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Title Available
Impact of temperature regimes on flavonoid accumulation in Merlot (Vitis vinifera L.) grapes 29 September 2020
rAAV9 mediated PAX6 gene transfer temporarily reverses corneal epithelial thinning in a mouse model of aniridia 29 September 2020
Bicyclic octapeptide alpha-Amanitin, the death cap mushroom toxin : the total synthesis and derivatives of the hydroxyproline residue 29 September 2020
Modulating the adhesive strength of blood clots by coagulation factor XIIIa-based technologies 29 September 2020
Detection of enriched patterns in protein sequence data 29 September 2020
Antimicrobial properties of Kisameet clay, a natural clay mineral from British Columbia, Canada 29 September 2020
Gelation of cellulose nanocrystals 29 September 2020
Influence of feed timing on sediment transport and bed evolution during hydrographs 29 September 2020
Enhancing the photovoltaic performance of biogenic solar cells with synthetic biology 28 September 2020
Mechanism and experimental validation of self-centering nonlinear friction damper 28 September 2020
Compilation-assisted performance acceleration for data analytics 28 September 2020
Convergence in conflict : reassessing vote-based affinity and UN voting strategy through US-North Korea relations 27 September 2020
Natural regeneration dynamics of interior Douglas-fir : assessment of post-disturbance regeneration in the UBC Alex Fraser Research Forest’s (AFRF’S) Knife Creek block 23 September 2020
Exploring the neurophysiological effect of aerobic exercise in concussion : an EEG feasibility study 23 September 2020
Antimicrobial peptide host toxicity prediction with transfer learning for proteins 23 September 2020
Walking the wild coast : territory, belonging, and tourism on the West Coast Trail 23 September 2020
Interpolation, growth conditions, and stochastic gradient descent 23 September 2020
Several sides to the story : representation and reading, movement and space, and female coalition in Salvador Plascencia’s The People of Paper 21 September 2020
Slice sampling for general completely random measures 21 September 2020
An equitable approach to mitigation in contract 21 September 2020
Terpene and isoprenoid biosynthesis in Cannabis sativa 21 September 2020
3-D finite element modeling of sequential oblique cutting of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polymer 21 September 2020
Leveraging automation to elucidate reaction mechanisms 21 September 2020
Thermo-hydro-mechanical densification of western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) 20 September 2020
Examining mental health disparities among transgender and/or gender nonconforming young people : a mixed-methods approach 17 September 2020
The hegemony of the white gaze in America and black resistance as counter-hegemony 16 September 2020
Studies on one-pot sulfuryl fluoride-mediated transformations of aliphatic alcohols 16 September 2020
On the resiliency of sex testing in sport 14 September 2020
Hemilabile heteroelement based ligands for early transition metal complexes, fundamental studies and applications to catalysis 14 September 2020
Austenite decomposition in the coarse grain heat affected zone of X80 line pipe steel 14 September 2020
Situated cognition : a lens for exploring behaviour change across contexts 10 September 2020
Capital ownership in contemporary financialization : theorizing the new regime of property relations 10 September 2020
NLRP3 inflammasome contributes to retinal ganglion cell (RGC) death in the DBA/2J mouse model of glaucoma 10 September 2020
Using convolutional neural networks to predict NRG1-fusions in PDAC biopsy images 10 September 2020
Contagious seeds : disease ecologies and colonial exchanges in early modern literature 09 September 2020
Secwépemc water governance : re-imagining water relationality 09 September 2020
Heart-lung interactions following cervical spinal cord injury 09 September 2020
Dioxygenases in the catabolism of syringols in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 09 September 2020
Fast to run model for thermal fields during metal additive manufacturing simulations 09 September 2020
The Light only Liquid Xenon experiment : signal production, data acquisition and commissioning 08 September 2020
Mangrove poetics : writing community in Hispanic Caribbean diasporas 08 September 2020
Effect of canal curvature location on the cyclic fatigue resistance of the endosequence controlled memory file 08 September 2020
PDGFRα+ and HIC1+ mesenchymal progenitors in murine skeletal tissue ; roles in homeostasis and regeneration 08 September 2020
Design and evaluation of nonverbal motion cues for human-robot spatial interaction 08 September 2020
Understanding Chinese cultural practices and the environment : a call for critical theory and hermeneutics 07 September 2020
Characterization and quantification of forest secondary structure using airborne LiDAR 07 September 2020
Detecting the phylogenetic signal of glacial refugia in a bryodiversity hotspot outside the tropics 07 September 2020
A prophylactic probiotic to fight paenibacillus larvae infection in honey bees 07 September 2020
Improving and estimating Y chromosome loss in blood and brain tissues using high-throughput sequencing 07 September 2020
Prediction and anomaly detection in water quality with explainable hierarchical learning through parameter sharing 07 September 2020