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Title Available
Electrode design for reversible CO₂ reduction and formate oxidation 31 August 2023
Dense network of sensors applied to earthquake early warning in smart cities 31 August 2023
Teledentistry content worldwide and in Canadian dental and dental hygiene curricula 31 August 2023
Dental geriatric interview reflection and the use of the life grid in oral health research 31 August 2023
Diagnosing the relative contributions of glacier retreat and climatic variability to streamflow trends in Illecillewaet catchment 31 August 2023
Identifying systemic barriers to co-developing Indigenous food systems research within colonial institutions : a case study of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada 31 August 2023
Development of a novel method to estimate kinetic micro-parameters in dynamic whole-body PET imaging protocols 31 August 2023
Indigenous youth access of support for mental health and wellness in schools and community : a case study 31 August 2023
Generative compressed sensing with Fourier measurements 31 August 2023
Two essays on the perils and opportunities of using marketing labels for prosocial outcomes 31 August 2023
Dual-material modelling with uniformly distributed embedment elements for wire-arc additive manufacturing 31 August 2023
From #metoo to #prolife : reviewing theories of social movement mobilization in the digital age 31 August 2023
When the theoretical confronted the practical : Zapatista territorial autonomy as opposition to the cooperation of state and capitalism 31 August 2023
Indigenous food security and the limits of food sovereignty 31 August 2023
Interdependent solidarity : a comparative case study of participatory communities in southwest Mexico 31 August 2023
Oligarchic material power and the implications for democratic systems 31 August 2023
Virtual reality's effect on prospective time estimation is inconsistent and sensitive to environment size 31 August 2023
Infants’ neural responses to sociomoral scenarios via EEG 31 August 2023
Robust sparse covariance-regularized regression for high-dimensional data with Casewise and Cellwise outliers 30 August 2023
Treatment of the oil sands process-affected water using microbial degradation 30 August 2023
Engaging in socially responsible science education (SRSE) : professional development of secondary science teachers through a learning study approach 30 August 2023
Participants' experiences implementing a food literacy program utilizing a hydroponic shipping container farm 30 August 2023
Compact volumetric see-through near-eye display 30 August 2023
From ancient origins to poetic revelations : exploring perceptions of yoga in early Islamicate and Sanskrit literatures in India, 200-1500 CE 30 August 2023
3D genomic insights of an early branching metazoan : a chromosome scale assembly of Mnemiopsis leidyi and differential expression in early development 30 August 2023
Reward sensitivity and emotionally biased cognition in depression 30 August 2023
Seeing mind in all : subjective panpsychism and moral psychology 30 August 2023
Changes in acute substance use patterns following traumatic event exposure in a marginalized population : an exploratory study 30 August 2023
Prosocial behaviour as an antidote to social disconnection : exploring the links between prosocial behaviour, loneliness, and social contact in daily life 30 August 2023
How teens can build remote social connection through an emotionally supportive robot swarm 30 August 2023
Fostering empathy through intergenerational storytelling in embodied virtual reality 30 August 2023
Resilience assessment of machine learning applications under hardware faults 30 August 2023
Hierarchical multiscale modeling of the elastic properties of bamboo 30 August 2023
A targeted sequencing approach for viability assessment and management of invasive Phytophthoras 30 August 2023
Predicting daily stream temperature in British Columbia, Canada, using reanalysis air temperature in statistical models and the hybrid air2stream model 30 August 2023
Onstage voices, offstage bodies : Restoration singer-actresses and the actress/whore complex 30 August 2023
How can we begin decolonizing the management of chemical risk? : identifying barriers towards achieving data justice and indigenous data sovereignty in Canada’s chemical management process 30 August 2023
Naturaleza, indígenas e imperio en Noticias de Nutka (1793) de José Mariano Mociño 30 August 2023
City planning for extinction : eugenics, anti-Indigeneity, and the haunted city-organism in North Vancouver, 1903-1940 30 August 2023
Multi-dimensional urban environmental justice analysis : exploring patterns, synergies, and trade-offs in Metro Vancouver 30 August 2023
"I still have that athlete soul" : storying identity and pain in retired athletes 30 August 2023
Myelin water, magnetization transfer, and inhomogeneous magnetization transfer imaging orientation dependence : observations and thoughts 30 August 2023
Jones-cosmetic tangle replacement 30 August 2023
Modeling maternal and neonatal pertussis immunization 30 August 2023
A hybrid cubic-tetrahedral voxel modeling method for enhanced computational efficiency 30 August 2023
Enhancing the power density of bearingless slice motors through custom power electronics and control strategies 30 August 2023
Suspension control performance improvement on a dipole interior permanent magnet bearingless slice motor 30 August 2023
Characterization of DPP4⁺ fibroadipogenic progenitors in skeletal muscle 30 August 2023
Dispersed measures of cord blood DNA methylation do not reflect third trimester bisphenol exposure 30 August 2023
Charting microbial community assembly patterns on microplastic particles and fibers in British Columbian coastal waters 30 August 2023