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Title Available
The diversity, evolution and virus-derived small interfering RNAs of arthropod-associated RNA viruses 30 October 2022
Entanglement entropy on a fuzzy sphere : matrix quantum mechanics simulations using deep learning 27 October 2022
A/r/tographical bread making as meaning making : materials within a relational practice through art making and storying 27 October 2022
Daughter of a vice president : the double life of Louisa Burr 26 October 2022
Understanding the experiences and quality of life of people with incomplete spinal cord injury who can ambulate 26 October 2022
Characterization of two regulators in plant immune receptor-mediated defense 26 October 2022
Thixotropy and slip of model kaolinite hybrid and oil tailings suspensions 26 October 2022
Environmental DNA (eDNA) approaches to monitoring outmigration dynamics of juvenile Pacific salmon 23 October 2022
Silent adhan : exploring the muslim call to prayer in metro Vancouver 23 October 2022
Estimation of cutting forces with CNC motor current data 23 October 2022
Submillimetre polarization of the Crab Nebula 23 October 2022
Extracting the hierarchical wavelet coefficients from full-sky maps 23 October 2022
Multiple viral protein genome linked proteins in dicistrovirus infection 23 October 2022
9 to 5 : a study in women's work, wealth and economic agency in Cyprus and the Aegean during the Late Bronze Age 23 October 2022
Making the environmental state in Chile : knowledge, markets, and legal frameworks for biodiversity conservation 20 October 2022
“Máquinas y autómatas : retratos de la mujer amazónica y su relación con la naturaleza en la literatura del auge de la extracción del caucho (1879-1914)” 20 October 2022
Pacific salmon and the ecological importance of variability in their flowing stream environments : the influence of hydraulics on individual behaviour and hydrology on population dynamics 20 October 2022
Peierls coupling in multi-orbital metal oxides 20 October 2022
“Let us go to the seer” : oracle giving, scribal culture, and the invention of Hebrew scripture 20 October 2022
A data-driven ensemble framework for modeling high-dimensional data : theory, methods, algorithms, and applications 20 October 2022
Analysis of an oral health self-assessment tool using video conferencing for Special Olympics (SOBC) - pilot study 20 October 2022
“Craft beer is good not only if it does good, but if it is good” : how key decision makers in craft breweries across British Columbia (BC) understand doing good 20 October 2022
False discovery rate estimation for high-dimensional regression models 20 October 2022
Unravelling RecQ helicase function in genome stability using Strand-seq 20 October 2022
Leveraging developer discussions to improve design accessibility 20 October 2022
Art, education, Arendt : political and aesthetic gestures of amor mundi 20 October 2022
Miniature objective lens design for multiphoton microscopy 19 October 2022
"The horrific struggle to establish a human self" : the hideous immanence of David Foster Wallace's Brief interviews with hideous men 19 October 2022
Coping with heat : community perceptions and experiences of urban forests in Metro Vancouver, Canada 19 October 2022
An overview of intercropping tree/tea plantations in China 19 October 2022
The de facto protection of Marine Protected Areas 19 October 2022
Parent experiences of the primary to secondary school transition for their child with autism spectrum disorder 19 October 2022
Calibration and cross-correlation with the Canadian Hydrogen Intensity Mapping Experiment (CHIME) 19 October 2022
Development and application of economic learning health systems – a forecasting and simulation based analysis of home health for seniors 19 October 2022
The comprehensive analysis of different MS/MS acquisition modes and mass spectrometry related applications 19 October 2022
Pedestrian intent estimation through visual attention and time and memory conscious u-shaped networks for training neural radiance fields 19 October 2022
Feeling (key)pressed : comparing the ways in which force and self-reports reveal emotion 19 October 2022
Exploring beginning teachers’ agency : a case study of three Chinese secondary school teachers 18 October 2022
Exploring the perspectives of Iranian immigrant parents in Canada on the concept of emotions 18 October 2022
Analytically driven software/hardware co-design for accelerating tensor workloads 18 October 2022
Nonlinear superconducting circuit elements for quantum technologies : from design to experiment 18 October 2022
Safe optimization developments and applications 18 October 2022
Update rate, accuracy, and age of information in a wireless sensor network 18 October 2022
Safe and risk-aware trajectory planning under Gaussian Mixture Model environmental uncertainty 18 October 2022
Update rate, accuracy, and age of information in a wireless sensor network 18 October 2022
Just in principle? : assessing the contributions of organic farming to socio-ecological sustainability in Canadian agriculture 18 October 2022
Progress towards a portable cold-atom pressure standard 18 October 2022
Progress towards a portable cold-atom pressure standard 18 October 2022
Progress towards a portable cold-atom pressure standard 18 October 2022
From sampling to specializing : examining youth sport trajectories 18 October 2022