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Title Available
Realist evaluation of violence prevention education in British Columbia healthcare : how does it make a difference? 02 November 2021
On the design of low-power low-voltage circuits for smart stents 01 November 2021
Contention, collective action and change : protest outcomes in 21st century Argentina and Chile 01 November 2021
N-Silylated amines as valuable synthons in methods development toward pharmaceutically relevant small molecules 30 October 2021
The biology and clinical significance of the microenvironment of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma 30 October 2021
Simulation of incompressible elastic material using zonal volume constraints 30 October 2021
CMOS image sensor design with programmable spatial-temporal exposure for machine vision and computational imaging applications 30 October 2021
Reconfigurable silicon photonic integrated circuits 30 October 2021
Rational computational design of epitopes and antibodies for neurodegenerative disease and COVID-19 30 October 2021
Human-yeast cross-species complementation of chromosome instability genes 30 October 2021
Lines at sea : why do states resolve their maritime boundary disputes? 30 October 2021
Analysis of multiple Brassica transcriptomes reveals subgenome dominance in the response of Brassica napus to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum 30 October 2021
Generation, characterization and optimization of mouse models for genetic glomerular disease 30 October 2021
Structural and functional characterization of enzymes central to bacterial carrier lipid synthesis and recycling 30 October 2021
Tibiofemoral contact and alignment using Upright, Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (UO-MRI) in patients with Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rupture 30 October 2021
The role of oligodendrocyte remyelination in locomotor recovery after traumatic spinal cord injury 30 October 2021
A model-based fusion technique for ocular motion sensing 30 October 2021
Evaluation of new mobility services with API data : investigating equity of Uber’s wheelchair accessible service 30 October 2021
Cardiovascular risk in masters athletes 28 October 2021
Soft capacitive force sensing skin : characterization, operation on a curved surface, and increased force range 28 October 2021
Optimization-based design of microgrids for critical loads 28 October 2021
Confronting uncertainties in a freshwater recreational fishery : a case study of fluvial bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) in central British Columbia 27 October 2021
Polysubstance use patterns among people with opioid use disorder in Vancouver, Canada 27 October 2021
Finite size effects in strongly correlated transition metal oxides probed by beta-detected NMR 26 October 2021
Protecting Arctic waters : advocacy and resistance to the International Maritime Organization's Arctic heavy fuel oil ban 26 October 2021
Closest point methods with polyharmonic spline radial basis functions and local refinement 25 October 2021
Experimental investigations of the effect of surface roughness on high-acceleration film splitting between two substrates 25 October 2021
Applying the natural living construct of animal welfare to dairy calf management 25 October 2021
Multi ’omics integration of the HIV airway epithelium : integration of the microbiome, transcriptome and methylome 25 October 2021
Storying the impact of participating in a psychological treatment intervention for provoked vestibulodynia, 5 years later : a narrative inquiry 25 October 2021
Piano exams : understanding why we do them 25 October 2021
Charge-neutral muon centers in magnetic and non-magnetic materials : implications and applications 25 October 2021
Identifying clinical features and pre-analytical conditions that impact the performance of a blood-based microRNA biomarker (OrCaCept) for early detection of oral cancer 25 October 2021
Walk and thrive? : the importance of low-income household access to mixed-use neighborhoods in the Metro Vancouver region 25 October 2021
The role of beta-glucuronidase in enterohepatic recycling and prostate cancer progression 25 October 2021
A machine learning framework for spatio-temporal cardiac assessment of echocardiographic cines 25 October 2021
Investigation of supersymmetry on a strongly-interacting Majorana zero mode chain 25 October 2021
Exploring the COVID-19 pandemic related experiences of individuals with a spinal cord injury 25 October 2021
Efficient, carbon-neutral hydrogenation using a palladium membrane reactor 24 October 2021
Biomass torrefaction in a pulsed fluidized bed reactor 24 October 2021
Configuring the autistic child in literature : autistic characters’ language and agency in Rules and Rain Reign 24 October 2021
Re-evaluating the origins group 2 innate lymphoid cells through the lens of T-cell development 24 October 2021
How beneficial Pseudomonas fluorescens protect Arabidopsis thaliana from an opportunistic pathogen 24 October 2021
Learning physics with interactive simulations : inductive inquiry learning activities for an introductory electromagnetism course 24 October 2021
Integrating literature into STEM to promote inclusivity and foster holistic, transdisciplinary learning environments 24 October 2021
Accelerating recommendation system training by leveraging popular choices 24 October 2021
Accelerating input dispatching for deep learning recommendation models training 24 October 2021
"We did so many things wrong" an approach to the sense of responsibility in the confessions of former low-ranking members of the paramilitary in Colombia 24 October 2021
Theorizing economic Japanification in the post-2008 conjuncture 24 October 2021
Teachers' perspectives of Ocean Literacy through an ethic of care 24 October 2021