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Title Available
Resisting the deliberative ideal : towards a pluralistic theory of oppositional democracy 05 January 2023
Constrained dynamics with frictional contact on smooth surfaces 05 January 2023
Subsurface storage in small coastal BC watersheds and uncertainty in salt dilution gauging 05 January 2023
The nature of allegory : spatial tropes in medieval and early modern allegorical narratives 05 January 2023
Privacy and conflicting identities in the context of Punjabi Canadians 05 January 2023
The meaning of home : untold stories of people from Dadaab Refugee Camp studying at Canadian postsecondary institutions 05 January 2023
The association between different levels of protein intake per day and muscle strength and skeletal muscle mass depending on sex, age, and physical activity level in young and middle-aged adults 05 January 2023
Examining the effect of team sport and associated training loads on changes in body composition : a systematic review and meta-analysis 05 January 2023
Metasemantics, moderate inflationism, and correspondence truth 05 January 2023
A daughter of Hebrews and Hellenes. Epiphany in Aseneth and contemporary ancient Greek literature 05 January 2023
Addressing reproducibility in deep learning medical image segmentation methods through the PCS framework 04 January 2023
Transport phenomena in radioisotope beam production targets 04 January 2023
Diagnosing disparities : unsettling settler-colonial standards of health and normality in Canada and the United States 04 January 2023
Using transformers to predict customer satisfaction for live chat dialogues : guiding applied natural language processing research in contact centres through design thinking 04 January 2023
Medications for opioid use disorder among young people : evidence to improve treatment experiences and outcomes in Vancouver, Canada 04 January 2023
Seasonal variation in marine bird distribution in the northeast Pacific Ocean 04 January 2023
Modelling and simulation of chiral and non-chiral nematic liquid crystals between cylinders 04 January 2023
Pestilential policy and migratory maladies : the American state, epidemic disease policy, and migration, 1890–1915 04 January 2023
HIV-1 integrase strand transfer inhibitor resistance to dolutegravir, bictegravir and cabotegravir 04 January 2023
Continuous cooling transformation from coarse-grained austenite in X80 line pipe steels 04 January 2023
Unmeasurable phenomenon : Native American students overrepresented in early school leaving but underrepresented in the data 04 January 2023
Heuristics and health data : a qualitative study of cancer patients' data sharing preferences 03 January 2023
Towards absolute nuclear charge radius measurements for charge-parity violation searches and the mass evaluation of neutron-rich isotopes for r-process studies 03 January 2023
The ‘Green Shadow’ : paradox of increasing green practices and stagnant labour conditions 03 January 2023
The road to employability : student voices amidst institutional discourse 03 January 2023
Exploration of strategic approaches towards the novel biocatalytic conversion of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabinol (CBN) 03 January 2023
Transforming inclusive education for students with intellectual disabilities in secondary academic classrooms : a case study 03 January 2023
Second-position clitics, from morphosyntax to semantics : the ʔayʔaǰuθəm (Comox-Sliammon) perspective 03 January 2023
The political life of mangroves 03 January 2023
After the applause : audience responses of parents through a/r/tographical scripting 03 January 2023
Identification and characterization of primitive fetal hematopoietic cells 03 January 2023
Digital twin assisted process monitoring and control 03 January 2023
Adaptation of the ball race mill technology for wet comminution aiming to reduce energy consumption 03 January 2023
“Let’s talk sex scientifically!” : examining sub-Saharan states’ communication strategies in sexual health from AIDS programming in relation to their political leverage and stigmas against HIV’s key populations 02 January 2023
Electrodes and membranes for electrocatalytic conversion of CO₂ into CO 02 January 2023
Human skill augmentation in robot-assisted surgery 02 January 2023
Imágenes afro : las políticas de representación de la subjetividad negra en el cine colombiano contemporáneo (2009-2017) 02 January 2023
Pride in progress : an examination of queer shame in Shakespeare's A midsummer night's dream and Twelfth night 02 January 2023
Investigation into the early pathogenesis of lynch syndrome associated endometrial cancer 02 January 2023
Mitochondrial DNA mutations and interruptions in combination antiretroviral therapy : a retrospective cohort study 02 January 2023
Identification and characterization of DNA repair deficiencies with circulating tumor DNA in prostate cancer 01 January 2023
Engineering Chinese Hamster Ovary cell recombinant protein glycosylation 01 January 2023
From disenfranchisement to integration : young women's narratives of embodiment and sexual satisfaction 01 January 2023
Structural coding : a low-cost scheme to protect CNNs from large-granularity memory errors 01 January 2023
Coalescing compact binary parameter estimation with gravitational waves in the presence of non-Gaussian transient noise 30 December 2022
Evaluating the adequacy of widely used phylogenetic models for gene expression evolution 30 December 2022
Coarse-grained theories for fluids 22 December 2022
Effects of eukaryotic initiation factor 2A upregulation on protein synthesis in insulin producing cells 22 December 2022
Development, fabrication, and evaluation of UV-LED activated metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors for formaldehyde monitoring 22 December 2022
Investigation of the underlying microbial community and active acetate oxidation pathway in a full-scale commercial dry anaerobic digestion system 22 December 2022