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Title Available
Competition between paper birch and douglas-fia in two different biogeoclimatic zones of British Columbia 17 April 2009
Evaluation of statistical methods for estimating long-term population change from extensive wildlife surveys 17 April 2009
Relationships between climate and annual radial growth in three coniferous species in interior British Columbia, Canada. 17 April 2009
Responses of some conifers to light availability: survival, growth, morphological characteristics, and physiological behavior 17 April 2009
Allegories of the postmodern: the work of Wilfred Watson and R. Murray Schafer 17 April 2009
From secular to sacred flyting : the Anglo-Saxon re-analysis of the Christian war of words in Old English religious prose and verse 17 April 2009
The problem of form in Gyorgy Ligeti’s Automne a Varsovie, from Etudes pour piano, premier livre 17 April 2009
The canzoni da sonar con ogni sorte d’istromenti, 1625 of Giovanni Picchi 17 April 2009
Multimodulus algorithms for blind equalization 17 April 2009
Full frequency-dependent phase-domain modelling of transmission lines and corona phenomena 17 April 2009
Photo-chemical evolution of elliptical galaxies and the intergalactic medium 17 April 2009
From Westphalia to post-Westphalia: European integration and the debate about economic and monetary union, 1980-1991 17 April 2009
Dosimetry studies of small fields in homogeneous and inhomogeneous media for high energy photons 17 April 2009
The politics of authoritarianism : the state and political soldiers in Burma, Indonesia, and Thailand 17 April 2009
Analytical calculation of photon distributions in SPECT projections 17 April 2009
Testing the anarchy tenet : an empirical analysis of the anarchy-cooperation and anarchy-conflict relationships 17 April 2009
Synthesis and characterization of oligometallic and polymetallic transition metal azolates 17 April 2009
Some aspects of the distribution and fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination in the Kitimat fjord system 17 April 2009
Study of templation and molecular encapsulation using highly stable and guest-selective self-assembling structures 17 April 2009
Aqueous solution studies of multidentate ligands with trivalent metal ions 17 April 2009
Winning consent: the protracted campaign for an anti-corporatist "common sense" 17 April 2009
The effects of an 18-month weight-training and calcium-supplementation program on bone mineral of adolescent girls 17 April 2009
Context to a conversation : the contribution of science to sustainable forestry 16 April 2009
Seasonal oscillations in the mass and food intake of Steller sea lions 16 April 2009
The fast-start and sprinting ability, and the effects of growth hormone (GH) upregulation on the muscle functioning of GH-transgenic coho salmon. 16 April 2009
The 'involved father' : narratives of gender, power and knowledge in the transition to fatherhood 16 April 2009
Effects of confining pressure and static shear on liquefaction resistance of Fraser river sand 16 April 2009
Mussels as indicators of cadmium and lead in the marine environment 16 April 2009
Hierarchical representation of information for construction methods selection 16 April 2009
Volatile fatty acid metabolism in thermophilic aerobic digestion of sludge 16 April 2009
Discovering musical characteristics of children's songs from various parts of the world 16 April 2009
Circulatory and metabolic studies of normally grown and growth restricted fetal sheep before and during spontaneous labor and at delivery 16 April 2009
Non-symmetric Holmboe waves 16 April 2009
Through-going muons at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory 16 April 2009
An analysis of the fucoxanthin-chlorophyll proteins and the genes encoding them in the unicellular marine raphidophyte, Heterosigma carterae: characterization and evolution 16 April 2009
The quinonoid pigments of the lichens nephroma laevigatum and heterodermia obscurata 16 April 2009
Public health responses to West Nile virus : the role of risk perceptions and behavioral uncertainty in risk communication and policy 16 April 2009
Stress and coping experienced by older adults challenged by dental implant self-care 16 April 2009
The Judaeo-Stoicism of 4 Maccabees 16 April 2009
Social responsibility on the Internet : a socio-ecological approach to online aggression 16 April 2009
Examining interactions between social and cultural child and neighborhood characteristics on children’s developmental outcomes : studies from the population-based early development Instrument project 16 April 2009
Cement-based sensors for structural health monitoring 16 April 2009
The markets of Montpellier : food culture, identity and belonging in France 16 April 2009
Counterfactual thinking in the wake of trauma 16 April 2009
Conceptions of probability held by preservice teachers of secondary school mathematics 16 April 2009
Reading Gavin Bolton: a biography for education 16 April 2009
Joint work between ESL and subject-area teachers: a case study at the Secondary level 16 April 2009
Effects on early in ovo 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-P-dioxin exposure on perinatal thyroid and sex steroid hormone levels in three avian species 16 April 2009
Parameter estimation of stochastic nonlinear dynamic processes using multiple experimental data sets : with biological applications 16 April 2009
Ideology, politics and power: the socio-historical implications of the archaeology of the D’Arcy Island leper colony, 1891-1924 16 April 2009