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Title Available
Gender, justice and livelihoods in the creation and demise of forests in North Western Ethiopia’s Zeghie Peninsula 03 March 2009
Optical storage technology : applications and implications for archives 03 March 2009
The process of decision making for competency determination of the critically ill individual for consent to treatment 03 March 2009
Nurses’ perspectives on caring for clients in a culturally diverse paediatric setting 03 March 2009
Opening a closing door : a co-housing alternative for the elderly 03 March 2009
Beating the wings of rebellion 03 March 2009
The development of university archives in British Columbia: a case study 03 March 2009
Housing street youth: a Vancouver case study 03 March 2009
The use of heritage conservation tools in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia 03 March 2009
Orbis pictus to hypertext: a quest for a self-directed multimedia German acquisition programme 03 March 2009
Influence of ozone on shelf-life and quality of silvergrey rockfish (Sebastes brevispinis) 03 March 2009
Vision-based multiple user interaction with in-home large displays 03 March 2009
Subject and topic in Styatyimcets (Lillooet Salish) 03 March 2009
Interactions between an integrated deaf child of hearing parents and his hearing partners in the school setting: a vygoskian perspective 03 March 2009
Strategic political positioning and tax policy : recent VAT policy changes in Canada and Germany 03 March 2009
From rhetoric to inaction : the failure to implement gender norms in the United Nations Organization mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 03 March 2009
Performance empowerment and gender 03 March 2009
Structural adjustment in India: economic crisis and policy choice 03 March 2009
The politics of Salman Rushdie’s fiction 03 March 2009
Post-positivism in international political theory relativist or revivalist? 02 March 2009
The Reform party image: fact or fiction? 02 March 2009
Morphology and microstructure of diesel particulates 02 March 2009
The use of cellulase adsorption and recycle as a means of assessing and enhancing the hydrolysis of cellulosic substrates 02 March 2009
Intracellular trafficking of opsonized and unopsonized Pseudomonas aeruginosa in human monocyte-derived macrophages 02 March 2009
Molecular analysis of the domains in CD45 that affect expression and function 02 March 2009
The myth of "political memoir": a feminist critique 02 March 2009
"Easier to believe than to reflect": the British Columbia Social Credit movement, 1932-1952 02 March 2009
United States-Pakistan relations, 1947-1954: the conditions and causes for a military alliance 02 March 2009
From obligation to agreement: concepts of servitude in early modern England 02 March 2009
Neutron induced peaks in germanium detectors 02 March 2009
Gene expression in prostate cancer 02 March 2009
Psychopathy, alexithymia and affect in female offenders 02 March 2009
Regional planning in Victoria: is a revival possible? 02 March 2009
Cosmological recombination 02 March 2009
The AdS/CFT correspondence and string theory on the pp-wave 02 March 2009
Characterization of an 11s legumin-like storage protein gene from the gymnosperm picea glauca 02 March 2009
Consuming visions : pop art, mass culture, and the American dream, 1962-65 02 March 2009
An electron beam lithography system: setup and characterization 02 March 2009
Economic instruments to control water quality degradation in the Lower Mainland 02 March 2009
Re-localizing horticultural supply chains in Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada : an exploratory study of market barriers and opportunities 02 March 2009
The use of mixing-sensitive chemical reactions for the study of pulp fibre suspension mixing 02 March 2009
Gender stereotyping in elementary school textbooks 02 March 2009
Wave reflection effects within a harbour 02 March 2009
Perceptual learning of dysarthric speech : effects of familiarization and feedback 02 March 2009
Evaluation of direct stucco-woodframe connectors in improved stucco shear walls 02 March 2009
Reliability based design of light gauge timber connectors 02 March 2009
Failure analysis of blast loaded ductile beam 02 March 2009
Aspects of the reproductive biology of Puntius schwanenfeldi (Blecker), a Malaysian cyrinid 02 March 2009
MMSP : an alternative transport protocol for multiple co-existing networks 02 March 2009
Path exploration during code navigation 02 March 2009