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Title Available
UV-Induced DNA damage response in blood cells as a potential method for cancer detection 30 January 2021
Development of the neonatal immune system in the premature infant 30 January 2021
Characterization and identification of hepatic mesenchymal stromal cell populations 30 January 2021
3D Stimulated Emission Depletion super resolution microscopy reveals novel association between replication factories and organized smooth tubular matrices during Zika virus infection 30 January 2021
Application of computer-aided drug discovery methods for targeting the oncogenic activity of Myc in prostate cancer 30 January 2021
Determining the relationship between Epstein-Barr virus and multiple sclerosis using a mouse model 30 January 2021
Biocatalysis and bioprocess engineering for terpenoid production 30 January 2021
Analysis of multiple Brassica transcriptomes reveals subgenome dominance in the response of Brassica napus to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum : [supplementary material] 30 January 2021
The TMEM16 tethering protein Ist2 directly interacts with the ORP lipid transporters Osh6 and Osh7 to maintain aminophospholipid metabolism 30 January 2021
C. elegans as a platform to characterize genes and therapeutics affecting genome stability 30 January 2021
Effect of medical foods used in dietary management of subjects with propionic acidemia (PROP) 30 January 2021
Platinum ionomer composite films 30 January 2021
Metabolic reprogramming supports microglial survival and immune function 30 January 2021
Development and characterization of semiconducting polymer dots for applications in bioanalysis 30 January 2021
Exploring the reactivity of nickel in the formation and scission of C-X (X = C, N, O, S) bonds 30 January 2021
Meaning and mapping : Sellars on predication and representation 28 January 2021
Reactive transport modeling of waste rock weathering in permafrost environments 28 January 2021
Quantifying doping of hole-transport materials in solid-state solar cells 28 January 2021
Person in context synthesis with compositional structural space 26 January 2021
Carbonation of the Oman Ophiolite during subduction and emplacement 26 January 2021
Post-operative opioid prescription and use in adult cardiac surgery 26 January 2021
COMET : tractable reactive program synthesis 25 January 2021
High efficiency single-phase power factor correctors : resonant circuit and flexible topology 25 January 2021
Automatic grouping of link components for kinematic chains of multi-axis machine tools 24 January 2021
Gestational obesity/prediabetes and folic acid supplementation program fetal one-carbon metabolism and beta cell mass 19 January 2021
Executive function use during exercise predicts performance on laboratory measures of executive functioning 13 January 2021
Finding comedy in errors : evaluating intentional ambiguity in children's puns 13 January 2021
Moisture-related physical properties and self-heating of wood pellets 13 January 2021
Nation-building in 21st century Canada: the role of legitimacy in the transformation of Crown-First Nations relations 12 January 2021
Ministernotomy aortic valve replacement decreases the need for blood transfusion and improves clinical outcomes in comparison to conventional full sternotomy approach 12 January 2021
Association between leisure activity and risky driving behaviour in young drivers in Canada 12 January 2021
Distance and difference : seamen and maritime communication in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and the Atlantic World, 1730-1800 11 January 2021
The Poʻe Aloha ‘Āina : Kauaʻi women leaders on land, food sovereignty, & the next generation 11 January 2021
Role of Gukholder in adhesion in the Drosophila wing disc 11 January 2021
Coexistence of three liquid phases in individual atmospheric aerosol particles 11 January 2021
Last iterate convergence in network zero-sum games 10 January 2021
Characterization of the mechanosensitive cation channel Piezo1 in microglia 10 January 2021
Exercise-induced diaphragm fatigue with superimposed hypoxia 10 January 2021
Four quadrants of research-based theatre 10 January 2021
Of flesh and pigment : early modern painting and representations of meat 08 January 2021
From root to branch : a feedback examination of the path of American narcotic policy in the 20th century 08 January 2021
Does high risk equal high cost? : a costing analysis of kidney transplantation in older patients 08 January 2021
Integrating membrane-assisted radiant cooling panels in building energy simulation 08 January 2021
Automated human-in-the-loop assertion generation 06 January 2021
Essays on economic inequality, income taxes, and intergenerational mobility 06 January 2021
Hydro-transitions : an environmental history of Chilean electrification 06 January 2021
Hic1 is a quiescence regulator of mesenchymal stromal cells in bone marrow and responsible for controlling the size of hematopoietic stem cell niche 06 January 2021
Intraspecific variation and plasticity in rainbow trout responses to climate change stressors 06 January 2021
On the regulation of insect discontinuous gas exchange cycles: the role of hemolymph oxygen and carbon dioxide on ventilatory rhythms in Madagascar hissing cockroaches 06 January 2021
On the clique number of Paley graphs and generalized Paley graphs 06 January 2021