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Title Available
Opioid agonist therapy under the PharmaCare psychiatric medications plan : utilization, retention, and financial consequences 29 September 2022
Systematics of deep and recent lineages of bryophytes using phylogenomic approaches 29 September 2022
Correction of a pathogenic lipoprotein lipase deficiency mutation p207l using Crispr/Cas-mediated adenine base editors 29 September 2022
Utilization and safety studies of inhaled pharmacotherapies in COPD 29 September 2022
Large scale federated analytics and differential privacy budget preservation 29 September 2022
Investigating molecular clustering of Rv1747 in M. smegmatis 29 September 2022
Associations of DNA methylation with adversity throughout the life course 29 September 2022
The anticancer activity of leech saliva extract and the role of protease activated receptor 1 (PAR-1) in prostate cancer 29 September 2022
Characterization and application of bacteriophages for the biocontrol of Shiga-toxin producing Escherichia coli 29 September 2022
Using landscape genomics to delineate seed and breeding zones and project genetic offset for lodgepole pine 29 September 2022
Pro-inflammatory platelet factor 4 (CXCL4/PF4) signaling in rheumatoid arthritis 29 September 2022
Photofunctional materials : photochromism, thermally activated delayed fluorescence and room temperature phosphorescence 29 September 2022
Neutral and cationic indium complexes for the synthesis of oxygenated copolymers 29 September 2022
Carbon mineralization in ultramafic mine tailings via CO₂ injection 29 September 2022
MEMS-enabled drug delivery through wirelessly controlled pumping and valving actuation 29 September 2022
Exploring the impact of different missing data mechanisms on the efficiency of parameter estimates 28 September 2022
Behavioural ecology of a vulnerable Arctic predator in a dynamic and changing environment 28 September 2022
Atomistic studies of mechanical loss in amorphous silicon 28 September 2022
Reactive transport modelling of greenhouse gas cycling and emissions from macroporous agricultural soils 28 September 2022
Genomics of western redcedar (Thuja plicata) 28 September 2022
Hysterectomy for endometriosis with or without ovarian preservation in British Columbia, Canada : a population based retrospective cohort study of post surgical outcomes 28 September 2022
Mechanics of needle insertion and deep penetration in soft solids 27 September 2022
The role of the lineage oncogene ASCL1 in treatment-induced neuroendocrine prostate cancer 27 September 2022
Overcoming path dependency to implement nature-based solutions for coastal flooding : cases from the global north and south 27 September 2022
The impact of black/white interracial relationships on identity formation and trust 26 September 2022
Risk factors for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma among patients from a Canadian dermatology clinic 26 September 2022
Investigating Golgi retrograde dynamics through the xylan synthase complex in Arabidopsis thaliana 26 September 2022
Toward understanding and improving the user experience with smartphone physical security 26 September 2022
Beyond learning curves : understanding stochasiticity and learned solution modes in reinforcement learning 26 September 2022
Pampa and Pallay : the paradox of culture and economy in the Andean mountains 26 September 2022
Experiments on turbulent flows of elasto-viscoplastic fluids 26 September 2022
An investigation of cancer effect on viscoelastic properties of prostate gland via quasi-linear viscoelastic model 26 September 2022
Tumour intrinsic mechanisms of immunosuppression in T cell function and response to lung cancer 26 September 2022
Designing photostable and bright luminophores for biological imaging and optoelectronic applications 22 September 2022
Macrophage phenotyping using autofluorescence microscopy and machine learning 21 September 2022
Writers want AI collaborators to respect their personal values and writing strategies : a human-centered perspective on AI co-writing 21 September 2022
Interpreting experts’ perspectives on philosophizing media and technology for children and youth 21 September 2022
A self-driving laboratory for automated materials discovery 20 September 2022
Development and analysis of membrane contactor for resource recovery from wastewater 20 September 2022
Reactivation of fetal miRNAs and restoration of fetal isomiR patterns in lung adenocarcinoma 20 September 2022
Southward from the blazing sun : climate change, migration and the experiences of cross-border migrants in South Africa 20 September 2022
Evaluating the effects of GlycoCaged dexamethasone in SHIP-deficient mice 13 September 2022
Explainable diagnosis using deep-learning : classification of fundus images as a promising tool for early detection of Alzheimer's disease 13 September 2022
Computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancer with deep learning : addressing the challenges of practical applications 13 September 2022
In utero exposure to wildfire smoke and critical time windows for respiratory outcomes in the first year of life 13 September 2022
myWeekInSight : visualizing personal data for chronic pain management through youth-centered design 13 September 2022
Understanding cellular response to drugs and toxins with yeast genomics tools 13 September 2022
Clockwork plots : timekeeping narratives in Wilkie Collins's sensation fiction 13 September 2022
Estrangement : four houses of Kazuo Shinohara 13 September 2022
Microparticles of dietary fiber for its use as a fat replacer 13 September 2022