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Title Available
Topological quantum phase transitions and topological quantum criticality in superfluids and superconductors 16 August 2021
Patient perspectives of dysphagia following critical illness and artificial airway use 16 August 2021
Structure-function relationship of uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferases (UGTs) 15 August 2021
Inter-limb asymmetries in functional performance and non-contact lower-limb injury in pediatric-age athletes 15 August 2021
Partner contributions to goal pursuit : findings from repeated daily life assessments with older couples 15 August 2021
Scanning electron microscopy analysis of biofilm on dental implants explanted due to peri-implantitis 15 August 2021
Impact of regulatory frameworks on informal cross border trade in Nigeria : a case study of the rice import restriction and border closure of 2019 15 August 2021
Physiological mechanisms facilitating morphological plasticity across hydrodynamic gradients in kelps 15 August 2021
New results on some Erdős-Ko-Rado-type problems 15 August 2021
Abortion nursing in Canada : 1960s to 1990s 15 August 2021
Are you looking at me? : an objective state of mind reduces sensitivity to other's emotional expressions 12 August 2021
West African pan-Africanists and the memorialization of Edward Wilmot Blyden 12 August 2021
Essays in supply chain and project management 12 August 2021
Contextualizing testimony 11 August 2021
The experience of home economics teachers in Saudi Arabian classrooms 11 August 2021
Death construal in suicide 11 August 2021
Sexuality and disordered eating : a dimensional perspective 11 August 2021
Children's understanding of subordinate kind and brand categories 11 August 2021
Persuasion awareness in online settings: antecedents, consequences, and transparency mechanisms 11 August 2021
A paradigm shift in the treatment of high-risk substance use and overdose among youth 10 August 2021
BodyData : a modular system for the design and implementation of complex multistep experiments 10 August 2021
Probing the universe with multiple large-scale structure tracers 10 August 2021
The neurobiological bases of infants’ sensitivity to sociomoral scenarios 10 August 2021
High performance optical force sensing - design, characterization and integration in robotic minimally invasive surgery 10 August 2021
Iterative learning control for beam loading cancellation in electron linear accelerators 10 August 2021
Transmission of antimicrobial-resistant Campylobacter in agri-food systems 10 August 2021
Farming after Occupy : institutional politics, activism, and the future of agricultural science 10 August 2021
Geographies of waiting : the (im)mobilities of Venezuelan migrant women in Colombia 10 August 2021
Promoting the occupational health and safety of health workers : enabling factors and barriers to the local implementation of internationally designed tools 10 August 2021
A multi-scaled approach to understanding the environmental drivers of Southeast Asian forest-savanna mosaics 10 August 2021
Transnational long-term learners of Chinese as peer mentors: language socialization, online learning, and identity 10 August 2021
Sex-biased regulation of body size by nutrient-responsive signaling pathways in Drosophila 10 August 2021
Language and literacy practices of hairdressers in the Botswana multilingual context : implications for occupational literacy development in vocational training 10 August 2021
On LASSO parameter sensitivity 10 August 2021
An asymptotic and numerical analysis of localized solutions to some linear and nonlinear pattern formation problems with heterogeneities 10 August 2021
Language teacher agency in digital technology use : Korean EFL teachers’ enactment through collaborative inquiry 10 August 2021
Assessing accuracy and utility of epigenetic age prediction algorithm in a large-scale targeted methylation sequencing study 10 August 2021
Large-scale mining of differential expression data for insight into gene function 10 August 2021
Stories of educational journeys and leadership : travelling betwixt and between 09 August 2021
Temporality, authority, and "ancient Christianity" in the Carolingian era 09 August 2021
Improving dive phase definitions in northern resident killer whales 09 August 2021
A numerical description of nitrogen diffusion in titanium at elevated temperatures 08 August 2021
Optimization of connection between traditional Japanese post and beam frames and Midply infills 08 August 2021
Examining the treatment utility of the approach-avoidance motivation model for sexual interest/arousal disorder in women and non-binary individuals 08 August 2021
Is a good bot better than a mediocre human? : chatbots as alternatives sources of social connection 08 August 2021
Becoming engineers: how students leverage relationships between documents and learning activities 08 August 2021
The local time and boundary of super-Brownian motion 08 August 2021
Age-associated differences in human hematopoietic stem cell proliferation control 08 August 2021
Developing next-generation regulatory T cell therapeutics 08 August 2021
Mapping the microtubule landscape : the role of microtubule-associated proteins during cell division and expansion in Arabidopsis thaliana 08 August 2021