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Title Available
An evaluation of stakeholder involvement in the B.C. Ministry of Forests planning process 16 September 2008
Spatial competition and nonlinear responses in marketing 16 September 2008
Investigating the linkage between business objectives and information technology objectives : a multiple case study in the insurance industry 16 September 2008
Boundary-layer control of bluff bodies with application to drag reduction of tractor-trailer truck configurations 16 September 2008
The long-term effects of loss in adolescence : exploration and extension of a conceptual schema 16 September 2008
The potential for acquisition of ethnic archives : a case study of five Chinese organizations in Vancouver, British Columbia 16 September 2008
Performance and combustion characteristics of a diesel-pilot gas injection engine 16 September 2008
Staff nurses’ attitudes toward power 16 September 2008
A multi-component study of the administration and preservation of nitrate negatives 16 September 2008
An experimental investigation of the use of explanations provided by knowledge-based systems 16 September 2008
Self-reported and actual knowledge regarding the care of individuals with diabetes mellitus of nurses working in home care and hospital settings 16 September 2008
Multiculturalism and archives 16 September 2008
The experience of teenagers living with a parent with advanced cancer 16 September 2008
Conceiving local archival institutions: a study of the development of archival programs in Richmond and Delta, British Columbia 16 September 2008
Representing the problem of learning to teach: Student teachers’ definitions of learning, teaching and the student teacher role 16 September 2008
Readings in historico-geographical materialism 16 September 2008
’Only a Woman’: women travel writers and imperialism 16 September 2008
Aspects of organometallic chromium nitrosyl chemistry 16 September 2008
Binding and transport of calcium by synthetic analogues of ionomycin 16 September 2008
A new synthesis of enantiomerically pure bicyclic ketones. Total synthesis of the diterpenoids (-)-Kolavenol and (-)-Agelasine B 16 September 2008
Porphyrin chemistry pertaining to the design of anticancer agents 16 September 2008
Cloning, sequencing and physicochemical characterization of a hemagglutinin from Escherichia coli 09:H10:K99 16 September 2008
Gap winds in a fjord : Howe Sound, British Columbia 16 September 2008
Working for tips in restaurants: problematic aspects of the achievement principle 16 September 2008
Sulfur coating of urea in shallow spouted beds 15 September 2008
An analysis of rhyme in poetry for children 15 September 2008
Second and foreign language programmes in France 15 September 2008
A question of response : responding to literature through small group discussion 15 September 2008
Fuite hors de l’objet Joseph Kosuth et Robert Smithson ̀la fin des années soixante 15 September 2008
Looking at dirty pictures : sur(sous)realism, fascism, and reproducing intoxication in the 1930’s 15 September 2008
Anatomizing the social body: representing the plague in London, 1665 15 September 2008
Adaptive lung growth following exposure to simulated high altitude 15 September 2008
A guinea pig model of human respiratory syncytial virus lung infection 15 September 2008
Visual computer simulation in instruction of apparel production 15 September 2008
Gender-related differences in technology education related to problem solving 15 September 2008
The discrete velocity method in plasma physics 15 September 2008
Implicit-explicit methods for time-dependent PDE’s 15 September 2008
Studies on the transport of metal ions and modified amino acids and peptides into liposomes in response to transmembrane pH gradients 15 September 2008
Performance of laminated veneer wood plates in decking systems 15 September 2008
Causes and consequences of sexual habitat segregation in grizzly bears 15 September 2008
What teachers know about programming 15 September 2008
A survey of Kootenay music educators’ attitudes towards music education philosophies 15 September 2008
The Winnipeg core area initiative : a case study in urban revitalisation 15 September 2008
Evaluating competing theoretical perspectives on cooperation: the case study of Asean in the post-cold war era 15 September 2008
Use of the cellulose-binding domain of a cellulase from cellulomonas fimi for affinity purification of fusion preteins 15 September 2008
Resistance to institutional power : positionality, modality, and the statement 15 September 2008
Teachers’ concerns regarding the implementation of child abuse prevention education 15 September 2008
Some preconceptions brought to the study of sound by students in grade eight 15 September 2008
Pressure drop, liquid holdup and mass transfer in a graphite fibre bed with upward co-current gas-liquid flow 15 September 2008
Glued-in re-bar connection 15 September 2008