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Title Available
Applications of metagenomic sequencing for virus detection and characterization of upper respiratory infections 03 April 2024
An extended micromechanical model of compacting fibre beds 03 April 2024
Sales impact of live streaming 03 April 2024
An exploration of finite element-based methods for predicting the distortion in additive manufactured metallic components 03 April 2024
A transpacific aesthetic of redress : narrating disability and debilitation in Em, Burning vision, and Dogs at the perimeter 03 April 2024
TBP and its diversified role in transcription initiation 01 April 2024
Methamphetamine/amphetamine use and treatment-related outcomes among opioid agonist therapy-seeking adults with prescription-type opioid use disorder : findings from a Canadian treatment trial 01 April 2024
The impact of dietary diversity on type 2 diabetes : an investigation of the cross-national EPIC-InterAct cohort 01 April 2024
New approaches to understand species-habitat relationship using Indigenous Knowledge and scientific data 01 April 2024
The right to food matters : implementing the constitutional right to food in Mexico and Bolivia 01 April 2024
Digital diaries and documenting queer lives in social isolation during covid-19 30 March 2024
Automatic sleep stage classification using multitaper spectral estimation, wavelet transform and neural network 30 March 2024
Investigating gel properties of amino acid-based multicomponent low molecular weight gelators 30 March 2024
The Beckett effect : the work of Stan Douglas, Paul Chan, and Tania Bruguera 30 March 2024
Towards the development of robust semiconducting polymer dots for applications in bioanalysis and imaging 30 March 2024
Exploring the feasibility of in situ gene editing on skin for the treatment of genodermatoses 30 March 2024
Self-Management for Amputee Rehabilitation using Technology (SMART) : development of a co-created eHealth program and feasibility assessment 30 March 2024
Androgen receptor N-terminal domain antagonists : synthesis, SAR, and animal studies 30 March 2024
Assessing access to medicines in Canada and beyond before and during the COVID-19 pandemic 30 March 2024
Studying beta-catenin signaling activity in fibro/adipogenic progenitors (FAPs) and its effect on muscle homeostasis 30 March 2024
Transcriptional regulation of remyelination and its role in axonal health and locomotion 30 March 2024
A ferrofluid-assisted planar micromotor for endoscopic multimodal imaging 30 March 2024
21st century cognitive apprenticeship : a multitouch interactive electronic textbook to teach dentistry students from classroom to clinic 30 March 2024
When the tide goes out : Desi Left in British Columbia, 1978 to 1989 : [supplementary material] 30 March 2024
Hidden figures : an untold story of the impact of postnatal multiple micronutrient deficiencies on host phenome and gut microbiome 30 March 2024
Art, address, and correspondence : variations on pedagogical presence 27 March 2024
Sense-making in learning mathematics across languages and countries : cases of multilingual students in a weekend Japanese school (hoshuko) 27 March 2024
A study of Rwanda’s two-way text messaging support for isolated COVID-19 patients during the pandemic : patient use and AI-enhanced conversation analysis 27 March 2024
Mutation of tryptophan residues in the binding site of novel therapeutics for prostate cancer 27 March 2024
Investigating evolutionary conservation and population specificity of DNA methylation 27 March 2024
Computational experiment comprehension using provenance summarization 27 March 2024
Dying for a better day : mortality and mourning in the fiction of Virginia Woolf 27 March 2024
Semaphorin 3c (SEMA3C) as a potential therapeutic target in breast cancer 26 March 2024
Interpretable latent variable models for high-dimensional biological data analysis 26 March 2024
Computational tools for complex electronic auctions 26 March 2024
Essays in labour economics 26 March 2024
The archival preservation of independent music production : a constructivist grounded theory study 26 March 2024
Consuming identity : ritual dining in roman Britain 26 March 2024
Not an isolated event : a survey of Korean drumming in North America 26 March 2024
Towards finding the right workload to process in memory 26 March 2024
Using wearable sensors to characterize neck muscle activation patterns during soccer heading at different kinematics levels 25 March 2024
"Where lies the strangling fruit" : transformations into vegetal death in Jeff VanderMeer and Alex Garland's Annihilation(s) 25 March 2024
Margin-closed and regime-switching multivariate time series models 24 March 2024
Rotational farming by the Karen People and its role in livelihood adaptive capacity and biocultural conservation : a case study of upland community forestry in Thailand 20 March 2024
Air pollution, green space and dementia risk in Canada 20 March 2024
Mapping in silico genetic networks of tumour suppressor genes to uncover novel gene functions and predict cancer cell vulnerabilities 20 March 2024
Circulating tumour DNA as a comprehensive multi-omic tool for profiling advanced prostate cancer 20 March 2024
(Re)mapping youth mobilities and citizenships with young adult literature 20 March 2024
Keep your hands to yourself and use your words : a condescendingly titled exploration of what helps and hinders people with visual impairments while receiving unsolicited help from sighted people 19 March 2024
Understanding the role of Basigin in regulating Integrin activation at glial focal adhesion complexes in the peripheral nerves of Drosophila melanogaster 18 March 2024