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Title Available
Displacement flows in eccentric annulus : methods to improve displacement efficiency 03 August 2022
Design and implementation of a dipole bearingless slice motor for flux-weakening applications 03 August 2022
Evolutionary outcomes of interactions among phenotypes in post-glacial lakes 03 August 2022
Perception of facial asymmetry and a computational tool for its objective assessment 03 August 2022
Nonmacrocyclic ligand development for inorganic radiopharmaceutical chemistry 02 August 2022
Bifunctional chelating ligands for targeted radionuclide therapy and nuclear imaging : synthesis, evaluation, and application 02 August 2022
Investigating sex differences in the polygenic risk of major depressive disorder and shared associations with cardiovascular disease 02 August 2022
Cancer as interruption : exploring the experiences of adolescents who have completed treatment for cancer 02 August 2022
Understanding the human health benefits of urban green space across the life course by integrating epidemiological and novel geospatial approaches 02 August 2022
Civic integration policy? : the impact of European civic integration programs on immigrant well-being, perceptions of belonging, and value adoption 02 August 2022
Language and literacies pedagogies in a language introduction program in Sweden : lessons from teachers and youths 02 August 2022
Generalizable deep learning models for epithelial ovarian carcinoma classification 02 August 2022
Pickering emulsion of cellulose nanofibrils stabilized phase change materials for thermal management applications 02 August 2022
Altered cortico-striatal signaling and motor behaviour in the YAC128 mouse model of Huntington disease 02 August 2022
Kinetic study of the dissolution of chalcopyrite in the presence of a catalyst under acidic sulfate medium 30 July 2022
Crystallographic exploration into the regulation of the cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel by its protein partners 30 July 2022
Photocatalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air using ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs) 30 July 2022
Development of a UV-induced metal-oxide chemiresistive biosensor for lactate monitoring 30 July 2022
Role of plasticity-related gene 1 palmitoylation in synapse plasticity 30 July 2022
Cooperative virtual machine and spot instance scheduling for greater spot instance revenue 30 July 2022
Cooperative virtual machine and spot instance scheduling for greater spot instance revenue : [supplementary material] 30 July 2022
The role of FBXO11 in human hematopoiesis 30 July 2022
Analyzing android taint analysis tools : FlowDroid, Amandroid, and DroidSafe 30 July 2022
Assisted dissolution of copper sulfides in ferric sulfate solutions : thiourea and its derivatives 30 July 2022
Essays of instrument-free causal inference, machine learning and marketing applications 30 July 2022
Radiotheranostic agents targeting the tumor microenvironment 30 July 2022
Hydrothermal pretreatments to make durable pellets from herbaceous biomass 28 July 2022
Measurements of gluon fusion and vector boson fusion production of the Higgs boson in decays to two W bosons with the ATLAS detector 28 July 2022
Neutral and cationic indium complexes for the synthesis of functionalized monomers and polymers 28 July 2022
Homopolar bearingless slice motor for improved power density 28 July 2022
Convolutional neural network applications to identifying differences in phoneme processing in EEG signals of native speakers and late second language learners 28 July 2022
Time course study of novel contrast agents MVivo AuNH₂ and Fenestra HDVC and their ability to monitor liver tumor growth 28 July 2022
Essays in development economics 28 July 2022
Reaching wide and deep : public pedagogy of death and dying in Canada 28 July 2022
Learning from failure : development and discussion of a database of structural failures 28 July 2022
At an impasse : the possibilities of feminist resistance in Han Kang’s Ch’aeshikjuŭija and Deborah Smith’s The Vegetarian 28 July 2022
Overwintering with plastic silage tarps as a tool to improve the climate resilience of organic vegetable production in British Columbia 28 July 2022
Red giant stars as standard candles 28 July 2022
Characterization and extraction of rare earth elements from metallurgical coal-based source 28 July 2022
Stroke and white matter hyperintensities : investigating lesion impacts on cognition and white matter structure 26 July 2022
Determining typical doses of injectable diacetylmorphine and hydromorphone for the treatment of opioid use disorder 26 July 2022
Sized dependent types via extensional type theory 26 July 2022
The strategic compulsion of offending states to compliment the virtues of international law : Kremlin's Ukraine Policy 26 July 2022
Effectiveness of different irrigation protocols in removing calcium hydroxide from simulated internal root resorptions 26 July 2022
A critical ethnographic study of overdose prevention sites as a community-based response to overdose deaths 26 July 2022
Greening responses to long-term experimental warming in High Arctic tundra communities using plot-level remote sensing 26 July 2022
Utilizing native ligands to purify membrane protein complexes in a soluble state 25 July 2022
Dissecting ionic effects of soil salinity on Canadian native and hybrid willows (Salix spp.) 25 July 2022
Synthesizing multivariate time series using generative adversarial networks with a central discriminator 25 July 2022
The all-affected interests principle : a relational approach 25 July 2022