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Title Available
Cortical auditory evoked potential morphology : response characteristics of the P1-N1-P2-N2 waves as determined by stimulus and subject parameters 14 September 2021
Investigating the factors influencing survival after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest: sex-based differences in resuscitation and outcomes 14 September 2021
A weighted summation framework for conjunctive predictions 13 September 2021
“Can Facebook make me more violent?” : gauging the effects of using social media as a news source on electoral violence in Kenya and Uganda 13 September 2021
Evaluating the impact of Choosing Wisely Canada recommendations on the overuse and inappropriate use of psychiatric medications among young people : [errata] 13 September 2021
Genomic characterization of inter- and intra-tumour heterogeneity in primary adult diffuse gliomas and associated disease models : [supplementary material] 13 September 2021
Shear capable soft sensor technology for the application of pressure ulcer detection in diabetics 13 September 2021
Investigating the impact of methodological choices on source code maintenance analyses 09 September 2021
Online contention resolution schemes for matchings and matroids 09 September 2021
Machine learning algorithms for intruder signal detection and device localization in wireless radio frequency systems 09 September 2021
When public health goes wrong : the history and ethics of public health errors 09 September 2021
Curated carefully : shifting pedagogies through e-portfolio use in elementary classrooms 09 September 2021
A house but not a home : the determinants of secessionist party emergence and support in North America and Western Europe 08 September 2021
Towards understanding and improving the crypto-asset user experience 08 September 2021
Edge service placement and workload allocation under uncertainty 08 September 2021
The conditional nature of the mammalian hypercapnic ventilatory response : effect of age, state, and temperature 08 September 2021
Analytical and numerical results for phase field, implicit free boundary, and fluid models 08 September 2021
The local trace formula as a motivic identity 08 September 2021
Dairy producer views on calf rearing 08 September 2021
Optimal sensor placement for structural health monitoring 08 September 2021
Investigating the genomic contributions to familial intracranial aneurysms in a First Nation from Northern British Columbia 08 September 2021
Hybrid quantum computing : on the role of classical computing in scaling up quantum computing 07 September 2021
When pain "finds a voice" : the articulation and narrativization of pain in the work of David Foster Wallace and Charlie Kaufman 07 September 2021
The drug war is a flat circle : drug prohibition as a neoliberal project 07 September 2021
Environmental governance : a deliberative approach 07 September 2021
Polymer additive to enhance the retention of crop sprays 02 September 2021
Ice nucleating particles in the atmosphere : laboratory and field studies 02 September 2021
Optimization of multimodal OCT for early cancer detection and diagnosis 01 September 2021
Accelerating network function virtualization 01 September 2021
Improved conditional generative adversarial networks for image generation : methods and their application in knowledge distillation 01 September 2021
Characterization and analysis development for the ALPHA-g barrel scintillator 01 September 2021
Rapid determination of viable but non-culturable Campylobacter jejuni in agri-food products by loop-mediated isothermal amplification coupling propidium monoazide treatment 01 September 2021
Networked technopolitics within the smart city : urban social movements, public policy, and surveillance capitalism from Barcelona to Toronto 01 September 2021
Decolonizing conservation? The politics of recognition in Indigenous and Community Conserved Areas (ICCAs) 01 September 2021
Psychological distress in North America during COVID-19 : the role of pandemic-related stressors 01 September 2021
Substance use trajectories and impacts of drug treatment among people who use illicit drugs in Vancouver, Canada 01 September 2021
Minimizing race through colourblind healthcare: examining Black women's experiences of medical racism during prenatal care 01 September 2021
Using microbial fuel cells for the remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated aquifers 01 September 2021
Marginal fit and internal adaptation of monolithic zirconia 3-unit fixed dental prostheses : in-vitro study 01 September 2021
Islamic technoscience : machines, politics, and gender in Iran’s cultural revolution (1980-1983) 01 September 2021
Teen perceptions of adolescent dating violence 01 September 2021
Multiple Auditory Processing Assessment as a tool to quantify hidden hearing loss 01 September 2021
Mapping colonial patterns of western knowledge in elementary textbooks of Natural Sciences and History, Geography and Social Sciences for Chilean rural education 01 September 2021
Non-target interactions and humane evaluation of a captive bolt trap on commensal rodents 01 September 2021
Approaches to genome analysis through the application of graph theory 01 September 2021
Regulatory capture in Canadian environmental decision-making 01 September 2021
A fast solver for the pseudo-two-dimensional model of lithium-ion batteries 01 September 2021
Cellulose nanocrystals : from extraction to biomedical application 01 September 2021
Recursive spline trajectory generation and automated cycle time prediction 01 September 2021
Modelling motorcyclist-pedestrian interactions using inverse reinforcement learning 01 September 2021