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Title Available
Movement behaviours and cardiovascular risk factors in individuals living with type 1 diabetes 24 October 2021
Pressing for Melayu : English-language newspapers and language in the Malaysian education system, 1957-1969 24 October 2021
Dangerous moments : an oral history of the May 1969 riots in Kuala Lumpur 21 October 2021
Topics in the asymptotic analysis of narrow escape and quorum-sensing behavior for PDE models with biological applications 21 October 2021
Livable neighbourhoods in multicultural cities : immigrant women’s experiences and preferences 21 October 2021
Identity incongruence : Asian Canadian men’s experiences of addiction, stigma, and stereotypes 21 October 2021
Host-mediated susceptibility of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to azithromycin 21 October 2021
Interleukin-7Rα in the regulation of lymphoid anti-viral responses and homeostasis 21 October 2021
The effect of proportional assist ventilation on diaphragm electrical activity 21 October 2021
Mesozooplankton normalized biomass size spectra and production in the northeast Pacific 21 October 2021
Modeling pedestrian behavior in pedestrian-vehicle near misses using inverse reinforcement learning algorithms 21 October 2021
Dissent and dislocation : essays on crisis 20 October 2021
In ixtli in yóllotl : a pedagogy of belonging : cultivating radical imaginaries for Indigenous queer futures 20 October 2021
Construction of protein-based hydrogels via protein fragment reconstitution of GB1 20 October 2021
A comparison of greenspace metrics and measurement methods, walkability, and social and material deprivation in Metro Vancouver 20 October 2021
Help-seeking experiences of female Korean immigrants with hwa-byung in Canada 20 October 2021
Learned acoustic reconstruction using synthetic aperture focusing 20 October 2021
Improving prediction of user cognitive abilities and performance for user-adaptive narrative visualizations by leveraging eye-tracking data from multiple user studies 20 October 2021
Classification of quantum wire in tensor network states with a local Pauli symmetry 20 October 2021
Modelling inhomogeneous magnetization transfer in myelin water and intra-/extra-cellular water in normal and injured excised rat spinal cord 20 October 2021
Visualizing self and surface : identifying Filipina and queer Filipinx self-formation in superhero komiks 20 October 2021
Scenic design for Timothy Findley's The Wars adapted by Dennis Garnhum 20 October 2021
Understanding chronic disease management in older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic 20 October 2021
Enhanced performance of p-GaN gate AlGaN/GaN high-electron-mobility transistors for power applications 20 October 2021
Registered (un)belonging : negotiating South Korea's institutionalized boundaries of belonging for migrants 20 October 2021
An analytical framework to estimate downtime and model the recovery of buildings after an earthquake 20 October 2021
Datacenter resource scheduling for networked cloud applications 19 October 2021
First-order methods for structured optimization 19 October 2021
Essays in public finance 19 October 2021
Education revisited : mate preferences among Canadian-born and Chinese immigrant online daters 19 October 2021
Assessing the cuticular wax composition of black cottonwood 19 October 2021
Cardiac consequences and effects of exercise interventions following spinal cord injury in humans 19 October 2021
The Khovanov homotopy type and Conway mutation 19 October 2021
Adaptive risk management in mining project development : a flexible approach to improve risk response 19 October 2021
Development and characterization of quantum dots and other nanoparticles for applications in bioanalysis 18 October 2021
Diagnosing bias in the gender representation of HCI research participants : how it happens and where we are 18 October 2021
Diagnosing bias in the gender representation of HCI research participants : how it happens and where we are : [supplementary material] 18 October 2021
On label-efficient computer vision : building fast and effective few-shot image classifiers 18 October 2021
Relationship between parental and children's screen time at home 18 October 2021
Search for invisible decays of dark photon at Belle II 18 October 2021
La création de la fin : l’évolution de l’absurde dans la littérature de l’apocalypse du XXIe siècle 18 October 2021
The Last Jubilee, a devising process under Covid-19 circumstances and the birth of the theatre-film concept 18 October 2021
A bayesian nonparametric model for RNA-sequencing data 18 October 2021
Improving prediction of water main failures using statistical and machine learning algorithms 18 October 2021
Study abroad in the Philippines : discursive production of its legitimacy and Japanese EL learners' desires 14 October 2021
Dynamic recrystallization of nano/micro particles under high velocity impact 11 October 2021
Robust image-to-image translation tool for fibrotic quantification of whole-slide images 11 October 2021
Predicting new disease activity from deep grey matter on MRI in early multiple sclerosis using random forests and neural networks : feature selection and accounting for class label uncertainty 07 October 2021
Soft labels and supervised image classification 06 October 2021
The impact of abdominal body contouring surgery on physical function after a massive weight loss : a pilot non-randomized controlled trial 06 October 2021