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Title Available
Particleboard simulation model to improve machined surface quality 01 January 2008
Consoling frustrated scholars: a copy of a parting gift by Wen Zhengming 25 December 2007
On the design and implementation of decision-theoretic, interactive, and vision-driven mobile robots 25 December 2007
Crossing out: transgender (in)visibility in twentieth-century culture 22 December 2007
Constructing everyday notions of healthy eating: exploring how people of three ethnocultural backgrounds in Canada engage with food and health structures 21 December 2007
Determinants of native and exotic plant species diversity and composition in remnant oak savannas on southeastern Vancouver Island 21 December 2007
Municipal water supply governance in Ontario: neoliberalization, utility restructuring, and infrastructure management 20 December 2007
Integrated mining and preconcentration systems for nickel sulfide ores 20 December 2007
Distribution and abundance of nearshore aquatic habitat, Fraser River, British Columbia 20 December 2007
The global network of marine protected areas: developing baselines and identifying priorities 19 December 2007
Quasi-objective Nonlinear Principal Component Analysis and applications to the atmosphere 19 December 2007
Conditional source-term estimation methods for turbulent reacting flows 19 December 2007
Coping with interpersonal sport stress in female adolescent soccer players: the role of perceived social support, cognitive appraisal, and trait social anxiety 19 December 2007
Forward modelling and inversion of streaming potential for the interpretation of hydraulic conditions from self-potential data 19 December 2007
The development of a method to deliver neuroprotective peptides specifically into stroke-affected neurons 19 December 2007
Controlled ablation of rod photoreceptors in transgenic Xenopus laevis 19 December 2007
Investigating the mechanical relationship between the feet and low-back 18 December 2007
Investigation of the immunostimulatory activity and vaccine potential of lipid encapsulated plasmid DNA and oligodeoxynucleoties 18 December 2007
Using genotypic and phenotypic methods to determine the HIV co-receptor phenotype in the clinical setting 17 December 2007
Swimming in four goldfish (Carassius auratus) morphotypes: understanding functional design and performance through artificial selection 17 December 2007
Manipulating proglucagon processing in the pancreatic alpha-cell for the treatment of diabetes 12 December 2007
An analysis of water pricing and consumption variations within the occupied West Bank 12 December 2007
Y-box binding protein-1 (YB-1) is essential for the growth and survival of HER-2 over-expressing breast cancer cells 10 December 2007
Impedance model of a solid oxide fuel cell for degradation diagnosis 10 December 2007
Mutual information derived functional connectivity of the electroencephalogram (EEG) 09 December 2007
Promoting the "classroom and playground of Europe": Swiss private school prospectuses and education-focused tourism guides, 1890-1945 09 December 2007
Controllable, non-oscillatory damping for deformable objects 09 December 2007
X chromosome studies and breast and ovarian carcinoma 06 December 2007
Attention in a meaningful world: brain responses to behavioral relevance 06 December 2007
Prediction of low-frequency sound-pressure fields in fitted rooms for active noise control 06 December 2007
Game theoretic methods for networked sensors and dynamic spectrum access 06 December 2007
A combined clustering and placement algorithm for FPGAs 05 December 2007
Community vulnerability and capacity in post-disaster recovery: the cases of Mano and Mikura neighbourhoods in the wake of the 1995 Kobe earthquake 05 December 2007
Hot tearing and constitutive behaviour of semi-solid aluminum alloys 03 December 2007
Fault monitoring in hydraulic systems using unscented Kalman filter 02 December 2007
Observing the galactic plane with the Balloon-borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope 30 November 2007
The effect of electrical intramuscular stimulation on sub acute and chronic hamstring muscle strain injuries 28 November 2007
Temperament, parenting, and the development of childhood obesity 28 November 2007
Supramolecular organisation, conformation and electronic properties of porphyrin molecules on metal substrates 28 November 2007
The intersection of power, knowledge, shared perspectives, and participatory processes in organizational direction-setting: a study of a church 22 November 2007
Representing the planned vs. as-built story for linear projects in urban environment using data visualization 22 November 2007
The role of psychopathy in scholastic cheating: self-report and objective measures 22 November 2007
The analysis of Autographa Californica multiple Nucleopolyhedrovirus EXONO (ORF141) function and its role in virus budding 21 November 2007
Pre-equalization for pre-Rake MISO DS-UWB systems 19 November 2007
A parallel workflow for online correlation and clique-finding : with applications to finance 21 August 2007
An economic analysis of gene marker assisted seedstock selection in beef cattle 03 January 2007
Step by step eigenvalue analysis with EMTP discrete time solutions 11 October 2006
Evaluating ecotourism in Mexico’s biosphere reserves – whale watching activities in the World Heritage Site of Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 1994-2002 13 September 2006