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Title Available
Clinician’s perceptions of the integration of anxiety mobile applications to counselling : a critical incident study 20 July 2021
Efficacy of novel coating in preventing Proteus mirabilis adherence and assessing the pathogenic mechanisms utilized to potentiate catheter-associated urinary tract infections 20 July 2021
Contrasting distributions and cycling of reduced sulfur compounds in saline and estuarine waters of the coastal NE subarctic Pacific 19 July 2021
Gopakumar-Vafa invariants of Banana type manifolds 19 July 2021
The search for jovian and saturnian irregular moons and a study of their luminosity functions 19 July 2021
Exploring cultural responsiveness of e-mental health resources for depressive and anxiety disorders 19 July 2021
Essays in macroeconomics and expectation formation 18 July 2021
Experimental and numerical investigation of the effect of block-type support structure design on the thermal field within components fabricated by selective laser melting 18 July 2021
Competitiveness of community forest enterprises for resource sustainability and community empowerment : an organizational hybridity perspective 18 July 2021
Dental panoramic radiograph position and preparation errors for mixed dentition patients 18 July 2021
Exploring teacher candidates’ attitudes towards teaching sexual assault narratives 18 July 2021
Study and analysis of some incompressible fluid PDEs : the Navier–Stokes equations in the half space, the MHD and the viscoelastic Navier–Stokes equations, and coupled Keller–Segel-fluid models 18 July 2021
Comparing two ideation-to-action perspectives on suicide ideation and suicide attempts 18 July 2021
Quantification of grey matter changes following first episode mania in bipolar I disorder : a systematic review and prospective study 14 July 2021
An exploration of climate-relevant databases in British Columbia : laying the groundwork for future research on health and development outcomes 14 July 2021
Environmental and economic life cycle assessment of sewage sludge treatment processes 14 July 2021
The role of SHIP in intestinal tuft cells 14 July 2021
Dissolution of titanium-nitrogen inclusions in liquid titanium during electron beam melting 13 July 2021
Engaging the high-rise in German media culture : aspects of vertical living from 1945 to 2020 : [errata] 12 July 2021
Accounting for the other 95% : conservation and assessment of data limited marine invertebrates in the Central Philippines 11 July 2021
Improving well-being through food sovereignty : a meta-narrative literature review 11 July 2021
Individual agency under systemic constraints : dynamics of health and social service access among people who use drugs receiving income assistance 11 July 2021
A remote-sensing based investigation on the impacts of canopy height differences on microclimate in a burned forest 11 July 2021
An empirical investigation of online platform markets : supply-side and demand-side determinants 11 July 2021
Upright magnetic resonance imaging of lumbopelvic musculature 11 July 2021
Novel therapeutic approaches for the treatment of childhood ocular genetic diseases 11 July 2021
Essays in macroeconomics 07 July 2021
Essential dimension of representations of algebras 07 July 2021
The development of an upper cervical spine model for use in an omnidirectional surrogate neck 07 July 2021
Identification of critical elements for dicistrovirus IGR IRES mediated translation 07 July 2021
A field guide for Hilbert transforms with new estimates on an associated maximal directional operator 07 July 2021
Holographic quantum matter : toy models and physical platforms 07 July 2021
Investigating visualizations with psychophysics : understanding the perception of correlation in two-class scatterplots 07 July 2021
On dynamic choice models, agent's beliefs and unobserved heterogeneity 05 July 2021
Thermal assessment of liquefied natural gas storage tanks 05 July 2021
Computational modelling, simulation, and prediction of biological sequences 05 July 2021
Cortical auditory evoked potentials : is the acoustic change complex a transient onset response in disguise? 05 July 2021
Investigating the in vitro and in vivo anti-resorptive effects of herbal-and TCM-based extracts on Cathepsin K activity 05 July 2021
New physics hunt at the Large Hadron Collider with the ATLAS detector : search for heavy exotic resonances and upgrade of the Transition Radiation Tracker DAQ system 05 July 2021
FLORIDynFloat : a dynamic parametric wake model and motion simulator for floating offshore wind farms 05 July 2021
The effect of cognitive and affective processes on trauma-related distress 05 July 2021
A novel non-glucose based osmotic agent with liver uptake potential for peritoneal dialysis solutions 05 July 2021
Understanding China’s leadership in nature-based solutions : nominal adoption of fragmented norms 01 July 2021
Examining patient’s mobile phone access and planning a virtual care intervention using mHealth and conversation analytics 01 July 2021
Spatially selective photothermolysis guided by reflectance confocal microscopy for precise vessel closure in mouse eye limbus 29 June 2021
Health system performance and impact of quality improvement interventions for maternal, newborn and child health in Rwanda 29 June 2021
Unravelling the thread of transmission : pairing traditional epidemiology with genomics to understand tuberculosis transmission dynamics 29 June 2021
Ruin conversions : violence, architecture and commemoration in post-1944 Warsaw 29 June 2021
Implementation of pharmacogenetic risk prediction models in pediatric oncology 29 June 2021
The immunology and epidemiology of viral infections in humans 29 June 2021