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Title Available
Unfolding the unexpectedness of uncertainty : arts research as a triptych installation : a conversation of processes, practices, products 06 March 2008
Lithology constraints from seismic waveforms : application to opal-A to opal-CT transition 06 March 2008
Holocene sedimentary history of Chilliwack Valley, Northern Cascade Mountains 05 March 2008
Candidate genes other than the CFTR gene as possible modifiers of pulmonary disease severity in cystic fibrosis 05 March 2008
Post combustion capture of carbon dioxide through hydrate formation in silica gel column 05 March 2008
Sexual behaviour and barriers to STI testing among youth in Northeastern BC 05 March 2008
Modelling and applications of MOS varactors for high-speed CMOS clock and data recovery 03 March 2008
Patterns of water table dynamics and runoff generation in a watershed with preferential flow networks 28 February 2008
An ecosystem-based approach to study two dolphin populations around the island of Kalamos, Ionian Sea, Greece 28 February 2008
Assessing the welfare of adult Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar during commercial live-haul transport 28 February 2008
wypy : an extensible, online interference detection tool for wireless networks 28 February 2008
Recreating a functioning forest soil in reclaimed oil sands in northern Alberta 28 February 2008
Visual language discrimination 27 February 2008
Evaluating eelgrass (Zostera marina) as a juvenile habitat for rockfishes : contributions of site characteristics and larval supply to juvenile abundance 27 February 2008
The stress of moving out : physiological and behavioural effects of commercial transport on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) smolts 26 February 2008
A stakeholder approach to understanding the role of the Olympic Games in social development 26 February 2008
Patterns in forest soil microbial community composition across a range of regional climates in Western Canada 26 February 2008
Ionic liquid electrochemical processing of reactive metals 22 February 2008
Essays on the inventory theory of money demand 21 February 2008
Holding up half the sky: revisiting "woman" messages in Model Plays during China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 21 February 2008
Velocity-difference induced focusing in capillary electrophoresis and preparative capillary electrophoresis 21 February 2008
Using age of infection models to derive an explicit expression for Ro 21 February 2008
Reactivity of rhodium-heteroatom bonds: from catalytic bond activation to new strategies for olefin functionalization 21 February 2008
Role of the adaptor protein, beta-arrestin1, in the Notch signaling pathway 21 February 2008
Genetic and genomic studies of mouse and human NR2E1 in cortical disorders, aggressive behaviour, and psychiatric disease 20 February 2008
3D spherical harmonic invariant features for sensitive and robust quantitative shape and function analysis in brain MRI 20 February 2008
Stochastic optimization algorithms for adaptive modulation in software defined radio 20 February 2008
Characterization of an ethanologenic yeast inhibiting atypical galactose metabolism 20 February 2008
The company man: colonial agents and the idea of the virtuous empire, 1786-1901 20 February 2008
Transgressive topographien in der turkisch-deutschen post-migrantenliteratur 20 February 2008
Simulation of hydrodynamics of the jet impingement using Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian formulation 20 February 2008
Achieving predictable timing and fairness through cooperative polling 20 February 2008
The needs of miners: political ethics, mercury abatement, and intervention in artisanal gold mining communities 20 February 2008
Classical and quantum nonlinear optics in confined photonic structures 20 February 2008
Anisotropic adaptation: metrics and meshes 20 February 2008
Understanding phenomena: the rewriting of history and its use in Juan Tomas Avila Laurel 20 February 2008
Form and function of expressive morphology: a case study of Russian 20 February 2008
Staying the course: the life stories of eight entrepreneurial women 20 February 2008
Modeling and reduction of dynamic power in field-programmable gate arrays 20 February 2008
Crossing the borders of a merchant class: imaging and representing elite status in the portraits of the Hong merchants of Canton 19 February 2008
Beyond music sharing: an evaluation of peer-to-peer data dissemination techniques in large scientific collaborations 19 February 2008
Development and initial evaluation of wireless self-monitoring pneumatic compression sleeves for preventing deep vein thrombosis in surgical patients 19 February 2008
Early interaction between pseudomonas aeruginosa and polarized human bronchial epithelial cells 19 February 2008
Culturally responsive literacy instruction: a case study of a Fe y Alegria school in Bolivia 19 February 2008
Diet quality and season affect physiology and energetic priorities of captive Steller sea lions during and after periods of nutritional stress 19 February 2008
Multilevel multidimensional scaling on the GPU 19 February 2008
Movements of adult western toads, Bufo boreas, in a managed forest landscape and the incidence of a disease in southwestern British Columbia 19 February 2008
Functionally relevant basal ganglia subdivisions in first-episode schizophrenia 19 February 2008
The impact of genetic variation in ABCA1 on cholesterol metabolism, atherosclerosis and diabetes 19 February 2008
Dealing with measurement error in covariates with special reference to logistic regression model: a flexible parametric approach 19 February 2008