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Title Available
A system-level synthetic circuit generator for FPGA architectural analysis 24 November 2008
The Na⁺/H⁺ exchanger NHE1 plays a permissive role in regulating early neurite morphogenesis 23 November 2008
Model based approaches to array CGH data analysis 23 November 2008
Multi-level party politics : the Liberal Party from the ground up 20 November 2008
Negotiating multiple investments in languages and identities : the language socialization of Generation 1.5 Korean-Canadian university students 19 November 2008
Vibrational dynamics of icy aerosol particles : phase transitions and intrinsic particle properties 19 November 2008
Computational approaches for RNA energy parameter estimation 19 November 2008
Approaching homeownership : the housing decisions of young white-collar workers in reform-era Beijing 18 November 2008
Natural gas recovery from hydrates in a silica sand matrix 17 November 2008
Essays in housing and macroeconomy 17 November 2008
Aboriginal participation in mineral development : environmental assessment and impact and benefit agreements 16 November 2008
Improved teleseismic Green's functions and western Canada mantle structure and evolution 13 November 2008
An integrated assessment of the effect of environmental regulation, land use changes and market forces on the Mexican leather and footwear industries’ restructuring 13 November 2008
Exploring the dynamics of revenge 13 November 2008
Processing terror : an investigation into the immediate and short-term psychological effects of a terrorist attack 13 November 2008
Electrochemical in situ investigation of thiolate DNA monolayers on gold with fluorescence imaging 13 November 2008
Twist regulates E-cadherin and N-cadherin expression levels in distinct human trophoblastic cell lines in vitro. 12 November 2008
Reliable high-throughput FPGA interconnect using source-synchronous surfing and wave pipelining 11 November 2008
Volcanostratigraphic framework and magmatic evolution of the Oyu Tolgoi porphyry Cu-Au district, South Mongolia 07 November 2008
Pharmacological neuroprotection for spinal cord injury 05 November 2008
The abusive personality in women in dating relationships 05 November 2008
“You know, kids don’t come out in a cookie-cutter” : disability and other processes mothers of ‘labelled’ children negotiate in the educational playing field. 05 November 2008
A 43mW single-channel 4GS/s 4-bit flash ADC IN 0.18um CMOS 03 November 2008
A frequency-translating hybrid architecture for wideband analog-to-digital converters 03 November 2008
Geologically-constrained UBC–GIF gravity and magnetic inversions with examples from the Agnew-Wiluna greenstone belt, Western Australia 31 October 2008
Improving livetrapping methods for shrews (Sorex spp.) 30 October 2008
The effect of recovery strategies on high-intensity exercise performance and lactate clearance 30 October 2008
Designing chatbot interfaces for language learning : ethnographic research into affect and users' experiences 30 October 2008
Impacts of temperature and hydraulic retention tie on odours produced from authothermal thermophilic aerobic digestion 30 October 2008
Bayesian statistics and production reliability assessments for mining operations 30 October 2008
3D livewire and live-vessel : minimal path methods for interactive medical image segmentation 30 October 2008
Rheology of porous rhyolite 30 October 2008
Communicating with a family member who has cognitive impairment : a caregiving family perspective 30 October 2008
Design of haptic signals for information communication in everyday environments 30 October 2008
Environments of memory : bio-geography in contemporary literary representations of Canada and the Great War 30 October 2008
Progress in globular cluster research : insights from NGC 6397 and Messier 4 29 October 2008
Plasticity in infants' speech perception : a role for attention? 29 October 2008
The big shoes of Little Bear : the publication history, emergence, and literary potential of the easy reader 26 October 2008
Capacity building for peace? The European Union's impact on security sector reform in Moldova and Georgia 26 October 2008
Reorganization of brain function during force production after stroke 26 October 2008
Cross layer scheduling and resource allocation algorithms for cellular wireless networks 24 October 2008
Ecology of Tigriopus californicus (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) in Barkley Sound, British Columbia 22 October 2008
Viscoelastic flows within eccentric rotating cylinders : journal bearings 22 October 2008
Helmholtz and Maxwell : the significance of the Hertzian synthesis 22 October 2008
Hon-en katedral : the mechanical bride stripped bare in Stockholm, even 21 October 2008
Science and technology education in a civilizing mission 21 October 2008
A New approach to generating and selecting test sequences for conformance testing 21 October 2008
Cognitive architecture and the brain : beyond domain-specific functional specification 21 October 2008
Classification of risk mitigation strategies in construction projects 20 October 2008
Development of a procedure for power generated from a tidal current turbine farm 20 October 2008