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Title Available
Immune ontogeny and lymphocyte responses to primary herpesvirus infections in Ugandan infants 06 October 2021
The impact of exercise on cardiorespiratory fitness and cardiovascular health in individuals with cervical and upper-thoracic spinal cord injury 06 October 2021
A field investigation on the transport and fate of fugitive gas from energy wells in glaciogenic sediments 05 October 2021
Tuberculosis survivor health 05 October 2021
Using Indigenous legal processes to strengthen Indigenous jurisdiction : Squamish Nation land use planning and the Squamish Nation assessment of the Woodfibre liquefied natural gas projects 05 October 2021
Telling the story, together : Indigenous knowledge(s) and decolonizing environmental conservation at Ocean Wise (the Vancouver Aquarium) 05 October 2021
Cellular composition variation drives coexpression-based gene function prediction 05 October 2021
Single-cell analytics for phospho flow cytometry reveals dynamic interactions between molecular pathways 05 October 2021
A master protocol of an adaptive platform trial to assess effectiveness of multi-component interventions for linear growth of sub-Saharan African children during complementary feeding period 05 October 2021
Sediment waves and the gravitational stability of explosive eruption columns and ash clouds : towards a new classification of explosive eruptions : [supplementary material] 04 October 2021
Reinforcement learning of a feedforward controller with soft actor-critic for a reaching task 03 October 2021
The influence of higher education on immigration policy in Canada 03 October 2021
Measurement and comparison of retention load values between three implant overdenture attachment systems 03 October 2021
Dance educator experiences of developing skill in pre-professional adolescent ballet dancers 03 October 2021
Maintaining classroom community in a time of social distancing 03 October 2021
Predicting the properties of rock using data-driven methods 29 September 2021
Sensorimotor experience in speech acquisition : behavioural and neural evidence from preverbal infants 29 September 2021
Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of cationic liposomal delivery of the immunomodulatory agent R848 to the mouse peritoneal cavity for the treatment of advanced peritoneal cancer 29 September 2021
Genomic associations of Listeria monocytogenes adhesion at 8°C 29 September 2021
Identification of natural compounds to quench quorum sensing in Campylobacter jejuni for the reduction of biofilm formation 29 September 2021
Oncogenic GNAQ and BRAF in epidermal versus non-epidermal melanocytes 29 September 2021
Two novel genetically engineered mouse models for uveal melanoma with liver metastasis 29 September 2021
Understanding the self-assembly process of cellulose nanocrystals : towards chiral photonic materials 29 September 2021
The stochastic movements of individual streambed grains 28 September 2021
Sediment waves and the gravitational stability of explosive eruption columns and ash clouds : towards a new classification of explosive eruptions 28 September 2021
Climate pandemic : understanding climate change through the politics of metaphor 28 September 2021
A research framework to assess the impacts of oil pollution on Niger Delta ecosystems 28 September 2021
Multinational modeling of household air pollution 28 September 2021
Detailed land cover mapping in a seasonally dry tropical forest landscape using multiple sensor types 28 September 2021
The role of CSF1R in early tooth development 28 September 2021
Essays on dynamic programming applications in operations management 28 September 2021
Evaluation of pertussis immunization during pregnancy 28 September 2021
Flow instabilities of PP filled with crosslinked EPDM rubber : using rheology to understand and control its occurrence 28 September 2021
Dental management of herpes simplex virus (HSV-1 & HSV-2) using n-butyl and 2-octyl cyanoacrylate as a barrier : a pilot study 23 September 2021
Women's experiences of knowledge sharing, empowerment, and connection through domestic cooking 23 September 2021
Non-canonical enzymes involved in cuticular wax biosynthesis : weaving the coat of Arabidopsis and cereal shoots 23 September 2021
Modelling adverse drug reactions using induced pluripotent stem cell derived cardiomyocytes (iPSC-CMs) 22 September 2021
Beyond conventional audiograms : thresholds in quiet and noise and their diagnostic potential for noise-induced cochlear synaptopathy 21 September 2021
Human capital theory of education 20 September 2021
Ecological impacts of timber harvest on coastal British Columbia’s riparian plant communities through functional trait analysis 19 September 2021
Sulfur deportment in nickel laterite calcination for ferronickel production via rotary kiln-electric furnace route 19 September 2021
Dissecting the biophysical mechanisms of phase separation by the myobacterium tuberculosis ABC transporter rv1747 16 September 2021
On path-greedy geometric spanners 15 September 2021
Four before midnight : [supplementary material] 15 September 2021
Determining the accuracy of screening for surgically actionable craniosynostosis through the assessment of caregiver provided photographs 14 September 2021
Development of a conductive lignin-based current collector for wearable batteries 14 September 2021
Development of novel molecularly imprinting chemosensors for the detection of chemical hazards in foods 14 September 2021
The influence of the stream-lake confluence on benthic lake delta communities and the impacts of upstream forest harvest 14 September 2021
The wisdom of indifference : Henry Kissinger, Cyprus, and the value of deprioritizing 14 September 2021
Long-duration, low-concentration topical capsaicin diminishes central sensitization 14 September 2021