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Title Available
Total economy : the Artist Placement Group (1969-1976) 29 April 2024
The “short-lived” challengers -- the Qing merchants in Late Chosǒn Korea, 1882-1895 29 April 2024
Owner-driven implementation of BIM : process, challenges, information quality, and value 29 April 2024
Combining DNA-PK inhibitors with DNA-damaging therapies expands the targeted cell population to kill more cancer cells but also elevates toxicities in normal cells 29 April 2024
Nanoscale flow cytometry for extracellular vesicle analysis and isolation 29 April 2024
Modulating clot stability by regulating lysis with lipid nanoparticle-delivered siRNA 29 April 2024
Dependence modeling in high dimensions with latent variables 29 April 2024
Exploring the role of P2X receptors in age-related macular degeneration 29 April 2024
Functional characterization of the nuclear localization signals of influenza A virus nucleoprotein and the nucleolar protein 14 29 April 2024
Empowered identities : queer magic and epistemic justice 29 April 2024
Fully connected optical beamforming network using microring weight banks 29 April 2024
Asserting rangatiratanga and kaitiakitanga in response to colonialism, capitalism, and climate change : the case of Ngāi Tahu 29 April 2024
Fired by desire – erotic pottery in the Etruscan afterlife : a comparative study of erotic Attic and Moche pottery 29 April 2024
Control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by the macrophage Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 29 April 2024
Control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection by the macrophage Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 : [supplementary material] 29 April 2024
Exploring the interactome of the bacterial Sec translocon 29 April 2024
Pavilion design based on biogenic mycelium architectural feedstock 29 April 2024
Structural insights into calmodulin regulation and dysregulation of the L-type voltage-gated calcium channel 29 April 2024
Coherence, consistency, contradiction : portraits of postsecondary educators seeking ecological integrity : [supplementary material] 29 April 2024
Investigation into the oncogenic role of BRUNOL5 and the role of BRUNOL5 in the anti-cancer effects of dietary polyphenols in primary liver cancer cells 29 April 2024
Identifying disorder within diversity for Chinese-English bilinguals : exploring the clinical utility of narrative macrostructure 28 April 2024
Taxonomy and phylogeny of the leaf–inhabiting sooty molds in family Metacapnodiaceae 28 April 2024
Integrated bioprocessing concept : hemp hurd valorization by co-production of lignified nanomaterials, lactic acid and binderless fiberboards 28 April 2024
Development of a high throughput biofilm formation assay for microbial fuel cell performance screening 28 April 2024
Chemical cleaning protocols for passive gravity driven membrane filtration 28 April 2024
How do Canadian nurses understand their work experience during the COVID-19 pandemic? 28 April 2024
Data-driven models of human body inertia 28 April 2024
Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous ways of knowing and settler educator practice in the North Vancouver School District 28 April 2024
Improving robustness of deep learning models for processing ultrasound volumes for assessing developmental dysplasia of the hip 28 April 2024
Flexible application-directed virtual memory management for data-intensive applications and heterogeneous hardware 28 April 2024
Thermomechanical pulp fines as additives for 3D printing filaments 28 April 2024
Moisture variation impacts on vertical displacement of tall mass-timber buildings : case study: UBC Brock Commons Tallwood House 28 April 2024
Pharmaceuticals in stream ecosystems : the effects of chronic chemical (carbamazepine and fluoxetine) exposure on macroinvertebrate communities 28 April 2024
The role of afferent vs efferent signals in implicit sensorimotor adaptation 28 April 2024
Peruvian teachers’ conceptions of students’ motivation for learning 28 April 2024
Vibrational entropy : spatial decomposition and surrogate models 28 April 2024
Epigenetic erasure in ectopic primordial germ cells 28 April 2024
Risk of dry eye disease with aromatase inhibitors among women with breast cancer : a retrospective cohort study 28 April 2024
Investigating the effects of silencing the hippocampus in a probabilistic reversal learning task 28 April 2024
Functional brain networks underlying autobiographical event simulation 28 April 2024
A method for determining the fraction of organic carbon from microplastics in wastewater sludge by measuring its ¹⁴C content 28 April 2024
Using light sheet microscopy to investigate the role of apolipoprotein e4 in traumatic vascular injury 28 April 2024
Occupation resolved conductance of a few electron quantum dot : a test for Kondo correlations in an intermediate coupling regime 28 April 2024
The independent contribution of muscle strength or cardiorespiratory fitness to cognitive health in aging adults. 28 April 2024
Effects of soil compaction and organic matter removal on selected soil properties and tree growth in a boreal ecosystem of northeastern British Columbia 28 April 2024
Biodiversity loss and the rise of epidemics : disease-emergence explained through host phylogenetic community structure 28 April 2024
From devices to data and back again : a tale of computationally modelling affective touch 28 April 2024
Essays on the economics of crime and violence 28 April 2024
Marxism declassified : how a suppressed version of Marx's theory of history explains worldly affairs 28 April 2024
A systematic framework for coastal zone management and economic valuation of ecosystem services in BC coastal nations 28 April 2024