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Title Available
Dioxygenases in the catabolism of syringols in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 09 September 2020
Fast to run model for thermal fields during metal additive manufacturing simulations 09 September 2020
The Light only Liquid Xenon experiment : signal production, data acquisition and commissioning 08 September 2020
Mangrove poetics : writing community in Hispanic Caribbean diasporas 08 September 2020
Effect of canal curvature location on the cyclic fatigue resistance of the endosequence controlled memory file 08 September 2020
PDGFRα+ and HIC1+ mesenchymal progenitors in murine skeletal tissue ; roles in homeostasis and regeneration 08 September 2020
Design and evaluation of nonverbal motion cues for human-robot spatial interaction 08 September 2020
Understanding Chinese cultural practices and the environment : a call for critical theory and hermeneutics 07 September 2020
Characterization and quantification of forest secondary structure using airborne LiDAR 07 September 2020
Detecting the phylogenetic signal of glacial refugia in a bryodiversity hotspot outside the tropics 07 September 2020
A prophylactic probiotic to fight paenibacillus larvae infection in honey bees 07 September 2020
Improving and estimating Y chromosome loss in blood and brain tissues using high-throughput sequencing 07 September 2020
Prediction and anomaly detection in water quality with explainable hierarchical learning through parameter sharing 07 September 2020
A neural architecture for detecting user confusion in eye-tracking data 07 September 2020
Chinese heritage maintenance : a collective case study on Chineseness and heritage language in contemporary British Columbia 02 September 2020
Ions before oxygen : ancestral origins of vertebrate gill function 31 August 2020
Tracking the closed eye by calibrating electrooculography with pupil-corneal reflection 31 August 2020
Simplifying response surface analysis : proposing a new model specification 31 August 2020
Temperature-pressure-composition model for melt viscosity in the Di-An-Ab system 31 August 2020
Race, dominion, and the British Columbia Penitentiary 1879-1916 31 August 2020
Women and hide-working at the Little John Site (KdVo-6), Yukon Territory : a feminist application of use-wear analysis 31 August 2020
The Changeling : a scenic design process from paper to stage 31 August 2020
The stories of eleven Japanese Canadian teachers : colouring racial barriers into teacher training, certification, and hiring processes in British Columbia, 1916-1942 31 August 2020
The effect of animal shelter sound on cat behaviour and welfare 31 August 2020
Exploring the role of penetration in sexual offences in Canada 31 August 2020
The role of the carnitine palmitoyltransferase 1A (CPT1A) p.P479L variant in Inuit infant and child health outcomes in Nunavut 31 August 2020
Fleet-based vehicle emission factors using low-cost sensors : methodology development and validation 31 August 2020
Thin lightly-reinforced concrete walls in concrete shear wall buildings 31 August 2020
Validity and reliability of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 for university students 31 August 2020
Feasibility and preliminary safety of nitric oxide releasing solution as a treatment for bovine mastitis 31 August 2020
Estranging information : media art’s pedagogical potential in the age of information capitalism 31 August 2020
Benzisothiazole based anti-viral agents : new chemistry revealed during structure-activity relationship studies 31 August 2020
Pre-clinical evaluation of theranostic [177Lu]Lu-PSMA617 prostate cancer treatment in combination with adjuvant agonistic OX40-targeting 31 August 2020
Reinforcement learning for data scheduling in internet of things (IoT) networks 31 August 2020
The Beckett effect : the work of Stan Douglas, Paul Chan, and Tania Bruguera 30 August 2020
Absence and artlessness in Early Modern Church of England martyr portraits 30 August 2020
Understanding the epidemiology of young-onset colorectal cancer and information needs of patients and survivors 30 August 2020
The Magazine as surrealist object : VVV and the reanimation of a movement in New York during World War II 30 August 2020
Validation of Monte Carlo simulation of 6 MV photon beam delivered by the Vero4DRT linear accelerator using BEAMnrc and DOSXYZnrc 30 August 2020
The war lawyers : U.S., Israel and the spaces of targeting 30 August 2020
Infrared divergences in N=4 dupersymmetric Yang-Mills theory 30 August 2020
Towards engineering of the selective optical excitations in the topological insulator Bi₂Se₃ 30 August 2020
Uncovering regulators of adaptor protein complex 1 (AP-1) trafficking pathways 30 August 2020
Toxicity across food webs : effect of a botanical extract on tri-trophic interactions in tomato 30 August 2020
The national agenda and four negotiations : does the US president promote bipartisan policymaking? 30 August 2020
What inhibits male allyship? examining the influence of (mis)perceptions of other men's beliefs 30 August 2020
Functional genomic analysis of novel secondary cell wall genes in poplar (Populus trichocarpa) 30 August 2020
Assessing the effects of cattle on Andean bear habitat use in a protected area in northern Peru 30 August 2020
The influence of forest management and spatio-temporal variation on greenhouse gas fluxes from riparian soils along headwater streams 30 August 2020
Shedding light on the future of Caribbean coral reefs under climate change 30 August 2020