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Title Available
Design and evaluation of nonverbal motion cues for human-robot spatial interaction : [supplementary material] 14 October 2020
Beyond men to surveil and women to (un)veil : Muslim youth negotiating identity, home and belonging in a Canadian high school 13 October 2020
"Other" women in flight : sexual minority and polygynous refugee women 13 October 2020
Transportation habits, motor fuel prices, and public support for carbon pricing in Canada 07 October 2020
A framework for joint petrophysically and geologically guided geophysical inversion 07 October 2020
Understanding the market for personal legal services to improve access to civil justice in Canada 07 October 2020
Managing the gap : exploring the multimodal literacy instruction of a student with learning disabilities 07 October 2020
(Re)cycling through poverty : a study of homelessness and bicycling in Vancouver, Canada 05 October 2020
Healing the land by reclaiming an Indigenous ecology : a journey exploring the application of the Indigenous worldview to invasion biology and ecology 05 October 2020
Exposure to ultra violet B light on the skin modulates intestinal homeostasis in mice and humans 05 October 2020
Functionality of domains of XIST and their role in establishing chromosome inactivation 05 October 2020
Understanding the experience of emotional and social engagement for people with advanced dementia living in long-term care 05 October 2020
The functional diversity and evolution of nuclear processes 04 October 2020
Unidentified falling objects in the Large Hadron Collider : formation, charging mechanisms and dynamics of dust particulates in a high energy proton accelerator 30 September 2020
Behavioural and physiological correlates of immersion in gambling using electronic gaming machines 30 September 2020
Meta-analysis of family-centered positive behaviour support with families of children with developmental disabilities and problem behaviour 30 September 2020
The effects of atorvastatin on testosterone levels in males and females : a systematic review and meta-analysis 30 September 2020
On the computational asymptotics of Gaussian variational inference 30 September 2020
Deterrence in the law of negligence 30 September 2020
What is Corallina officinalis var. chilensis? An examination of nomenclature, biogeography, phylogeny, and morphology 30 September 2020
Investigating the assembly and function of the bacterial injectisome by hybrid structural methods 30 September 2020
Three-dimensional transmission and scanning electron microscopy of molecular and cellular structures 30 September 2020
Understanding the molecular mechanisms behind the interactions of amyloid beta oligomers (AβO) with an AβO-specific antibody and the AβO-receptors 30 September 2020
Deep water renewal during wintertime stratification in a deep, freshwater, thermobarically stratified lake 30 September 2020
Surface texture generation using high-feed milling with spindle speed modulation 30 September 2020
The role of the MEK/ERK pathway in regulating cytoskeleton-dependent B cell responses to immobilized and cell-bound antigens 30 September 2020
Zooplankton trace metal accumulation in the Strait of Georgia : trends, sources and insights 30 September 2020
Red tiles, white mosaic : Indigeneity and the institutionalization of multiculturalism in Canada and Canadian literature—towards a literary and political history 30 September 2020
The politics of public space : cultural anxiety, Victorian literature, and the city of Paris 29 September 2020
Impact of temperature regimes on flavonoid accumulation in Merlot (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes 29 September 2020
rAAV9 mediated PAX6 gene transfer temporarily reverses corneal epithelial thinning in a mouse model of aniridia 29 September 2020
Bicyclic octapeptide alpha-Amanitin, the death cap mushroom toxin : the total synthesis and derivatives of the hydroxyproline residue 29 September 2020
Modulating the adhesive strength of blood clots by coagulation factor XIIIa-based technologies 29 September 2020
Detection of enriched patterns in protein sequence data 29 September 2020
Antimicrobial properties of Kisameet clay, a natural clay mineral from British Columbia, Canada 29 September 2020
Gelation of cellulose nanocrystals 29 September 2020
Influence of feed timing on sediment transport and bed evolution during hydrographs 29 September 2020
Enhancing the photovoltaic performance of biogenic solar cells with synthetic biology 28 September 2020
Mechanism and experimental validation of self-centering nonlinear friction damper 28 September 2020
Compilation-assisted performance acceleration for data analytics 28 September 2020
Convergence in conflict : reassessing vote-based affinity and UN voting strategy through US-North Korea relations 27 September 2020
Natural regeneration dynamics of interior Douglas-fir : assessment of post-disturbance regeneration in the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest’s (AFRF’S) Knife Creek block 23 September 2020
Exploring the neurophysiological effect of aerobic exercise in concussion : an EEG feasibility study 23 September 2020
Antimicrobial peptide host toxicity prediction with transfer learning for proteins 23 September 2020
Walking the wild coast : territory, belonging, and tourism on the West Coast Trail 23 September 2020
Interpolation, growth conditions, and stochastic gradient descent 23 September 2020
Several sides to the story : representation and reading, movement and space, and female coalition in Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper 21 September 2020
Slice sampling for general completely random measures 21 September 2020
An equitable approach to mitigation in contract 21 September 2020
Terpene and isoprenoid biosynthesis in Cannabis sativa 21 September 2020