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Title Available
Investigating the change processes in information systems requirements 30 August 2020
The role of epithelial-fibroblast communication in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 30 August 2020
Molecular characterization and genetic diagnosis of cancer predisposition syndromes using genome and transcriptome sequencing 30 August 2020
Selective laser arrest of antibody-producing cells to increase antibody production 30 August 2020
The effect of hydrogen substitution on the real-world CO₂, NOx, and PM emissions of a heavy-duty diesel truck 30 August 2020
Predicting a temperature-oxygen critical habitat squeeze for endangered pacific salmon and sculpin in a small, coastal monomictic lake 30 August 2020
Fluency misattribution and the curse of knowledge bias in children 30 August 2020
Practical and green design strategies for the catalytic synthesis of functional materials 30 August 2020
Effects of prenatal alcohol exposure on social behavior neurobiology in rats 30 August 2020
Functional analysis of homeodomain transcription factors in secondary cell wall formation in Arabidopsis thaliana 30 August 2020
Regret bounds without Lipschitz continuity : online learning with relative-Lipschitz losses 30 August 2020
Stochastic second-order optimization for over-parameterized machine learning models 30 August 2020
Vaccine-specific immune responses in HIV-exposed uninfected infants 30 August 2020
Identification of molecular and morphological alterations in head and neck cancer 30 August 2020
Granzyme K : a novel contributor in cardiac allograft vasculopathy 30 August 2020
Visualizing heterogeneous data in genomic epidemiology 30 August 2020
Texting and connecting in patients with dysautonomia of adolescence : a novel approach between patients and their health care providers 30 August 2020
The tower 30 August 2020
Maternal exercise mitigates the adverse effects of obesity on adult offspring cardiometabolic health 30 August 2020
Early-life gut microbiota dysbiosis in children with atopic dermatitis 30 August 2020
Development and validation of a new preclinical analgesic assay 30 August 2020
Gp78 regulation of mitophagy by PINK1 and USP13 is mediated by its CUE domain 30 August 2020
PI4P pH-biosensing regulates Osh1-mediated lipid counter-transport 30 August 2020
Safety of perinatal biologic use in autoimmune diseases : population-based studies of maternal and infant outcomes 30 August 2020
Navigating hybrid global policy contexts : a phenomenological study of market-oriented education policy enactments among administrators of international education programs 30 August 2020
Security analysis of robotic vehicles protected by control-based techniques 30 August 2020
Analytical improvements in the detection of amyloid-β peptides in cerebrospinal fluid by mass spectrometry 30 August 2020
Characterization of ultramafic mine tailings reactivity for carbon capture and storage 27 August 2020
Learning language and science at play : threads of meaning-making and identities 27 August 2020
Validity and reliability evidence for the Rosenberg self-esteem scale with adults in Canada and the United States 27 August 2020
Energy management in wireless communications : from convex optimization to machine learning 27 August 2020
Metaphor and memory : cognitive poetics and the legacy of Al Purdy 26 August 2020
In silico insights into the membrane binding mechanism and role of disulfide bridges in the Solanum tuberosum plant specific insert 26 August 2020
Visible female power structures in nineteenth century Algeria 26 August 2020
Majorana bound states on a periodic superconducting vortex lattice 26 August 2020
Activists or active threats? : how the state securitization of critical infrastructure impacts environmental and Indigenous activists in Canada and the United States 26 August 2020
The labour market negotiation of Bhutanese in the Canadian labor market 26 August 2020
Thermal limits to the cardiorespiratory performance of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) in a rapidly warming north 26 August 2020
Exploring spatio-temporal patterns and environmental determinants of pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease in British Columbia 26 August 2020
Translating knowledge to action : creation of the evidence-based Exercise and Depression Toolkit for health care providers working with individuals with depression 26 August 2020
Evolution of Late Cretaceous Kasalka Group volcanics, Nechako Plateau, central British Columbia 26 August 2020
Characterizing uncertainty through Bayesian hierarchical models in structural engineering : new approaches for characterizing the tensile strength of lumber based on a spatial distribution of knots 26 August 2020
Reading the novel through odours : an investigation into Chinese olfactory aesthetics using The Story of the Stone as a case study 26 August 2020
Features of academic programs that are helping students from refugee backgrounds to succeed academically 26 August 2020
Ketogenic diet and ketone ester supplementation as an acute therapeutic for spinal cord injury 26 August 2020
Utility of machine learning approaches for cancer diagnosis and analysis from RNA sequencing 26 August 2020
Molecular studies on plant NLR immune receptors 26 August 2020
HIV infection in the post-combination antiretroviral therapy era : a human model of immune aging 26 August 2020
Examination of a new model of genetic counselling and assessing a demographically diverse patient population attending hereditary cancer genetic counselling services 26 August 2020
Intrinsically stretchable polymer based electrochromic devices for soft electronic displays 26 August 2020