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Title Available
Microwave responses of strongly demagnetized metallic samples 29 August 2021
Spatial analysis of the opioid overdose epidemic in British Columbia 29 August 2021
Herbivorous insect and plant communities respond in complex ways to rainfall manipulation in an oak savanna grassland 29 August 2021
Functionalization of human gene variants In Drosophila 29 August 2021
The neutral-to-the-left mixture model 29 August 2021
Modulation of muscle cell insulin receptor signalling, transcription and trafficking by insulin 29 August 2021
Characterizing regimes of stratified pilot-ignited direct-injection natural gas combustion in an optically-accessible engine 29 August 2021
Peptidoglycan binding by Pgp2 and Ape1 determines Campylobacter jejuni helical cell shape 29 August 2021
Analysis of single telomeres using fluorescence microscopy 29 August 2021
Human pose and stride length estimation 27 August 2021
Cherenkov and transition radiation as low-energy background sources in SuperCDMS detectors 27 August 2021
Visualizing multi-level structures in data 26 August 2021
Designing familiar augmented and virtual reality environments and interactions through off-the-shelf real-world solutions 26 August 2021
Approximate extended formulations for multidimensional knapsack and the unsplittable flow problem on trees 26 August 2021
Atomic modification of graphene on silicon carbide : adsorption and intercalation 26 August 2021
Three essays in development economics and gender 26 August 2021
Snake-based tool for supporting interactive tooth segmentation from 3D mandibular meshes 26 August 2021
Self-managing with physical activity wearables : emerging ethical issues from the perspectives of persons living with arthritis 26 August 2021
Symmetry protected measurement-based quantum computation in finite spin chains 26 August 2021
Full photon propagator and boundary charges in a 4D bulk with a 3D defect 26 August 2021
Questioning the Crown : English liberalism, Canadian settler colonialism, and sovereignty 26 August 2021
Universal psychosocial screening for post-secondary students with HEARTSMAP-U : evidence for inter-rater reliability 26 August 2021
Locally-adaptive boosting variational inference 26 August 2021
Root canal dentin erosion following different irrigation protocols 26 August 2021
Decomposition of topological Azumaya algebras in the stable range 26 August 2021
Combinatorial problems for intervals, fractal sets and tubes 26 August 2021
Exploring strategies for integrating preventive oral care in prenatal health care services in British Columbia, Canada 26 August 2021
Prospects for measuring off-axis spins of binary black holes with Plus-era gravitational-wave detectors 26 August 2021
Taking the road less travelled : two essays on encouraging uncommon prosocial behaviors 26 August 2021
Kakeya maximal function conjecture for semialgebraic mappings 26 August 2021
Development of efficient methods incorporating fluorinated motifs in organic molecules 26 August 2021
The influence of different plasma lipoprotein fractions and macrophages on smooth muscle cell foam cell formation 25 August 2021
Size classification and dewatering for fine HPGR comminution circuit 25 August 2021
Bone morphogenetic protein 2 governs invasive trophoblast functions by regulating extracellular matrix and adhesion molecules at the maternal-fetal interface 25 August 2021
Winnifred Eaton Reeve's his Royal Nibs : a critical edition 25 August 2021
Housing precarity, correlates, and unmet health care and HIV care needs among women living with HIV in Metro Vancouver, Canada 25 August 2021
Birds of different feather flock together : associations between cross-racial friendships and children’s social and academic adjustment 25 August 2021
Integrating positive behavior support and cognitive behavior therapy in the treatment of anxiety in a child with autism and an intellectual disability : a single case experimental analysis 25 August 2021
On the statistical properties of Entromin as an orthogonal rotation criterion 25 August 2021
Seeing without sight : an exploration of the athlete -- guide partnership in high-performance parasport 25 August 2021
The retinorecipient pretectal projections to the oculomotor cerebellum in zebra finch (Taeniopygia guttata) and Anna’s hummingbird (Calypte anna) 25 August 2021
The effect of free-choice pasture access on lameness recovery and behaviour of lame dairy cattle 25 August 2021
Aberrant intestinal epithelial cell signaling drives inflammatory responses to bacterial flagellin in inflammatory bowel disease 25 August 2021
Ionic interactions in EMAA ionomer blends : a rheological and mechanical property investigation 25 August 2021
The limitations of bans when conserving species that are incidentally caught : a case study of India’s seahorses 23 August 2021
Local glucocorticoid production by the mouse immune and nervous systems 23 August 2021
Leakage of bacteria into dentin-cement interface and dentin canals in human teeth after retro-filling with a calcium silicate cement : an SEM study 23 August 2021
The associations of sleep deficits and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in adolescents 23 August 2021
Probing the role of dopamine at the intersection of addiction, decision making, and sex 23 August 2021
The role of the infant microbiota and childhood stunting in rural Zimbabwe 22 August 2021