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Title Available
One breath at a time : a feasibility study 14 May 2024
COVID-19 vaccination in patients with chronic kidney disease : exploring humoral immunity, perceptions, and health information-seeking behavior 14 May 2024
Paragenesis and evolution of Ba-silicate mineralization in Devonian strata at the Gun occurrence, the Yukon, Canada 12 May 2024
Antimicrobial effectiveness of an all-in-one endodontic irrigation solution (Triton) : an in vitro study 12 May 2024
Design of a high-efficiency load-insensitive Class-E CMOS power amplifier for wireless power transfer applications 08 May 2024
Elucidating the mechanisms regulating unilateral cytokinesis in Caenorhabditis elegans zygotes 08 May 2024
Context-aware minor-embedding for quantum annealing processors 08 May 2024
Unraveling mannan biosynthesis in poplar and spruce : functional characterization of cellulose synthase-Like family A (CSLA) and guanosine-diphosphate-mannose (GMP) genes in poplar 08 May 2024
Biochemical investigations of protein arginine N-methyltransferase 2 08 May 2024
Individual- and neighbourhood-level risk factors for the use of alcohol, cigarettes, cannabis, and e-cigarettes : a population-based study among Canadian adults 08 May 2024
Role of medical student and resident doctors' representative organizations in health policy process in Pakistan 08 May 2024
Development of a polyiodide aqueous/non-aqueous flow battery 05 May 2024
On effective learning for multimodal data 05 May 2024
Assessing the influence of climate variability and resource competition on prey availability for southern resident killer whales 05 May 2024
Approaches to synthesis of D-series thiopeptide antibiotics 02 May 2024
Out with outliers : making sense of multi-threaded application performance at scale with NonSequitur 02 May 2024
Self-reported and accelerometer-recorded physical activity and cross-sectional associations with the gut microbiome : a coronary artery risk development in young adults study 02 May 2024
Scaling and adaptation of dynamic balance responses in Parkinson's disease 02 May 2024
Exercise testing in preventative health populations : predictors of achieving maximal exercise capacity 02 May 2024
A computational framework for flow-induced vibrations of propeller blades in cavitating flows 02 May 2024
Management of autonomic dysfunction following spinal cord injury : current practices, barriers, and potential treatment options 02 May 2024
Indigenous cardiovascular health : assessing disease, risk factors, and patient care 02 May 2024
Sensitivity analysis to assess cavability using finite/discrete element models - a review of the mining adjustments to the in-situ rock mass rating (IRMR) 02 May 2024
Phenology, diet breadth, and persistence of the common eastern bumble bee in Vancouver's regional parks 02 May 2024
Using photoperiod cues to develop larger Atlantic salmon smolts (Salmo salar) and evaluate smolt window duration for aquaculture practices 02 May 2024
A collection of earthquake studies throughout western British Columbia 02 May 2024
Surface photosterilization of implantable biomaterials : applications in urology and dentistry 02 May 2024
An investigation into the functional role of the dorsal premotor cortex in the control of rhythmic bimanual movements 02 May 2024
Deformability based cell sorting enabling quality control of donated red blood cells 02 May 2024
The serum metabolome and breast cancer risk 02 May 2024
Effects of printing orientation, post-curing time, and aging on the physical properties of a 3D printed resin composite indicated for permanent restorations 02 May 2024
Barriers to energy transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa : electricity sectors in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa 02 May 2024
Characterization of depression, suicidal ideation, and anxiety among adults who are homeless or precariously housed 02 May 2024
Pigs in a blanket : a macroscopic investigation on the effects of clothing and microenvironment on the post-mortem interval 02 May 2024
Ableism in higher education : collective agreements, EDI initiatives, and accommodation policies 01 May 2024
Assessing long-term outcomes of stream and riparian restoration projects in urban and suburban areas 01 May 2024
Field and modeling evaluation of varying durations of short-term grassland set-asides in Delta, British Columbia 01 May 2024
Extreme value modelling with application to reverse stress testing 01 May 2024
The impact of fracture size distribution on primary fragmentation estimates in cave mines 30 April 2024
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances : removal from recycled and impaired waters using ion exchange process 29 April 2024
Particulate laden spray deposition on moving surfaces 29 April 2024
Quality assurance for building components through point cloud segmentation leveraging synthetic data 29 April 2024
Analysing the impact of carbonation and chloride diffusion on geopolymer mortar 29 April 2024
The role of extracellular granzyme B and mast cell degranulation in age-related macular degeneration 29 April 2024
Walking in the founders' footsteps : hagiography and devotion in Shinnyo-en, a Japanese new religion 29 April 2024
Multiplexed nucleic acid analysis using a linear-polyethyleneimine modified-zinc oxide photoelectrode 29 April 2024
Geotechnical characterization of orebodies using the novel Minpraxis tester 29 April 2024
Using the novel Minpraxis tester to characterize the metallurgical hardness of rock samples 29 April 2024
The response of x-ray transmission scanning and high-resolution strength testing to mineral textures in copper-gold porphyry samples 29 April 2024
Making and remaking Renaissance sculpture : the terracotta groups (1460–1560) 29 April 2024