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Title Available
Multi-criteria decision analysis comparing agricultural production methods : protocol for analyzing British Columbia blueberries 30 August 2021
Expelled from the garden? Understanding the dynamics of green gentrification in Vancouver, British Columbia 30 August 2021
Ecospirituality : content, correlates and moral concern for nature 30 August 2021
The effect of rigid tape on wrist postures during tree planting tasks 30 August 2021
Confiding in strangers : negotiating trust in mental health service consumption in China 30 August 2021
Carbon stock and plant communities across an elevation gradient of a semiarid grassland : a 58-year follow up 30 August 2021
Spatiotemporal characterisation of some trascriptional signatures in early cerebellar development 30 August 2021
Where war and home front meet : the shared spaces, traumas, and hopes of North Korean soldiers and civilians during the Korean War 30 August 2021
Teacher conceptualizations of academic writing and genre 30 August 2021
Failure characterization in rock engineering using a unified DFN-FDEM analysis approach 30 August 2021
Machine learning modeling of a direct-injected dual-fuel engine based on low density experimental data 30 August 2021
A multi-method examination of physical activity and sedentary time in South Asian adults at high risk for type 2 diabetes in Canada 30 August 2021
Relative pronominal tense : evidence from Gitksan, Japanese, and English 30 August 2021
Medication adherence in asthma : a systematic review and concurrent mixed methods studies exploring the impact of text messages on self-reported medication adherence 30 August 2021
Phylogenetics and evolution of monocot mycoheterotrophs and a newly demonstrated lineage of carnivorous monocots 30 August 2021
The motivic weight of the stack of Azumaya algebras over an elliptic curve 30 August 2021
A simulation of epithelial sheet growth with internal signaling 30 August 2021
Design, fabrication and evaluation of photo-activated gas sensors based on semiconducting nanostructures 30 August 2021
Touchscreen-friendly fingertip system for tactile feedback in prosthetic hands 30 August 2021
The magical world of patriarchy : exploring gender representations and faux feminism in “The sleeping beauty in the wood,” Sleeping beauty, and Maleficent 30 August 2021
Control of an integrated solar thermal system based on intelligent iterative learning for hot water demand prediction 30 August 2021
Recovery of ammonia from simulated membrane contactor effluent using bipolar membrane electrodialysis 30 August 2021
Tissue resident and migratory group 2 innate lymphoid cells in mice 30 August 2021
Security through isolation for cloud and mobile 29 August 2021
Timing pulsars and detecting radio transients with CHIME 29 August 2021
The atomic public : nuclear weapons and U.S. citizen deliberation, 1985-2020 29 August 2021
Food sovereignty and the city : urban agrarianism and agroecology in Canada and Brazil 29 August 2021
Multimodal similes : toward a cognitive understanding of similative meaning 29 August 2021
Microwave responses of strongly demagnetized metallic samples 29 August 2021
Spatial analysis of the opioid overdose epidemic in British Columbia 29 August 2021
Herbivorous insect and plant communities respond in complex ways to rainfall manipulation in an oak savanna grassland 29 August 2021
Functionalization of human gene variants In Drosophila 29 August 2021
The neutral-to-the-left mixture model 29 August 2021
Modulation of muscle cell insulin receptor signalling, transcription and trafficking by insulin 29 August 2021
Characterizing regimes of stratified pilot-ignited direct-injection natural gas combustion in an optically-accessible engine 29 August 2021
Peptidoglycan binding by Pgp2 and Ape1 determines Campylobacter jejuni helical cell shape 29 August 2021
Analysis of single telomeres using fluorescence microscopy 29 August 2021
Human pose and stride length estimation 27 August 2021
Cherenkov and transition radiation as low-energy background sources in SuperCDMS detectors 27 August 2021
Visualizing multi-level structures in data 26 August 2021
Designing familiar augmented and virtual reality environments and interactions through off-the-shelf real-world solutions 26 August 2021
Approximate extended formulations for multidimensional knapsack and the unsplittable flow problem on trees 26 August 2021
Atomic modification of graphene on silicon carbide : adsorption and intercalation 26 August 2021
Three essays in development economics and gender 26 August 2021
Snake-based tool for supporting interactive tooth segmentation from 3D mandibular meshes 26 August 2021
Self-managing with physical activity wearables : emerging ethical issues from the perspectives of persons living with arthritis 26 August 2021
Symmetry protected measurement-based quantum computation in finite spin chains 26 August 2021
Full photon propagator and boundary charges in a 4D bulk with a 3D defect 26 August 2021
Questioning the Crown : English liberalism, Canadian settler colonialism, and sovereignty 26 August 2021
Universal psychosocial screening for post-secondary students with HEARTSMAP-U : evidence for inter-rater reliability 26 August 2021