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Title Available
Dissecting ionic effects of soil salinity on Canadian native and hybrid willows (Salix spp.) 25 July 2022
Synthesizing multivariate time series using generative adversarial networks with a central discriminator 25 July 2022
Effect of manipulation of leucocyte and platelet rich fibrin on quality and quantity of the membrane 25 July 2022
The all-affected interests principle : a relational approach 25 July 2022
Partisanship, ideology, and civic autonomy : towards a comprehensive framework for measuring autonomy in Canadian cities 25 July 2022
Bioadhesion at two scales : a self-adhesion criterion for slanted micropillars and the effects of ATP depletion on the energetics of cell contraction 21 July 2022
Improving the availability of fine-scale forest fuel and fire severity information using innovative remote sensing data 21 July 2022
Multi-task learning for leveraging noisy labels in automatic analysis of ultrasound images 21 July 2022
Exploring the biology and evolution of dinoflagellates through rare and uncultured taxa 21 July 2022
Chemical and biological studies on thiopeptide antibiotics : total synthesis of micrococcin P2 and synthetic efforts towards lactocillin 21 July 2022
Human head-neck biomechanical response to an active anti-whiplash automotive seat 20 July 2022
A comprehensive investigation of repetitive head impacts (heading) on brain activity and biomechanics in varsity women's soccer 19 July 2022
Oxygen, carbon dioxide and ammonia exchange in the gastrointestinal tract of teleost fish 19 July 2022
E-B decomposition of CMB polarization using deep learning 19 July 2022
Nurses' enactment of equity-promoting practices in the emergency department : a discourse analysis 19 July 2022
Pelletization stragegies to reduce costs of wildfire mitigation 19 July 2022
Environmental politics after disaster strikes : the cultural dynamics of public participation and mobilization 18 July 2022
A multimodal approach for placenta characterization : towards an objective and effective pregnancy screening system 18 July 2022
The impact of EU border externalisation on freedom of movement within West Africa 18 July 2022
Bishops on the bench : why Constantine legislated Christian bishops into the role of judges 18 July 2022
Cultivating food justice in Vancouver, BC 18 July 2022
Fugitivity, sound, and sanctuary : listening for stories beyond the bounds of citizenship : [supplementary material] 18 July 2022
Interannual variability of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and methane (CH₄) fluxes in a temperate bog over a 5-year period 18 July 2022
Real-world characterization of ibrutinib therapy for chronic lymphocytic leukemia and small lymphocytic lymphoma in British Columbia 17 July 2022
Examining the effect of salbutamol use in ozone air pollution by people with asthma and/or exercise induced bronchoconstriction 17 July 2022
Lessons learned and unlearned : a study of queer family-making practices 14 July 2022
A life well lived is a life in pieces : a comic poetic exploration in life, disaster, and pedagogy 14 July 2022
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to cancer surgery : analysis of surgical wait times in British Columbia, Canada 14 July 2022
Design, development, and validation of continuous-flow pulsed UV light systems for liquid food processing 14 July 2022
Defect and terrace characterization of PtSn₄ using scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy 14 July 2022
Churches and public participation : the case of the Flint water crisis 14 July 2022
A wearable sensor system to relate thermoregulatory signals to comfort 14 July 2022
Iodine-assisted heap leaching of chalcopyrite : laboratory and modelling studies 14 July 2022
A study of basic iron sulphate formation and control in the autoclaving of argentiferous sulphide gold ores 14 July 2022
Impact of traffic-related air pollution on the cardiovascular response to exercise in patients with hypertension 14 July 2022
Optimizing beneficial productivity in open pits using shovel-based sorting systems 13 July 2022
Organic matrices : the encoded world in the U.S. computer novel in the twenty-first century 13 July 2022
Investigating the role of distinct profiles of perinatal depression and anxiety in adverse perinatal outcomes : a population-based study in British Columbia 13 July 2022
Li-La-Zr-O electrolytes for all-solid-state Li-ion batteries by solution/suspension plasma spray 13 July 2022
Identification of cell type marker genes of the brain and their use in estimation of cell type proportions 12 July 2022
Transcriptome sequencing of Trichonympha from Reticulitermes hesperus and multi-protein phylogenetic analysis of selected Spirotrichonymphids, Cristamonads, and Trichonymphids 12 July 2022
Scientific knowledge production and academic labor in unsettled times : Covid-19 pandemic, preprint servers, epistemic validation, and gendered work 12 July 2022
Socioeconomic resources and adult mental health in Canada 12 July 2022
Characterization of the biologic and molecular effects of newly developed oncolytic herpes simplex viruses in acute myeloid leukemia 12 July 2022
The effect of extracellular vesicles derived from lung adenocarcinoma cells on the tumor microenvironment 12 July 2022
Timon unmasqued : Shakespeare's Timon of Athens and the ecopolitics of the Jacobean masque 12 July 2022
Fugitivity, sound, and sanctuary : listening for stories beyond the bounds of citizenship 12 July 2022
Effects of climate change on the habitat suitability of 4 relatively new invasive plant species in the Pacific Northwest 12 July 2022
Investigating and correcting for the technical, clinical and biological contributors to variation in placental methylation 11 July 2022
The effects of maternal height on birth outcomes 11 July 2022