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Title Available
On the Bartnik mass of two-spheres with non-negative constant mean curvature 31 March 2021
Organic electronic materials for nanoscale systems: from luminescent bottlebrush copolymers to ultrastable fluorophores 31 March 2021
Design and development of universal antibiofilm coatings for urinary catheters 30 March 2021
Analysis of machine learning mineral prospectivity models at a project-scale using scarce training dataset 30 March 2021
Strategies for coexisting : juvenile pink and chum salmon diets and interactions in a challenging section of coastal migration 30 March 2021
HIV care outcomes and institutional structures : person-centered care for people who use illicit drugs 30 March 2021
Estimating the final moisture content variation in kiln-dried Pacific coast hemlock 30 March 2021
Database-driven whole genome profiling for stratifying Triple Negative Breast Cancers (TNBC) 30 March 2021
'Yeah, I doubt it.' 'No, it's true.' How paradoxical responses impact the common ground 30 March 2021
The inflammatory caspases coordinate mucosal restriction of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium 30 March 2021
Bonds of trust : the origins of tanomi shōmon and the mechanisms of trust and cooperation in early modern Japan 30 March 2021
Ferrofluid enabled micro actuators for endoscopic bio-imaging and analysis 30 March 2021
Endoplasmic reticulum : nanodomain organization and communication with mitochondria 30 March 2021
Evaluating counterfactuals : case studies of modeling choices and their implications 30 March 2021
Computational studies of particles and cells transport in microfluidic devices 30 March 2021
Synthesis of substrates and inhibitors for cell shape-determining proteases Csd4 and Csd6 30 March 2021
Engineering globular protein-based hydrogels with tunable mechanical properties 30 March 2021
Versatile multimodality microscopy for in vivo skin characterization and skin disease diagnosis : [supplementary material] 30 March 2021
Versatile multimodality microscopy for in vivo skin characterization and skin disease diagnosis 30 March 2021
Evolutionary theory of cooperation and group life 29 March 2021
Ultracold nitric oxide molecular plasma : characteristic response to time-varying electric fields 29 March 2021
New results in extremal combinatorics 25 March 2021
"We can adapt it to our needs" : tailoring Choose to Move for Chinese older adults living in the Metro Vancouver Regional District 25 March 2021
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance magnetometry at low temperature with application to antimatter gravity experiments by ALPHA 23 March 2021
Non-macrocyclic chelators for metal-based radiopharmaceuticals 23 March 2021
"Keep it confusing" : gender nonconforming youth resisting structures of legibility in a high school 22 March 2021
Weakly supervised landmark detection for automatic measurement of left ventricular diameter in videos of PLAX from cardiac ultrasound 22 March 2021
Rethinking “family” in a family literacy program : a Canadian case study 22 March 2021
Harnessing neighbourhood walkability’s health potential by providing a supportive pedestrian environment : a comparative analysis across demographic and psychosocial factors 21 March 2021
Reducing mental illness stigma : interventions and mechanisms 21 March 2021
Regional groundwater conditions in northeast BC : results from a monitoring well network in an area of historical and ongoing unconventional natural gas development 21 March 2021
Online chatter detection using self-evolving automated machine learning fusion 21 March 2021
A framework for sustainable development management in the construction industry 18 March 2021
Cannabis use in high performance sport : an exploration 18 March 2021
Climate change impacts on Canadian fishing and seafood supply 17 March 2021
Studies on the role of ammonia in the control of breathing in the Pacific hagfish (Eptatretus stoutii) and rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 15 March 2021
Searches for new high-mass resonances in top-antitop and di-electron final states using the ATLAS detector 11 March 2021
Reductions in finite-dimensional quantum mechanics : from symmetries to operator algebras and beyond 11 March 2021
Context-informed population health knowledge translation : a case study 09 March 2021
Epidemiology of chronic disease and multimorbidity for transgender people living with and without HIV 09 March 2021
Walking once again : use of a robotic exoskeleton during subacute stroke rehabilitation to promote functional recovery 08 March 2021
Explaining contentious collective action over the environmental impacts of oil : the state and indigenous organizations in the Peruvian Amazon (2006-2019) 08 March 2021
Comparison of transverse dentoalveolar and circummaxillary sutural changes in different maxillary expansion protocols : a retrospective study 08 March 2021
Graphitic coke in microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis to improve process efficiency and soil quality 08 March 2021
Development of a functional spinal unit for evaluation of sports and automotive protective equipment : [errata] 02 March 2021
Oxidative stress and cellular adhesion molecules in obstructive sleep apnea 01 March 2021
Computational studies on functional materials 27 February 2021
Determination of small medicinal molecules by capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry with on-line concentration techniques 27 February 2021
Determining the feasibility of assessing salivary biomarkers and swallowing perception in those with Sjogren's syndrome and healthy controls 27 February 2021
The neuroprotective role of somatostatin against beta amyloid induced toxicity in in vitro models of Alzheimer’s disease 27 February 2021