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Title Available
Clockwork plots : timekeeping narratives in Wilkie Collins's sensation fiction 13 September 2022
Estrangement : four houses of Kazuo Shinohara 13 September 2022
Microparticles of dietary fiber for its use as a fat replacer 13 September 2022
Caveolin-1 mediates mitochondrial potential and ROS through ROCK/AMPK regulation of mitophagy 13 September 2022
Exploring the biology and evolution of dinoflagellates through rare and uncultured taxa : [supplementary material] 12 September 2022
Mutational scanning of metallo-β-lactamases to probe functional determinants, selection pressure dependence and homolog incompatibilities : [supplementary material] 12 September 2022
Advancing our understanding of genome regulation via optimization of stem cell differentiation and interpretable deep learning : [supplementary material] 12 September 2022
Exploring mechanisms of T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia pathogenesis through molecular characterization of normal T-cell development 08 September 2022
Finite element methods for optimizing the fracture toughness of fibrillar adhesives and the deep indentation of hyperelastic materials 08 September 2022
Teachers’ perspectives on the student-teacher relationship quality in female students with autism spectrum disorder 08 September 2022
Performance of methods for small-sample inference in generalized linear mixed models for stepped-wedge designs with unequal cluster sizes 08 September 2022
The impact of plasma concentrations of progesterone during superovulation on estrous behaviour, and ovarian and early embryonic development in Holstein heifers 08 September 2022
Differential response of probiotics in perturbed pH and osmolality are correlated with genomic feature abundance 08 September 2022
Pedagogy of home-inquiry : the Zen way 07 September 2022
Topological carbon defects based catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide and oxygen 05 September 2022
Dark matter in the form of axion quark nuggets : formation, detections, and evidence 05 September 2022
Fermion doubling in condensed matter physics : simulating a weyl fermion on a lattice 05 September 2022
Modelling forest carbon dynamics in two physiographic regions of Nepal 05 September 2022
Diversity embeddings and the hypergraph sparsest cut 05 September 2022
The 1907 anti-Asian riots : the making of sensibility among working class men 05 September 2022
Advancing our understanding of genome regulation via optimization of stem cell differentiation and interpretable deep learning 01 September 2022
Development of efficient methods for the syntheses of fluorinated motifs using fluorinated gases 31 August 2022
Effect of temperature dependence of PEEK composite material properties in modelling resistive welding 31 August 2022
Investigating early land plant cuticular waxes using physocomitrella patens as a model species 31 August 2022
Linguistic synchrony : indicator or facilitator of therapeutic bond 31 August 2022
An experimental study of the incomplete Cholesky factorization for the anisotropic diffusion equation 31 August 2022
A genetic barcoding system to isolate target clones based on single-cell transcriptomic profiles 31 August 2022
An Arctic mercury mystery : exploring environmental drivers of methylmercury bioaccumulation in the Beaufort Sea food web 31 August 2022
Meet the Arctic : the authentic, domestic and federal north, 1955-1959 30 August 2022
The effect of transcutaneous tibial nerve stimulation on the corticomotor excitability of the abductor hallucis and pelvic floor muscles 30 August 2022
On the functional classification of chemical and biological systems by the acquisition and multivariate analysis of optical, spectroscopic and electronic images 30 August 2022
The study of novel reactivities of phosphaalkenes towards N-heterocyclic carbenes and related systems 30 August 2022
Investigating catalytic diversity in copper radical oxidases for potential bioproduct applications 30 August 2022
On the functional classification of chemical and biological systems by the acquisition and multivariate analysis of optical, spectroscopic and electronic images : [supplementary material] 30 August 2022
Nonlinear model predictive control for the suppression of the COVID-19 pandemic based on an agent-based model 30 August 2022
Synthesis and characterisation of platinum(II) methyl complexes and their reactivity towards carbon-hydrogen (C-H) and carbon-halogen bonds (C-X) 30 August 2022
Early pain/stress and math skills in relation to fMRI during visuospatial processing at age 8 years in children born very preterm 30 August 2022
Health impacts of consuming shellfish contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), harvested from waters polluted by petroleum and industrial activities 30 August 2022
Bringing together Indigenous and Western approaches to brain wellness and mental health : not only the what but the way 30 August 2022
Stability and electrochemical regeneration of activated carbon electrodes for capacitive deionization 30 August 2022
BRCA1 regulates the PLK1-mediated spindle positioning pathway that promotes luminal features and may suppress tumorigenesis in mammary epithelial cells 30 August 2022
Evaluating the spatial distribution of plant function in a prairie-oak savanna using spectroscopy 30 August 2022
A study in understanding and inhibiting stop-go translation in the dicistrovirus cricket paralysis virus 30 August 2022
Poetic inquiry : current approaches and future applications 30 August 2022
Investigating grey matter volume in children with developmental coordination disorder before and after rehabilitation intervention 30 August 2022
Applications of transcriptome profiling for clinical assessment of acute myeloid leukemia 30 August 2022
Identification of new predictive biomarkers and characterization of molecular mechanisms of drug-resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia 30 August 2022
The role of X-linked intellectual disability-related gene, Zdhhc9, in white matter development 30 August 2022
Textualizing ethical selves : the rahitname and the formation of moral Sikh communities in the early eighteenth century 30 August 2022
Understanding the diversity, biochemistry, and biological role of endo-glucanase 16 enzymes in the context of plant evolution : [supplementary material] 30 August 2022