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Title Available
Design and implementation of a boost active power factor corrector 05 March 2009
Using refractive index to monitor oil quality in high voltage transformers 05 March 2009
Transformable computing for MPEG video coding 05 March 2009
Estimation and identification for machine direction control of basis weight and moisture 05 March 2009
Analysis of techniques to enhance the performance of direct sequence spread spectrum signaling for wireless data communications 05 March 2009
Passives in Mandarin Chinese 05 March 2009
Dreaming of Beijing : experiencing the changing landscape of elite women's soccer in Canada 05 March 2009
Analysis and modification of verbal coaching behaviour: the utility of a data driven intervention strategy 05 March 2009
Lord devlin on the politics of enforcing morality 05 March 2009
Use of Anionic Contrast agent Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ACMRI) as a new technique for assessing intervertebral disc degeneration 05 March 2009
Aerodynamics of Kruger flap equipped airfoils 05 March 2009
Orfandad y nación en la novela hispanoamericana del siglo XIX : Sab, Martín Rivas y El Zarco 04 March 2009
Heritage and the making of a national identity : a study of Margaret Thatcher's Britain 04 March 2009
Two approaches to writing laboratory reports in senior science: the knowledge framework and the genre-based approach to literacy 04 March 2009
Shifting ground: finding a feminist research voice through an evaluation of an ESL curriculum 04 March 2009
In support of a diversity of methods : eyewitness memory in actual cases of robbery and fraud 04 March 2009
Granzyme B in abdominal aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection 04 March 2009
Enhancement of the epitopic activity of anti-thrombotic peptidomimetics by conjucation to a macromolecular carrier 04 March 2009
The Fiat colonie: architecture of authority 04 March 2009
Problem solving strategies students use when solving combinatorial problems 04 March 2009
The measurement of water in the tariff for Canadian dairy products 04 March 2009
Congruence between parent satisfaction with nursing care of their children and nurses’ perceptions of parent satisfaction 04 March 2009
Women’s experience of recurrent early pregnancy loss 04 March 2009
The evaluation of heavy metal contents in the bottom ash from Burnaby refuse incinerator 04 March 2009
Glulam connections using epoxy glued-in rebars 04 March 2009
Online experimenter : an evaluation of experiments conducted under local and remote conditions 04 March 2009
Onset density and inhibitory effects on lexical access in speech production 04 March 2009
Evaluations on XML standards for actual applications 04 March 2009
Metadata services for the Parallax storage system 04 March 2009
MAIDS for VoIP : a Mobile Agents-based Intrusion Detection System for Voice over Internet Protocol 04 March 2009
Spatial trend prefetching for online maps mashups 04 March 2009
PSS : a phonetic search system for short text documents 04 March 2009
Optimizations for model computation based on partial instantiation 04 March 2009
Practical description of configurations for distributed systems management 04 March 2009
Spindle assembly checkpoint and chromosome stability in Caenorhabditis elegans 04 March 2009
Do hummingbirds use contextual information when performing spatial association tasks? 04 March 2009
"An act respecting sexual sterilization" : reasons for enacting and repealing the act 04 March 2009
Silver (I) catalyzed cycloisomerizations of enesulfonamides and enecarbamates 04 March 2009
Starboard or port tack? : navigating a course to recognition and reconciliation of aboriginal title to ocean spaces 04 March 2009
Regional antioxidant status in the gastrointestinal tract and the possible role of reactive oxygen-derived substances in peptic ulcer disease 04 March 2009
Pharmacokinetics of PD123,497, a novel antiarrhythmic drug : early distribution phase in blood and tissues 04 March 2009
Angiotensin II signal transduction pathways in chick cardiomyocytes: involvement of tyrosine phosphorylation 04 March 2009
Comparison of drug blockade of a neuronal calcium-activated potassium channel with cardiac repolarizing potassium channels by potential class III agents 04 March 2009
An approach to automated product valuing for a real-time value optimization system 04 March 2009
Relationship of small mammal populations to uniform even-aged shelterwood systems 04 March 2009
Treatment of acute arthrogenous pain in the human temporomandibular joint with an oral orthopaedic applicance 04 March 2009
Reporting aids: representation, rhetoric and the construction of global geographies of aids 04 March 2009
Tokyo as a city of consumption: space, media, and self identity in contemporary Japan 04 March 2009
Special diplomatics and the study of authority in the United Church of Canada 04 March 2009
Thickness measurement of solid hydrogen thin film for muon catalyzed fusion via energy loss of alpha particles 04 March 2009