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Title Available
Development of an on-line technique to assess mixing quality in pulp suspensions 20 March 2009
Natal dispersal and post-weaning survival of juvenile snowshoe hares during a cycle population increase 20 March 2009
An analysis of ion transport peptide and related transcripts in desert and migratory locusts 20 March 2009
1/F components in short term heart rate variability signals 20 March 2009
Verb acquistion : the role of morphological bootstrapping 20 March 2009
Heat shock protein expression in response to stress and diabetes 20 March 2009
Effect of prelay calcium and molting on egg production in white leghorn hens 20 March 2009
Rossby adjustment over canyons 20 March 2009
Qualitative analyses of ecological models : an automated dynamical systems approach 20 March 2009
Extension of Lie’s algorithm; a potential symmetries classification of PDEs 20 March 2009
The culture of weeds in Western Canada, 1800-1950 : an environmental history 20 March 2009
Investigations into the distribution of non-point source nitrate in two unconfined aquifers and the role for carbon addition in the control of nitrate concentrations in groundwater 20 March 2009
A study of wave-induced forcing and damage of rock armour on rubble-mound breakwaters 20 March 2009
A biochemical and molecular study of lignin biosynthesis 20 March 2009
A study of procedures to examine correlation pattern hypotheses under conditions of multivariate normality and nonnormality 20 March 2009
The meaning and experience of career as it is lived by women artists 20 March 2009
Studies on the mechanism of the insulin-mimetic effects of vanadium in streptozotocin-diabetic rats 20 March 2009
Shaking rattles in all directions : a case study/story of a female "Indian" student attending a EuroCanadian University (1991- ), located on the traditional territory of Musqueam 20 March 2009
Quantification and prediction of wall slough in open stope mining methods 20 March 2009
Localization and regulation of mRNA transcripts encoding activin receptors in human placental trophoblast cells 20 March 2009
The Yellow River piano concerto : politics, culture, and style 20 March 2009
The interaction between context and technology during information systems development (ISD) : action research investigations in two health settings 20 March 2009
Biodegradation of lipids by wood sapstaining OPHIOSTOMA SPP 20 March 2009
Fertilizer efficiency and incorporation and soil dynamics in forest ecosystems of northern Vancouver Island 20 March 2009
An eclectic cry research tool for the automatic estimation of an infant’s level of distress 20 March 2009
A construct of overlapping yeast artificial chromosomes spanning a seven centimorgan region of human chromosome 8p22 20 March 2009
Cosmology, mythology and mysticism in the novels of Salman Rushdie 20 March 2009
Wh-in-situ phenomena in French 20 March 2009
Air-to-air refuelling aerodynamic interaction 20 March 2009
The inclusion of students with severe visual impairments in grades 7 to 12 regular physical education classes 20 March 2009
Employment equity in Canadian newspaper sports journalism : a comparative study of the work experiences of women and men sports reporters 20 March 2009
User models for intent-based authoring 19 March 2009
Algorithmic aspects of constrained unit disk graphs 19 March 2009
Topographic characterization for DEM error modelling 19 March 2009
Vis à vis : a working centre and small business hotel in Vancouver 19 March 2009
A residential/industrial mixed use facility in Vancouvers’ Cedar Cottage district for a sustainable re-integration of life and labour 19 March 2009
The synoptic and dynamic paradigms of city planning : re-interpreting planning methods through Newtonian physics and chaos theory 19 March 2009
Development of a low background environment for the cryogenic dark matter search 19 March 2009
Mechanisms and implications of the low dose intrinsic radiation survival response 19 March 2009
Photoelectron study of the electronic and optical properties of porous silicon 19 March 2009
A photometric and spectroscopic survey of AGB stars in M31 19 March 2009
The optimal taxation of families 19 March 2009
The dynamic behaviour of income assistance recipients in British Columbia 19 March 2009
Ski injury prevention: an epidemiological investigation of the social, behavioural and environmental determinants of injury 19 March 2009
Global wife, local daughter : gender, family, and nation in transnational marriages in Northeast Thailand 19 March 2009
An investigation of a potential carrying capacity of coho and chinook salmon in the Georgia Strait 19 March 2009
Tonal multiplicity in Schoenberg’s first string quartet, op.7 19 March 2009
Elasmobranch fisheries: status, assessment and management 19 March 2009
An analysis framework for public-private partnerships 19 March 2009
A reexamination of the role of the hippocampus in object-recognition memory using neurotoxic lesions and ischemia in rats 19 March 2009