations in Vancouver 21 October 2020
Using qualitative synthesis to develop a metatheory that explains how patients manage complete tooth loss 21 October 2020
Machine learning for MRI-guided prostate cancer diagnosis and interventions 21 October 2020
Forgotten refugees : understanding the language and literacy practices of Afghan refugees in Pakistan 21 October 2020
Titanium corrosion in simulated hydrometallurgical leaching solutions in the presence of solids 21 October 2020
Hidden variable models and classical simulation algorithms for quantum computation with magic states on qubits 21 October 2020
Production and characterization of upgraded biomass fast pyrolysis oil for combustion in a swirl-stabilized burner 21 October 2020
Lowering the energy consumption of zinc electrowinning by electrocatalysis of the oxygen evolution reaction using manganese oxides 21 October 2020
On the critical state of gap-graded sandy soil 21 October 2020
Hierarchical control and stability analysis of AC microgrids with virtual-oscillator controlled sources 21 October 2020
Expanding the utility of whole genome sequencing in the diagnosis of rare genetic disorders 20 October 2020
I can suppress the pain, but then what? : seeking resolution to chronic musculoskeletal pain among immigrants from China 20 October 2020
High throughput antibody-based methods to track the architecture and operations of cell signalling systems 20 October 2020
Outcomes following surgical management of pelvic pain : a prospective cohort study 20 October 2020
Energy efficiency maximization for NOMA backscatter systems 20 October 2020
Recessions and portfolio choice 15 October 2020
Intercritical austenite formation in the coarse grain heat affected zone of X80 line pipe steels 15 October 2020
Characterizing lower urinary tract dysfunction in a porcine model of spinal cord injury 15 October 2020
Schedule data, not code 14 October 2020
Coded caching : convex optimization and graph theoretical perspectives 14 October 2020
Design and evaluation of nonverbal motion cues for human-robot spatial interaction : [supplementary material] 14 October 2020
Machine learning methods for metabolic pathway inference from genomic sequence information 14 October 2020
Beyond men to surveil and women to (un)veil : Muslim youth negotiating identity, home and belonging in a Canadian high school 13 October 2020
"Other" women in flight : sexual minority and polygynous refugee women 13 October 2020
A framework for joint petrophysically and geologically guided geophysical inversion 07 October 2020
Understanding the market for personal legal services to improve access to civil justice in Canada 07 October 2020