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Title Available
Promoting transformative learning in nursing international field schools 22 December 2022
What pain? : a rhetorical analysis of advertisements for pain drugs and their strategies for capitalizing on doubt 22 December 2022
Effect of local habitat and landscape attributes on bird species richness and community completeness in shade coffee plantations in Colombia 22 December 2022
Optimizing implementation of adult domiciliary oxygen therapy in fibrotic interstitial lung disease 22 December 2022
Using displaced tracks to search for sterile neutrinos in the ATLAS detector 22 December 2022
Expression and purification of mouse TLR9 in HEK293F cells for use in a biosensor to detect viral and bacterial DNA 22 December 2022
A sensitivity analysis for the network connectivity index (NCI) using discrete fracture networks (DFN) 22 December 2022
Methods for the economic evaluation of personalized medicine : a case study in advanced colorectal cancer 21 December 2022
Understanding plant-soil-management interactions of Reynoutria spp. (knotweeds) to inform ecological restoration 21 December 2022
Pollination services from wild Bombus sp. and inter-varietal pollination can help highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) growers achieve maximal yield 21 December 2022
Lithium halide structural chemistry : computational analysis with machine learning, quantum chemistry, and molecular dynamics 21 December 2022
The construction of lifelong and lifewide education in Russia and the USSR, 1721 – 2021 21 December 2022
The ethics of edugration : Canada’s higher education-migration nexus 21 December 2022
Canadian lean sports coaches’ role in eating disorders of female athletes 21 December 2022
Enhancing low-cost cellular IoT networks on the sidelink and satellite links 21 December 2022
Erotic mediations of queer Asian in/organicity in The Tiger Flu and On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous 21 December 2022
Socioeconomic marginalization and overdose : implications for upstream approaches for overdose prevention during a prolonged public health emergency 21 December 2022
Decolonizing palates : Indigenous foods in the culinary scene of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Mexico : opportunities to promote Indigenous food sovereignty and biocultural diversity conservation in a post-pandemic world 21 December 2022
Hydrodynamic interactions : microswimmers near boundaries 21 December 2022
De símbolo sexual al empoderamiento: representaciones de la agencia femenina de la revolución mexicana a la narco-modernidad 21 December 2022
Numerical and experimental study of the performance of bulk-air spray coolers and renewable cooling systems for application in mine ventilation 21 December 2022
Infinite boundary simulation for hole-drilling deformation response calculations 21 December 2022
NOₓ measurement and characterization in a gaseous fueled high-pressure direct-injection engine 21 December 2022
Optical engine characterization of reference and novel fuels using a small-volume fuel system 21 December 2022
A scoping review : physical pain among Indigenous Peoples in Canada 21 December 2022
Campylobacter jejuni 1291 in cell morphology and pathogenesis 21 December 2022
E-cadherin and beta-catenin expression in oral epithelial dysplasia : predicting progression to cancer 20 December 2022
Reimagining the problem of evil in the Jewish-Roman interwar period of 74-116 C.E. 20 December 2022
Brain games e: the effect of computerized cognitive training with and without exercise on the brain 20 December 2022
Deciphering non-coding driver mutations in prostate cancer 20 December 2022
Glutamine and glutamine substitute influences on Chinese Hamster Ovary cell fed-batch culture processing 20 December 2022
A comparative study of DNA self-assembled monolayers made with potential control and open-circuit potential on their thermal stability and functionality using electrochemical techniques and in-situ fluorescence microscopy 20 December 2022
Peptide detectability algorithm and mass tag labeling, fractionation, and ion acquisition methods in mass spectrometry-based proteomics 20 December 2022
Implicit water and structural-based atomistic simulations of Amyloid-beta 42 protein oligomerizations 20 December 2022
Measuring effectiveness of mitigation strategies in infrastructure projects 20 December 2022
Restor(y)ing fire landscapes : wildfire recovery, co-management and restoration in Secwepemcúl̓ecw 20 December 2022
Mountain glaciers as modifiers of streamflow in Western Canada : insights from data analysis and machine learning 20 December 2022
Genetic variation in drought and cold tolerance in selectively bred and natural populations of coastal Douglas-fir 20 December 2022
A novel oncogene-induced de novo model of triple negative human breast cancer 20 December 2022
Characterizing interactions between oculomotor and postural control systems with saccadic eye movements 20 December 2022
An evaluation of occupational health and safety changes to eye lens dose in nuclear medicine and interventional departments of Lower Mainland Medical Imaging 20 December 2022
An integrative analysis of respiratory capacity, osmoregulatory function, body size, and metabolism in intertidal fishes 20 December 2022
Environmental feedback allows escape from the prisoner's dilemma 19 December 2022
Exploration of factors that influence heterogeneous ice nucleation : laboratory experiments and molecular dynamics simulations 15 December 2022
The impact of hyperabundant deer populations on bumblebees in the Salish Sea and decision options for deer management 15 December 2022
Development and assessment of an integrated low-cost air quality and traffic sensor network : quantifying traffic-related air pollution in Vancouver, Canada 15 December 2022
The feasibility of a physical activity counselling program in children with congenital heart disease 15 December 2022
Reporoductive isolation among Sphyrapicus sapsuckers 15 December 2022
Assessing the evolution and implementation of forest landscape restoration : a review 14 December 2022
Topology and sizing optimization of prismatic sandwich structures for marine vessels 14 December 2022