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Title Available
Substance use trajectories and impacts of drug treatment among people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada 01 September 2021
Minimizing race through colourblind healthcare: examining Black women's experiences of medical racism during prenatal care 01 September 2021
Using microbial fuel cells for the remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifers 01 September 2021
Marginal fit and internal adaptation of monolithic zirconia 3-unit fixed dental prostheses : in-vitro study 01 September 2021
Islamic technoscience : machines, politics, and gender in Iran’s cultural revolution (1980-1983) 01 September 2021
Teen perceptions of adolescent dating violence 01 September 2021
Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment as a tool to quantify hidden hearing loss 01 September 2021
Mapping colonial patterns of western knowledge in elementary textbooks of Natural Sciences and History, Geography and Social Sciences for Chilean rural education 01 September 2021
Non-target interactions and humane evaluation of a captive bolt trap on commensal rodents 01 September 2021
Approaches to genome analysis through the application of graph theory 01 September 2021
Regulatory capture in Canadian environmental decision-making 01 September 2021
A fast solver for the pseudo-two-dimensional model of lithium-ion batteries 01 September 2021
Cellulose nanocrystals : from extraction to biomedical application 01 September 2021
Recursive spline trajectory generation and automated cycle time prediction 01 September 2021
Modelling motorcyclist-pedestrian interactions using inverse reinforcement learning 01 September 2021
Data-driven prototyping in information visualization 31 August 2021
Understanding African immigrant families’ support for their children’s mathematics learning in Canada 31 August 2021
Universal graph compression : stochastic block models 31 August 2021
Epstein-Barr virus infection and its lifelong autoimmune ramifications in developed and developing nations 31 August 2021
Topics in boundary quantum field theory : magnetic edge states in graphene and BCFT orbifold 31 August 2021
Seasonal and sex-dependent gene expression in emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae) fat tissues 31 August 2021
Ionic diodes based on cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) and related rheological studies 31 August 2021
System identification and deep learning for stability analysis of flow-induced vibration 31 August 2021
Exploring the applications of connected vehicle data to real time safety optimization at isolated intersections 31 August 2021
The Magazine as surrealist object : VVV and the reanimation of a movement in New York during World War II 30 August 2021
The war lawyers : U.S., Israel and the spaces of targeting 30 August 2021
Measurement and estimation of material parameters of real garments 30 August 2021
Designing CAST : a computer-assisted shadowing trainer for self-regulated foreign language listening practice 30 August 2021
Exploring high pressure slurry ablation as a mineral processing technology 30 August 2021
Adoption of Extended Reality (XR) for enhancement of human capital in the mining workforce of the future 30 August 2021
Dyspareunia uncovered : a mixed method exploration of the neglected symptom of endometriosis 30 August 2021
ABCF1 is a novel E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme that controls Toll-like receptor-mediated innate immune responses and cytokine storm during sepsis 30 August 2021
Examining barriers to men's communal orientation 30 August 2021
Investigating how demyelination is reflected using advanced magnetic resonance imaging in Susac syndrome and multiple sclerosis 30 August 2021
Integrating overconfidence and overclaiming : exaggeration harms performance 30 August 2021
Spatial configurations of the Warsaw Ghetto : selected aspects of Jewish space and Nazi policies 30 August 2021
Resilient global food security and the World Trade Organization : an assessment of adaptive governance 30 August 2021
Evaluating the impact on access of the introduction of nurse-supported care for people with complex rheumatic diseases in British Columbia 30 August 2021
The vanishing point : a black feminist paradigm on the early modern canon in the national galleries 30 August 2021
Thinking continuity in the works and milieus of Fahrelnissa Zeid 30 August 2021
Splitting space : destabilizing the suburban house in postwar art and contemporary horror film 30 August 2021
The northern shore of the N = 40 island of inversion through precision mass measurements and developments towards phase-imaging ion-cyclotron-resonance at the TITAN MPET 30 August 2021
Investigating the synthesis and properties of transition-metal medium & high entropy oxides 30 August 2021
Identification and characterization of a novel allosteric glutamate binding site on the GABA-A receptor 30 August 2021
Biochemical riboflavin status and its predictors in adult women aged 51-70 years in Metro Vancouver 30 August 2021
Elucidating the role of COBRA in plant development in Arabidopsis thaliana 30 August 2021
Vernacular music and female musicians in late Chosŏn Korea, 1700–1897 30 August 2021
Reaping the rewards of democracy : a mixed-methods study of donor reaction to democratization (or lack thereof) in aid recipient countries 30 August 2021
Disciplining deviant states : the creation of self-fulfilling prophecies 30 August 2021
Cellulose nanofibrils aerogel with enhanced thermal management performance 30 August 2021