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Title Available
Baahynajdyy : an ethnography of Sakha language loss, revival, and change in a northern Russian city 29 November 2020
Development of a vitamin B12 fortified yoghurt and its efficacy on vitamin B12 status in older adults 29 November 2020
Dissection of molecular events involved in saul1-mediated autoimmunity 29 November 2020
The role of salicylic acid receptors NPR1 and NPR3/4 in PAMP-triggered immunity and effector-triggered immunity 29 November 2020
Driving chemistry at photoelectrodes and electrodes 29 November 2020
Study of the avirulence effector of Ustilago hordei, UhAVR1, during susceptible and resistant host interactions 27 November 2020
Dissecting preleukemic mechanisms in a synthetic model of human T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia 25 November 2020
An analysis of localized patterns in some novel reaction diffusion models 25 November 2020
Assessment of the affective component of pain in dairy calves 25 November 2020
Essays on British labour markets during the Second Industrial Revolution 24 November 2020
Climate change impacts on living marine resources in the Eastern Tropical Pacific 19 November 2020
Investigating the function of Zpg gap junction protein in Drosophila spermatogenesis by structure function analysis 19 November 2020
Full bayesian models to assess the impacts of mobile automated enforcement on road safety and crime 19 November 2020
Local-scale assessment of regional conservation plans : strategies for the conservation of animals and plants in a tropical rainforest and surrounding mixed-farmland 18 November 2020
A gendered perspective on parenting practices and its association with adolescents’ dietary behaviours 18 November 2020
Making home in Little Syria : gendered geographies of refugee placemaking 18 November 2020
On the existence, structure, and stability of chiral magnetic skyrmions 18 November 2020
A linear Paul trap for barium tagging of neutrinoless double beta decay in nEXO 18 November 2020
On the weakly nonlinear analysis of coupled bulk-surface reaction-diffusion systems : theory, numerics, applications 17 November 2020
Real-time safety and mobility optimization of traffic signals in a connected-vehicle environment 17 November 2020
Investigation of induced seismicity mechanisms and magnitude distributions under different stress regimes, geomechanical factors, and fluid injection parameters 16 November 2020
Unpacking the latrine goddess : the evolution of Zigu invitations from the fifth century to the fifteenth century 16 November 2020
The intestinal microbiota in early life undernutrition 15 November 2020
The college condition : the impact of post-secondary academic environments on undergraduate student mental health stigma, service use and illnesses 11 November 2020
Characterizing multi-decadal vegetative greenness and land use dynamics across Canadian urban areas using satellite remote sensing 11 November 2020
On the development of bed surface structures in response to variable flow regimes 11 November 2020
Design of anion exchange membranes for electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction to carbon monoxide 11 November 2020
Investigation of ecosystem legacy-based mine reclamation techniques : effects of soil transfers, forest connectivity and plant–soil feedbacks on soil food web recovery and plant establishment 05 November 2020
Dielectric heating advanced oxidation process for resource recovery of organic wastewater slurries 05 November 2020
The antimicrobial effects of the agitational irrigation on single- and multispecies biofilms in dentin canals 04 November 2020
Characterization of non-metal fraction of waste printed circuit boards to promote recycling 04 November 2020
Soft law and international relations : the arctic, outer space, and climate change 04 November 2020
Exploring the ecological factors behind the 1999 outbreak of Cryptococcus gattii sensu lato on Vancouver Island 02 November 2020
Dyadic interrelations in emotional experiences among older spouses : associations with concurrent and longer-term changes in health 02 November 2020
Essays in the economics of costly misrepresentation 01 November 2020
Directional and 3-D confinement-dependent fracturing, strength and dilation mobilization in brittle rocks 30 October 2020
A UBC fluidized bed reactor investigation of K-struvite 30 October 2020
Human-yeast cross-species complementation of chromosome instability genes 30 October 2020
Transition metal-containing Brønsted acids as single component cationic initiators for olefin polymerization 30 October 2020
The role of interleukin-13 receptors in airway epithelial wound repair 30 October 2020
Optimal placement and operation of hydrogen fueling stations in Metro Vancouver and Victoria 30 October 2020
The eloquence of things : Indigeneity and the 1925 Pontifical Missionary Exposition 30 October 2020
Understanding and modulating synaptic dysfunction in Huntington disease 30 October 2020
The Cedar Project : understanding the relationship between child apprehension, cultural connectedness and trauma among young Indigenous mothers who have used drugs in two Canadian cities 30 October 2020
Skinprobe 2.0 : development of a system for low-cost measurement of human soft tissues 30 October 2020
Learning through exploration : how children, adults, and older adults interact with a new feature-rich application 30 October 2020
Designing an eyes-reduced document skimming app for situational impairments 30 October 2020
XSnare : application-specific, cross-site scripting protection 30 October 2020
Numerical model for corrosion of rock bolts by galvanic minerals in a heterogeneous rock mass 30 October 2020
Estimation and visualization of the truck payload volume and distribution using internet of things, machine learning and augmented reality 30 October 2020