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Title Available
Examining the treatment utility of the approach-avoidance motivation model for sexual interest/arousal disorder in women and non-binary individuals 08 August 2021
Is a good bot better than a mediocre human? : chatbots as alternatives sources of social connection 08 August 2021
Becoming engineers: how students leverage relationships between documents and learning activities 08 August 2021
The local time and boundary of super-Brownian motion 08 August 2021
Age-associated differences in human hematopoietic stem cell proliferation control 08 August 2021
Developing next-generation regulatory T cell therapeutics 08 August 2021
Mapping the microtubule landscape : the role of microtubule-associated proteins during cell division and expansion in Arabidopsis thaliana 08 August 2021
Ferruccio Busoni's use of the sostenuto pedal : expansion of the pedalling technique 08 August 2021
Attacking transaction relay in MimbleWimble blockchains 05 August 2021
On the design of highly linear efficient millimeter-wave power amplifiers and ultra-wideband low-error phase shifters for emerging wireless communication applications 05 August 2021
Genomic characterization of inter- and intra-tumour heterogeneity in primary adult diffuse gliomas and associated disease models 05 August 2021
A scoping review of outcome evaluations of universal programs that incorporate live animals to promote the social and emotional competencies of children and youth 05 August 2021
The interfacial dynamics of amorphous materials as revealed by beta-NMR measurements and molecular simulations 04 August 2021
A study of the quantum-to-classical transition in gravity, and a study of the consequences of constraints in gauge theory path-integrals 04 August 2021
Essays in labour economics 04 August 2021
Novel biological interactions influence the persistence potential of invasive mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) in the Canadian Boreal Forest 04 August 2021
Assessing efficiency of macro particle classification using tilted structured pillar arrays 03 August 2021
Offsetting, contagion, and neutralization : the effects of “thick reinforcement” in the Six-party Talks 03 August 2021
Optimized bombesin analogues as nuclear imaging and therapy agents for gastrin-releasing peptide receptor positive neoplasms 30 July 2021
Philip Roth and the struggle of modern fiction 30 July 2021
Effect of vacuum microwave dehydration on the off-flavour intensity and functionality of pea proteins 30 July 2021
Deframing techno-coloniality : Sikh spirituality in the age of the technocene 30 July 2021
The effect of once weekly folic acid supplementation on red blood cell folate concentrations in women to determine the potential to prevent neural tube defects 30 July 2021
Structural insights into the modulation of bacterial peptidoglycan synthase activity 30 July 2021
Essays in the corporate governance of information technology 30 July 2021
Spatiotemporal and directional properties of visual neurons in the lentiformis mesencephali of the zebra finch and hummingbird 30 July 2021
The politics of consultative authoritarianism : bureaucratic competition, deliberation and responsiveness in China 30 July 2021
Low-dimensional quantum systems from novel constituents 29 July 2021
Quantum tasks in holography 29 July 2021
Squares for breathing, becoming, and beholding : cultivating a relationship with the unknown 29 July 2021
Improved regenerative braking in electric vehicles through switch selection optimization 29 July 2021
The butterfly effect : the power of individual action to mitigate climate change 29 July 2021
Palm oil, eco-labels, and greenwash in a liberal environmental regime 29 July 2021
Exegesis-philosophy interplay : introduction to Fazang’s (643-712) commentary on the Huayan jing (60 juans) [Skt. Avataṃsaka Sūtra; Flower garland sūtra] — the Huayan jing tanxuan ji [record of investigating the mystery of the Huayan jing] 29 July 2021
Chromium stabilization in ferrochromium slag for its utilization as aggregate material 28 July 2021
Circuit generation for machine learning-enhanced field programmable gate array architecture exploration 28 July 2021
The association between organized activity participation and emotional wellbeing among immigrant-origin and non-immigrant children 28 July 2021
New methods for cluster analysis and their applications to the biology of B cells and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma 28 July 2021
Axion quark nugget dark matter model : developments in model building and observations 25 July 2021
Wayfinding peace : museums in conflict zones 25 July 2021
Examining impact of interleukin-1 receptor antagonist on fluoxetine efficacy in a preclinical rodent model of postpartum depression 25 July 2021
Resource allocation algorithms and preamble design for massive IoT systems 25 July 2021
Petroleum system analysis of the Triassic Doig Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin 25 July 2021
The government is seeking a mandate : the Liberal Party of Canada’s use of democratic rhetoric in the interwar years, 1919–1940 25 July 2021
A remote-sensing based investigation on the impacts of canopy height differences on microclimate in a burned forest : [supplementary material] 25 July 2021
Investigating the prevalence of taurodontism in an adolescent population using dental panoramic radiographs 25 July 2021
Efficacy of novel coating in preventing Proteus mirabilis adherence and assessing the pathogenic mechanisms utilized to potentiate catheter-associated urinary tract infections 20 July 2021
Clinician’s perceptions of the integration of anxiety mobile applications to counselling : a critical incident study 20 July 2021
IPSC-derived GRN-mutant astrocytes delay excitatory electrical development of neurons in a non-cell autonomous manner 20 July 2021
Environmental variability and geomorphic responses on alluvial fans : an experimental study 20 July 2021